Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub – Extensive Comparison

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce


We are back with this comparison between Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub. These two scrubs are very similar yet different and unique in their own ways. But this review will show you what’s different and how each is superb in its own way.

Without a close look, you may substitute one for the other, albeit unknowingly. But there are a few key differences between them. These differences make each what it is.

It would be good to know which is best for you. As much as they are both scrubs, their benefits and skin types each is meant for differ. And these are what we will discuss extensively here.

In the end, rest assured you will know which would serve you better and which would be better for each season. Remember that great skin takes work and dedication.


Comparison Overview – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub

To start with, the main differences are the respective skin types each is meant for and the bases. For the 7-day scrub, the base is creamy, with small granules that help scrape off dead skin.

The base of the Exfoliating scrub is water, with some menthol to help combat excess production of oil. The effect is cool and soothing, leaving pores open, not enlarged, to allow for other products to work effectively.

Furthermore, the 7-day scrub is meant for all skin types. Even people with sensitive skin use it without complaint because their skin is receptive of it. It is specially made to work that way.

On the other hand, the Exfoliating scrub is made just for those with oily skin. The addition of menthol means that it has a drying effect on the skin. This helps keep the production of oil at a low rate, keeping the skin fresh and smooth.

Additionally, there is a reason it is called a 7-day scrub. The scrub is very mild and gentle, not even slightly harsh on the skin. So it can be used every day of the week, even though scrubs are known to be used 2-3 times a week.

And it is a rinse-off scrub, meaning that you apply it a few minutes before you shower. This is so that you can rinse it off in the shower. It may feel odd on your face at first but after your shower, your skin will feel silken-smooth.

Apart from these two points, though they are very important, there are mostly only similarities between the two products, save for one or two benefits that differ.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce




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Price/Value Ratio – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub

The prices of both products keep them at a level where everyone can get one. Compared to what they do though, they are slightly pricey. Considering that there are cheaper scrubs from superb brands, there are chances customers may want to try something else.

This does not mean that they aren’t effective, in any way. It is just that users may find cheaper options which would still give them the same results. They are meant to be drugstore, right?

However, if you have had trouble finding that affordable, mild yet effective scrub to suit your skin, either of them could work. This is especially true if you have oily or combination skin. You may want to try this out for a bit and see if you don’t get what you have been looking for.


Comparison Table – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub




Base Cream Water
Skin Type All Types Oily Skin
Menthol None Yes
Frequency of Use Everyday Not Specified


Who Is Each Best for? – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub




The mildness of the 7-day scrub makes it fit for use as often as every day. We all know how it is against skincare rules to use scrubs daily, as this can do more harm than good.

But if you are just a beginner, you can start by using this daily. This is especially true if you have dry or very dry skin.

More than that, any other skin type, including those with oily and sensitive skin, can use it.

It is especially fit for those with dry skin as it helps the skin draw moisture.

The water-base of the exfoliating scrub makes it best for those with oily skin. Add to that the presence of menthol and you have a winner for that skin type.

It helps to curb the excess production of oil in the skin. This gives it an edge over other scrubs, especially because of the menthol.

It leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh. Besides, it helps the skin absorb moisture to keep it hydrated, instead of drying it out.

So if your skin is oily, this is the better option for you.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce


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Properties in Common – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub

Moving away from what makes each different from the other, let us take a look at what makes them similar.


Enhance Moisture Absorption

The two scrubs from Clinique encourage the retention of moisture in the skin, instead of its evaporation. Seeing the importance of skin hydration, they contain ingredients that boost moisture in the skin.

In this way, they keep the skin looking fresh and glowing, plumping up fine lines while scraping off dead skin.


Effect on Mature Skin

While they are boosting moisture level in the skin, the effect is seen especially on mature skin. They give it a glow that is almost translucent, as time goes on. This goes to show that almost anyone can use it, irrespective of the age.


Oil Content

The oil content of Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub is little. In no way does this mean that all oils in skincare products cause harm to the skin. But it is good to know that those with oily skin have very little to add to their battle of excess oil.

Besides, there is always a chance of getting clogged pores from oil in these products. The absence of it in these scrubs increases the chances of having clearer pores. This would encourage the effectiveness of other skincare products.


Absence of Dye

Even though there are safe dyes, it is better to know your scrub, or any other skincare product does not contain dye. The presence of it could increase the chances of skin reactions and breakouts.

Both products have no indication of dye. Their safety is increased for everyone, especially for those with sensitive skin or special skin conditions.


Formulated for Everyone

Both men and women can use these scrubs. In fact, they are both made to be suitable for women and men. So whether you are buying for yourself or you are gifting to someone, rest assured they will be put to good use.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce




Unique Properties – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub

There are some properties in each scrub that sets each apart from the other. These properties would be distinguishing markers for you, to help you tell which is which.


Unique Properties of the 7-Day Scrub


Very Mild and Gentle

Its name derives from the fact that it is so mild, it can be used every day. Whether you choose to use in the morning or at night, it gives you results and does not burn your skin. This is optional, of course. You can choose to use it for only a few days a week or every day. The choice is yours.


For All Skin Types

The 7-day scrub is made to suit and soothe every skin type. Whether you have sensitive, combination or oily skin, you have a place with this facial scrub.

You could use it with friends or with family. Your differing skin types would not hinder the results it would produce for each person. Besides, it saves money for you.



This leaves a silkiness to your skin that makes other products glide on easily. After use, you find that your moisturizer and makeup look much better and stay on longer than usual. Your skin becomes more receptive of other products.


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Unique Properties of the Exfoliating Scrub


For Oily Skin

The Exfoliating scrub is made to suit oily skin. Because of this, its composition is stronger than that of the 7-day scrub. People with sensitive skin, or any other skin type, may react to it.

It is made that way so that it can deeply cleanse pores and remove every caking from excess sebum. With time, every trace of old sebum would be removed.



Due to the fact that it is meant strictly for oily skin, it is made with a water-base. This adds hydration as well as remove every external source of oil on the skin.


Contains Menthol

The addition of menthol completely separates it from the 7-day scrub. Menthol adds a cooling and soothing effect, helping to dry up and resolve oily skin-related issues.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce




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Unique Pros – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub

Coming to the unique advantages that one has over the other, let’s take a look at what each has to offer.


Unique Pros of the 7-Day Scrub

i. It is mild.

ii. And it is perfect for every skin type.


Unique Pro of the Exfoliating Scrub

i. The menthol in it dries up the excess oil.


Unique Cons – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub


Unique Con of Clinique 7-Day Scrub

i. Contains too few granules for exfoliation.


Unique Con of Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

i. Not suitable for all skin types, just oily skin.


Common Pros – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub




Moisture Absorption The scrub aids and encourages the skin’s absorption rate of moisture. It makes the skin receptive enough to take in moisture and retain it. The same is applicable to the Exfoliating scrub.
Oil Content Even though it has a cream base, the oil content of this scrub does not create a barrier on the skin or clog pores. Instead, it adds nutrients needed by the skin. This option is water-based so has even less oil than the 7-day scrub
Encourages the Smooth Application of Makeup Leaving the skin looking and feeling soft and smooth, this product aids in the easy application of makeup and other skincare products. Similarly, the exfoliating scrub helps makeup stay on flawlessly.
Effect on Mature Skin Additionally, it is suitable for older or mature people. It leaves their skin glowing and lines reduced visibly. Likewise, it works superbly for mature oily skin types.
No Dye The absence of dye is a plus as it removes the possibility of bad reactions to it. It is true that some dyes are good and even edible. But it is best to keep things as clean and harmless as possible. In the same vein, this scrub has no dye.
Unisex It is perfect for both men and women. Anyone can use it so you could gift it to family and friends. The same applies to this product.
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce


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Common Cons – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub




Scent However, the scent has been described as off-putting and offensive. This is not a general feeling but it is good to get a heads-up before you buy. Similarly, the scent of the exfoliating scrub has been said to be strong. Again, this is not a general description.


What Do Users Feel About Them – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub



The Good…

Users like that it is suitable for every skin type, even sensitive skin. Seeing as sensitive skin can have a mind of its own, it is great to find a product that works for it without incident, at least for the most part.

Even better is the fact that it is very mild on the skin, making it suitable for use every day if they choose.

That they can wash it off in the shower, because it is a rinse-off formula, is a plus for it. This is as opposed to having to grow through the rubbing and wiping-off ritual before or after their shower.

The Not-so-Good…

However, the mildness of the scrub happens to be a minus for some users. The granules, while they are just perfect for some, are not enough for others. According to them, they hardly feel the scrubbing sensation.

Added to that is the slight greasiness it leaves on the skin of some of them. Instead of getting that clean feel, they come out feeling a slight oily residue on their skin, which is off-putting.

On the part of the Exfoliating scrub, the presence of menthol makes all the difference. The tingle and the smell of mint are attractive to many users.

Even though it is good for only oily skin, it is effective for those with the skin type, reducing oil production and treating issues related to excess oil production.

The granules are not tiny or few but are many and strong to scrub hard and deep. This means it will remove residues, new and oil, and prevent the appearance of more.

Funny enough, even though it is stronger than the 7-day scrub, a user with a skin condition has reported not reacting negatively to it. A combination of sensitive skin and rosacea did not stop this scrub from being effective.

Could Be Better…

Nevertheless, the scent has reported as noxious for those with sinusitis. A user complained about having to use so close to the nose and how it affected her sinuses.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, 3.3 Ounce




What We Think – Clinique 7-Day Scrub vs Exfoliating Scrub



We like that it is mild and gentle. Its mildness makes it suitable for use every day and we think this is a great feature.

Coupled with the rinse-off feature, you have a bargain. You get to cut down the time you spend on your skincare routine every morning.

The fact that any skin type is receptive of it also endears it to us. It shaves off the worry of thinking if your skin is going to react to it.

But we think it would be better if a few more granules get added to it. This would improve ratings and satisfy more users.

Menthol makes all the difference for us. We like that its effect on the skin lasts a while for users. We also think its strength is not a minus as some users with sensitive skin could use it.

The lack of oil and the water-base are pluses for it. Your pores don’t clog due to excess oil or dead skin, and the water adds moisture to the skin.

The scrub enhances the application of other products and makeup, making it a good foundation to build on. It helps open pores and leave your skin very receptive.

However, the scent could be offensive and strong. While some people don’t mind, others do. Ratings and customer-base could be improved if there is an improvement in this area.