Anti-wrinkle Cream: Going Beyond All You Know About It

Wrinkles come with the human territory. Whether we like it or not, sooner or later, wrinkles are going to appear. But they should not be a bad thing, especially in this age of many effective skincare products. In effect, if you are looking for an effective anti-wrinkle cream, you will find one.

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Aging is one of those inevitable parts of life that a lot of people do not look forward to. They think about having to lose independence and all but mostly, they dread the skin change. The thought of the skin just irrevocably wrinkling is appalling.

But it does not have to be that way. It is something you can ease into. Besides, who said wrinkles are strictly for the aging?


Jane never thought she would be one to start battling wrinkles early. She did her best to take care of her skin but she gradually noticed them on her hands and neck.

What she had done to bring them on was a mystery to her. She had always thought wrinkles only came with age. At least, she did not see her mother get wrinkled till much later. What could she have gotten wrong?

It is good to note that wrinkles do not come with the territory of age alone. So if you are planning to skip reading this, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Wrinkles can be caused by constant furrowing of the brows. You may not even know you are doing it; it could just be a habit you unwittingly picked. But over time, the groves on your forehead become fixed. And what do you know, you have got wrinkles.


  • They can come from excessive exposure to the sun. You see, when the skin has little or no moisture to work with, it tends to shrivel. Constant exposure to sun would give you wrinkles with time. That is, if you do not do anything about it.


  • Water is another avenue of gaining early wrinkles, just as much as dehydration.


  • Smoking long term can equally cause wrinkles.


  • Then some genetic factors or diseases contribute to them.

The Make-up of a Good Anti-wrinkle Cream

The question that is topmost on the minds of potential users of anti-wrinkle creams is: do they work?



Many manufacturers of these products tout them as highly effective and should be trusted. The answer is that, more times than not, they do work. Since everyone is looking for a remedy for wrinkles, including the manufacturers, someone had to come up with something effective.

The most important part of any anti-wrinkle cream you find is the ingredient part. Mayo Clinic has it that if the right ingredients are used in the right amounts, any anti-wrinkle cream would work.

Ingredients like retinol, peptides, hydroxy acids and vitamin C must be the active ingredients for good anti-wrinkle cream.

Another important part of any good anti-wrinkle cream is adherence to usage. Most of these creams have to a strict part of your daily skincare routine. And they have to be used twice a day, in most cases. How well you adhere to this would determine if you would see results or not.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Anti-wrinkle Cream

Manufacturing Brand

Apart from having the right ingredients in it, a factor to consider is the manufacturing brand. It is true that relatively unknown brands could make good products. But it is usually safer to go with already established ones. This is because they have been tested and trusted and can be verified by many.

The brand that makes the anti-wrinkle cream of your choice is important. The health of your skin is a priority here. Consider their reputation, how well they do in the market and other products they have. If they are well established, it would be easier to consult with them and return products if you are dissatisfied.


There should be an element of versatility to the anti-wrinkle cream of your choice. It should not stop at just removing wrinkles.


An anti-wrinkle cream worth its salt should go beyond that to improving your skin tone. It should be able to remove spots and blemishes, making your skin glow. It should be a complete package.

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Skin Type

By now, you should know what type of skin you have and what agrees with it. Age or wrinkles do not negate its importance. Before you decide on any one anti-wrinkle cream, be sure it is suitable for your skin type. Otherwise, you would only be doing yourself a disfavor.

For dry skin, look for an anti-wrinkle cream with some retinol, not a lot. Retinol, on its own, tends to cause some irritation and you don’t want that. But a bit of it will do you more good than harm.

The cream should also contain a lot of antioxidants like niacinamide and grape seed extract, and oils. These would help extra dryness and keep your skin from losing nutrients easily. The same goes for sensitive skin.

Oily skin needs a lighter formula, more water-based. Because a lot of these creams contain oil, water-based ones may be hard to find. Look for one that contains salicylic acid. Oil easily clogs your pores but this acid helps to unclog them and remove excess oil and dead cells. These contribute to give you a youthful look.

Normal skin is easy to handle. There is not much to choosing what you need. However, this should not make you relax. You still need to take precautions about balance.

A balance would help you maintain your skin and remove the unwanted wrinkles. Combination skin could be tricky to handle. Some parts are oily while others are dry. There are suitable creams for you, though. Balance is also key here.


If your cream is not by prescription and is just over the counter, the active ingredients may come in low doses. This would mean that it would take a longer time for results to show and then, may be short lived.


This does not mean that all anti-wrinkle creams must be prescribed. But you have to aware that not all of the creams would have the same results at the same time.


Your skin could be allergic to some of the ingredients anti-wrinkle cream of your choice. Even when you choose the cream that is meant for your skin type, you could still react adversely.

That is nothing to weigh you down. You just need to identify what agrees with your skin and what does not. Dosage could also help here; the amount of that ingredient makes all the difference.

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Different Strokes

That an anti-wrinkle cream worked for someone you know does not mean it would work for you. Even if the product is from the best brand in town, you have to do you.

Stick to what agrees with your skin and let it transform you. Despite what some products claim, there is no particular product that is suitable for everybody.

Your Wrinkle-Removal Regimen Is Important

Relying on anti-wrinkle creams to get rid of wrinkles is not entirely advisable. From the list of causes of wrinkles, you can see that some of them are up to you.


What you do matters and you should augment the work of any wrinkle cream. For it to be effective, you must have a steady and dependable routine. Here are a few pointers, not exclusive:

  • Drink lots of water

Water is supreme in keeping your skin moist and young. All the creams in this world will not do much for you if you’re not hydrated from the inside.

Make it a point to drink water in reasonable amounts every day. That way, your cream would have a solid base to work with.

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  • Moisturize

Moisturizers add moisture to the skin and reduce lines caused by dry skin. Remember that the older you get, the drier your skin becomes? Yes, that is one reason why a moisturizer is important along with your anti-wrinkle cream.

It may not remove wrinkles but it sure can give you moist and soft skin, which makes you look younger.

  • Avoid sun exposure as much as you can

Get a cream with anti-wrinkle ingredients and adequate sunscreen. Or just use sunscreen regularly. SPF 30 and above is necessary if you have to spend lots of time under the sun.

Also, wear clothes and hats that offer protection to you from the sunrays. But if it is up to you, stay out of the sun to avoid skin dryness and burns.

  • Smoking should be trashed

If maintaining a wrinkle-free skin is important to you, then smoking is not your friend. When you smoke, the blood vessels on the top part of your skin become narrow. If this happens, blood would not have adequate passage to feed your skin.


In addition to the above, smoking destroys the elastin and collagen in your skin. These two naturally-produced fibers give elasticity and strength to your skin. When they are gone, your skin sags easily, bringing about an early onslaught of wrinkles.

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Tips on Getting the Best Anti-wrinkle Cream Experience

Be patient

Wrinkles do not appear overnight, as you well know. So getting rid of them will not happen in a matter of days. If any product promises you results in the space of days or even a week, do not trust it. Getting rid of wrinkles is an exercise that requires some patience.

It would probably be a matter of weeks before results start showing. And that also requires that you are steady in your skincare routine every day. Skipping it for even a few days would affect effectiveness and take you back to the start. So keep at it and give it time to do its work. If you want to get the best from your anti-wrinkle cream, be patient.

Always read the labels

Labels tell you all you need to know about any product. It is important that you read things for yourself. Do not just go by what you have been told, especially by the vendor.

It is through the labels that you would know what the product contains. If you do not read them, there is no other way to know what you are about to buy.

Your argument may be that some of the ingredients or terms there would be unfamiliar to you. Well then, your smartphone is your friend. They are not called smartphones for nothing.

Use it to surf the internet to find out what the terms stand for. Right there in the store, you can get all the information you need to pick what is right for you. But always read the labels before you buy.

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The price does not always indicate effectiveness

Expensive anti-wrinkle creams are everywhere. So are affordable ones. But do not let the pricey ones make you look down on the inexpensive ones. That a cream is expensive does not make it more effective than the less expensive one. Pick according to what you can afford.


However, beware of products that are way too cheap. That could mean they were made with inferior ingredients which would be harmful to you. Verify authenticity before you buy and if you cannot, avoid it. Staying within your budget does not equal putting yourself in harm’s way.

Reviews go a long way

With every product, there are always reviews published by the manufacturers. The same goes for anti-wrinkle creams. Every company or brand would have people who have only good things to say about their products. And that is fine because they have to sell them.

But you would do well to check reviews on same products from independent sites. Read what everyday users have to say about any of the products, both good and bad.

Those would inform you on what to expect or if you should still go ahead with the purchase. Online reviews are usually a mine of information and you should help yourself to some of it.

In conclusion, remember that anti-wrinkle creams can only do so much if they do not have your support. And also remember not to depend too much on any because some are more effective than others. But most of them do help in delaying or removing wrinkles. As time goes on, they get increasingly better.

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