Eye Cream and You: What Is the Real Deal with Using It?

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A lot of people assume that eye cream is not important. You shower in the morning and apply your superb moisturizer appropriately.

Then at night, you do the same. So what is the fuss about using an eye cream? Do you have to? Should your moisturizer not do the work for you?

No, your moisturizer can only do so much around your eyes. Believe it or not, the work your eyes do eventually begins to wear the skin out around them.

The constant rolling, squinting and movement begin to give you wrinkles and lines. Then, given that the eyes are very fragile, the skin around them does a lot more work of protection than usual.


What Eye Creams Are

Eye creams are specially made for the soft and fragile skin which is around your eyes. They are not as light as your everyday cream or moisturizer. They are made to be thick and oily so as to support the skin.

So you see, if your moisturizer or face cream is not oily enough, it may not have a strong effect around your eyes.

Using an eye cream is like an ice cream topping. It is like putting finishing touches to a fantastic painting, and we all know how important finishing touches can be.

Your eye makeup looks better and your eyes glow. When used right, your eye cream could make you do away with your concealer or blemish balm. There would be nothing to conceal anymore.

Now, do not get it wrong. This does not mean your cream is not effective enough. It is perfect for you. You are still using it, right? So it must be doing something good for you.

The point is that they are called eye creams for a reason. The eyes need special care so they are made to suit and soothe the skin around such a delicate part of the body.


Why Is an Eye Cream Important?

Well, it depends on who is asking. Some people do not care for such a ‘frivolity’ as they call it. Using a face cream is enough for them. Besides, there are those who like lines around their eyes. According to them, they lend character to their general look, whatever that means.

But since you are here, that means you have decided you need one. If you are keen on maintaining a smooth and clear face, then you definitely need some eye cream. And the truth is, who does not appreciate an even skin? Part of the magic is eye cream.

It is made to take care of wrinkles and lines that are quick to appear around your eyes due to squinting. It also takes care of circles around your eyes that could come due to lack of sleep or excess fluids.

Again, as you age, your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen weakens. You are left with the choice of either letting it continue or boosting your collagen with lotions.

An eye cream would normally contain collagen, vitamin C and ceramide to keep the skin from sagging and ageing too fast.

Your moisturizer is good and fine but an eye cream contains doses of active ingredients that are right for that area. These doses would affect the potency of the cream in a way that is different from your body cream and face moisturizer.

Most of these creams usually contain about the same ingredients; the difference would be in the doses. Remember that the skin around the eyes is very delicate.


Anyone Can Use It

In addition to the above, using an eye cream would increase your youthfulness. And the beautiful thing about it is that its usage is not restricted to just women. Men are welcome to use it because it works just as well on them as on women. Besides, let’s face it, who does not want to maintain a youthful look? This desire has nothing to do with gender.

But you know that the choice is up to you. There is no absoluteness to using one. It is more a matter of preference than necessity.

The point of this guide is to show you what you stand to gain by using it. But if you decide not to go in that direction, it is all good. People have been known not to use any eye cream and still turn out fine. Therefore, it is not an absolute necessity in your skincare routine.

What Factors Should You Consider While Buying an Eye Cream?

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Buying an eye cream may seem like one of the easiest things to do, and maybe it is. You could just go with what works with your friend. You could go with popular demand. Or you could ask that beauty expert in that beauty store around the corner.

However, there are a few important factors that should be settled in your mind before these things. That something is the rave does not mean everyone should have it. The importance of your skin cannot be overemphasized. That is why we are here in the first place.

Your Goals

What is the propelling force behind wanting to buy this cream? Seeing as there are a few problems that could happen to the skin around the eyes, one could possibly stand out for you.

You should know, though, that no particular eye cream is a do-it-all. If you find one that promises to take care of all the problems, then you should run from it. Most eye creams focus on one problem at a time.

If your purpose is to remove wrinkles from around your eyes, the eye cream must have retinoid and peptides. These ingredients would be the most active ones because they boost the production of collagen and slow the ageing process.

In the event your purpose is to remove dark circles, your eye cream should have some hydroquinone which evens your skin tone. It should also have some alpha-hydroxy acids; these rejuvenate new skin cells by removing the dead ones.

For keeping the skin hydrated, eye creams with hyaluronic acid are what you should go for. It would help trap the moisture your skin has while attracting more to keep your skin moisturized.

The skin around the eyes does not have oil glands so it tends to be dry most of the time. Keeping it hydrated would eliminate dryness which brings wrinkling.

Be sure to know what you really need to treat before you head to the store. This would help you narrow your focus and choices. And stick with what would work for you, not what you think would be best for you.

Your Skin Type

The importance of maintaining what works for you cannot be overemphasized. If you have never had the displeasure of using the wrong skincare products, thank your stars. It is hard to get your skin back to normal after such an experience. Therefore, knowing your skin type before anything else should be a priority for you.

Those with sensitive or acne-prone skin types should be extra careful. Avoid eye creams that have too much alcohol and any fragrance. Fragrances tend to cause irritation and could cause a break out of rashes.

For those with dry skin, alcohol content in an eye cream is a no. it would dry out your skin further and cause damage instead of repair. It is important to take the time to read labels here because they usually indicate what skin type a product is meant for.

Your skin type would decide the ingredients that would be best for it. But then again, your lifestyle could affect your skin.

A normal skin type could be damaged by smoking or excessive alcohol intake. Then, you would need to be careful about what you use so as not to further aggravate it. a healthy lifestyle and knowledge of skin types come in handy here.

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Your Age

Another factor you cannot neglect in choosing is your age. Your age would inform you of what to go for.

The use of eye cream should start from as early as a person’s late teens or early 20s. This helps to build up the foundation under the skin and solidify the structure for later years. As you get older, your skin would need more support. So why not start early?


Eye creams are age-appropriate. The product that would be ideal for a 25-yr-old person would not work for 50-yr-old.

For example, as you age, your skin needs a boost in the production of collagen. So it is necessary for you to keep in mind that age is a great determinant in your choice. Do not waste your money on what would not work for you.

Once you get the above three factors right, you are well on your way to choosing the right eye cream. The next two factors are important but are not necessarily deal-breakers. With them, though, you would have a little more knowledge than everyone else in the beauty store…

The Presence of Antioxidants

Antioxidants work as protective agents. They protect the skin from environmental pollutants and harmful sunrays. These, in turn, would delay the ageing process and remove the clear signs of age.

Let your choice of an eye cream contain powerful antioxidants as part of the active ingredients. Not only would it work perfectly during the day, but it would also work even faster at night.

Organic Products

Due to the fact that this cream would have to go close to a sensitive part of your body, you should take good care. An organic eye cream would serve you better than any other type. This means that you would have to get one that contains organic ingredients that wouldn’t harm you.

A non-comedogenic or hypoallergenic eye cream is your best bet. This would make it harder for the skin there to be irritated or to suffer any damage. It would be great also for most skin types because organic ingredients do more good than harm.

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5 Unbelievable Tricks to Getting the Best Eye Cream Results

Pat on the Eye Cream

When you rub or swipe, you crease the fragile skin around your eyes. Remember that it has no oil gland? So it has no lubrication to keep it smooth.

Any roughness there would tell. So it would be better to pat, rather than rub. This would eliminate the possibility of having lines on your face with time.


You Can Use under Makeup

In fact, it would fill up any grooves made by those almost lines on your face, leaving no room for your makeup to cake. It could also be a smooth and perfect base for your foundation, much like a primer.


Your Pinkie Is the Best Applicator

This is because it has very little strength to it so stands the least chance to give pressure. For the skin around your eyes, you do not want to put much strength on it for it is easy to damage.


If It Is Serum or Gel, Keep It Cool

Store in your refrigerator because the cooler it is, the better it would work. The coolness is soothing to your eyes. Besides, it would keep the formula together; the heat would make it run and ruin it.


Read Labels Before You Buy

Manufacturers write some of the important directions in small characters, for whatever reason. Take your time to read about what you want to buy. You stand a better chance of making better use of it than doing things otherwise.

Getting the results you desire can feel like Christmas, every day. You look in the mirror every morning and you are satisfied with what you see. Well, here you go; this guide is your best bet to looking great.

And if you have been on this journey with spectacular results, please share with us. We would like to hear from you.











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