Eye Makeup Remover: Cleaning Eye Makeup Just Got Easier

Is removing your eye makeup a complicated task for you? Do you ever think of skipping this process? Relax; it would become an easy task now with an eye makeup remover.

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Sleeping with your eye makeup is a no-no. The skin around the eyes is thin, delicate and sensitive, so it is important to handle your eyes with care. Remember, the eyes are the window to the soul and one of the first places we see the signs of aging.

Eye makeup removers are products intended to remove easily eye makeup that is applied. That is not all. Eye makeup remover products are formulated specifically to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply.

Eye makeup removers are gentle but powerful to remove all your eye makeup quickly and easily without pulling your eye. Welcome to the world of eye makeup remover.

Importance of Using Eye Makeup Remover

Some women undervalue the necessity of removing eye makeup in their everyday beauty routine. Eye makeup removal has to be a necessary part of your everyday skincare routine because your skin needs pampering. Some benefits of using eye makeup remover:

a. It cleanses impurities, dirt and even cosmetics from the skin on your eye. If this is not done, it can cause quick aging or irritation.

b. Cells are renewed when it removes dead skin.
c. It stimulates skin regeneration.
d. Micro-circulation is promoted due to the massage action.
e. Your skin is given room to breathe.


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When Should You Use an Eye Makeup Remover?

It is advisable that you remove your eye makeup every night and use it again when you wake up. Using eye makeup remover at night eliminates cosmetics, pollution, and impurities. In addition, you should use it in the morning as it removes oil and sweat that have accumulated through the night.

Types of Eye Makeup Remover

One of the most beautiful things about eye makeup removers today is the diversity in types. You are not restricted to using just one type. According to your style or what you are comfortable with, there is something for you.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Gentle eye makeup remover can easily remove waterproof products, which practically stick to your eyelids for as long as possible.

Eye Makeup Removal Cloths

Eye makeup removal cloths are usually drenched in products that remove your eye makeup easily. They remove your eye makeup thoroughly and gently and do not irritate your eyes. To use them, simply wet it with warm water and rub on in circular motions.


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Oil-base Eye Makeup Remover

Most makeup is made with a base of oils. Using oil to help break up and dissolve oil is an effective means of cleaning them from your skin. Oils are a very effective source of eye makeup remover.

Oil eye makeup removers are powerful when it comes to removing waterproof products. They will dissolve your eye makeup more quickly. They are the best type of eye makeup remover if you are in haste in your skin regimen.

If you decide to use an oil eye makeup remover, you might need to wipe your eyes two or three times. But there is a catch: Oil eye makeup removers are good for all skin types.
Take note: wash your face thoroughly after using oil eye makeup remover. Here is why: If you do not wash your face, it can cause allergic reaction and irritation.

Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover

Some eye makeup remover may be too harsh for your eyes, the alternative is to use oil-free eye makeup remover.

Oil-free eye makeup remover combines effective makeup removal with gentle cleansing formulas that protect your sensitive facial skin. Oil-free eye makeup removers are non-irritating and refreshing for sensitive eyes.

They gently remove eye makeup including long-wearing makeup without leaving any greasy residue. The best part is that after usage, it requires no rinsing.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting an Eye Makeup Remover

These days, makeups are long-lasting and waterproof (this depends on the products used). If you select poor products of eye makeup remover, be sure to work hard to remove your eye makeup.

Type of Makeup 

Heavy eye makeup is difficult to remove. If you wear waterproof makeup, use a waterproof oil-based eye makeup remover to get rid of the makeup. For lighter makeup, you can use a regular eye makeup remover.
Take note: keep your eyes close when using an eye makeup remover.

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The amount of money that you are willing to spend on an eye makeup remover matters. Your budget will determine the type and brands of eye makeup remover that you will buy. Choose an eye makeup remover with a price tag that is within your budget.

The major factors that determine price are the ingredients used and the quality of the ingredients. Other factors that may affect the price of an eye makeup remover include product form, packaging and brand name and others. To get good bargains, look for offers such as sales discounts and take advantage of them.


Counterfeit products will always exist as long as there are originals. Beware of them because they usually contain ingredients that are harmful. There are dozens of eye makeup remover out there.

It is important to buy eye makeup remover from established companies that are reliable, trustworthy and effective. Always treat your skin as a priceless possession. You need to invest in a good eye makeup remover and good eye makeup remover is expensive.

If you wear waterproof eye makeup, it is advisable that you invest in more expensive eye makeup removers. But there is a catch; if you use your eye makeup remover reasonably it will last for a long time. Take note: You really do not need to spend a fortune to get a good eye makeup remover.

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The ingredients used to determine the safety of an Eye Makeup Remover. Check that your choice of eye makeup remover contains one or more of the following ingredients:
Benzyl alcohol
Botanical ingredients
Mineral oils
Sodium chloride
Propylene Glycon

Watch out for fragrance to see if it is listed among the ingredients item. Many cosmetics companies add fragrances to their makeup removers to make them more attractive to consumers. However, if you have sensitive skin fragrances can actually irritate your skin.

Avoid them; you do not want potentially toxic ingredients anywhere near your eyes. That is not all; avoid alcohols referred to as isopropyl and ethanol. Take note: The purer the composition of your makeup remover, the better.

Skin Type

Your skin type would determine the suitable eye makeup remover to use. The majority of eye makeup removers usually are oil-based but there are oil-free types for people with more sensitive skin. Cream or liquid eye makeup removers work well for individuals with sensitive skin.

People who have skin that is more tolerant should use eye makeup remover cleansing cloths. If your skin type is oily, use eye makeup removers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Both ingredients will help to soak up excess oil while the cleanser removes your makeup. The same goes for the combination skin type.

For dry skin, use a creamy, gentle eye makeup remover that will not dry out the skin too much.


When you make a choice on an eye makeup remover, check out the review of the product for decision-making. Read the reviews of those that have bought an eye makeup remover, it would help you make an informed decision. Some brands do exaggerate by blowing out of proportion, the abilities of their eye makeup remover product.

Check that the review of the eye makeup remover confirm that it has what you need. Reviews can help you select the right choice of eye makeup remover.

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Expiry Date

It is always advisable to check the expiry date of any product and that includes an eye makeup remover. You do not want to use a product that is expired. An eye makeup remover that is expired has become ineffective, as the efficiency of the ingredients has waned off.

When a product is expired, the molecules in the ingredients used have been broken and this could damage your skin. In addition to that, your eye makeup remover can start harboring bacteria that would damage your skin.


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How to Use Eye Makeup Remover

You should have some valuable information about eye makeup remover by now. One question that should be on your mind is “how should I use an eye makeup remover?”

a. Get a fresh cottonwool or wipe.
b. Dampen the cotton wool with your chosen eye makeup remover.
c. Hold the cotton wool over your closed eyelid for a few seconds to loosen makeup.
d. Use gentle outward strokes by patting to remove the makeup from the upper lid and lashes.
e. Keep repeating step 1 to 4 until the cotton pad comes up clean; this shows all the makeup is wiped.
f. You can now moisturize your eyes with a nourishing eye cream.
g. Use your ring finger to very gently blend it in, between the cheekbone and the under eye.

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Tips to Get the Most from Using an Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup can be one of the most difficult things to get off your face. This makes eye makeup remover an essential item for you. When it comes to using your eye makeup remover properly, there are certain tips you should know.

Well, it is not just about what you are using but rather how you are using your eye makeup remover. Check out these tips:

Minimum application of eye makeup products

Cosmetic products are not subjected to the same checks as food or medicine before being released to the mass market. Some cosmetic products are toxic, be careful how you select your cosmetic product.

Heavy eye makeup will always make the eye makeup removal process more challenging, time-consuming and stressful on the eyes. Sometimes, allow your skin to breathe. It would help your pores to rehabilitate.

Be gentle in your application of eye makeup remover

Avoid scrubbing your eyelids or lashes and touching the very sensitive area under your eyes when using eye makeup remover. Using cotton wool, apply a small amount of your chosen eye makeup remover on your eyelid by gently patting. Do not make the mistake of rubbing your eye area to remove makeup.

Rubbing and pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes causes eyelids to lose elasticity and become more wrinkle. That is not all; it can also damage your eye.

Rinse off your eye makeup remover

Attention: do not skip this process. Eye makeup removers contain many ingredients and chemicals that make it shelf-stable. Those chemicals or any residue should not stay on the skin.

If you leave them on the skin, these chemicals and residue can lead to early skin aging. Wash your face after using eye makeup remover. Washing your face removes the chemicals present in your eye makeup remover and keeps your skin healthy.

Use toner after cleansing

Toner can be used as an extra cleansing step after rinsing your face. Toner would completely cleanse your skin removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can be lingering after washing with cleanser. Some toners acts like a moisturizer, they help to bind moisture to the skin.

In addition to that, toners leave your skin revitalized.

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Use moisturizer

It is advisable to apply a moisturizer after cleansing. Moisturizing is an important part of your skincare routine, especially the skin of your face. Moisturizers help to rehydrate it, leaving it smooth and soft.

Keeping this particular skin hydrated ensures the skin remains elastic for a long time. Moisturizers do more work than the task of hydration. When they are used, important nutrients are deposited into the skin.

Reduce your rate of experimenting with other products

Human wants are insatiable. Using a particular eye makeup remover may seem boring and make you feel that you should try alternatives. The idea of trying out new products is not a bad idea. But when it comes to skincare products, care has to be taken.

It is advisable to stick to one that best suits your skin type.

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