Foot Cream: A Guide to Beautiful Feet

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The importance of foot cream was somewhat portrayed in an old movie which starred Eddie Murphy. The man was obsessed with feet. He was looking for a girlfriend who had nice feet and after every date, he’d discover the lady’s feet were corned or callused feet. Then, he would become utterly turned off and he would dump her and continue the hunt for ‘miss nice feet’.

His need to find a lady with pretty feet made it clear to the rest of us that having nice feet really does matter.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t use foot creams; most don’t even know the unbelievably great benefits of the use of foot cream. A good foot cream can literally take years away from your feet, and make it good enough for even superstar Eddie Murphy.

Treating your feet with cream regularly keeps the skin firm and healthy, hence minimizing the occurrence of sores and cuts. This also helps reduce the possibility of germs infecting the feet. Another great benefit of the use of foot cream is that it keeps your feet moisturized. This ensures there’s no dryness or cracks on your heels.

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Regular massage with foot cream will ease away lingering pain from hours of putting on footwear, leaving your feet feeling smooth and soft.

Say bye to blisters and age lines on your feet with regular use of these beneficial products. When you’ve used your foot cream regularly, you will notice your feet will begin to look younger, supple and more attractive.

Why Do You Need A Foot Cream?


Dry Feet

Even though your skin produces oil and moisture to nourish itself, the soles of your feet do not have the ability to do so. Feet can get so dry and flaky, sometimes even cracked to the extent that our normal creams do not have any effect on them anymore.

When your feet begin to look wrinkly and pinched, then you know that the only solution is a nutrient enriched foot cream. Dry feet tend to feel itchy and very uncomfortable especially when it has been left dry for too long. There is the high tendency that they can get blistered.

How Do You Get Dry Feet?

Just like every other part of the body, your feet can be deprived of moisture when exposed to dry conditions. Soaking too often, exposure to the sun or other elements can cause our feet to begin to feel flaky and cracked. Lack of attention to them can cause adverse effects. Over-exposure to the sun, water and other natural elements also affect your feet negatively.

Eczema and diabetes also cause the skin to dry out. Eczema is a condition that makes the skin feel flaky and dry. When they appear even on your feet, they can cause it to both look and feel dry.

Cracked Heels

Feet that are too dry can’t stretch as they ought to. This makes them crack and create fissures which can lead to infections.

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Really dry skin and other circumstances like wearing hard bottomed shoes or standing for long periods lead to cracks under the feet.


Shoes that do not fit because they are too tight can stop free circulation of blood. This causes the feet to sweat and lose moisture thereby also promoting dry feet.

Every day use of foot wear that have hard soles lead to achy tired feet. Some shoes don’t come with backs and this places more pressure on the feet leading to discomfort.

A good foot cream can help soothe any discomfort you feel by the end of a long hard day and brings the much needed relief that your feet needs.


These are dead cells that the skin builds up against friction. Use pedicure equipment to remove calluses, then you need to exfoliate your feet. Rub in some foot cream while your feet are still wet and let it absorb it gently for effective results.

Types of Foot Creams

  • Anti-Perspirant Foot Cream

This dermatologically-tested product is especially treated to reduce the excretion of sweat from the feet. This product instantly refreshes and keeps the feet dry and comfortable. It comes in a variety of fragrances to choose from, depending on your taste and preference.

  • Anti-Fungal Foot Cream

Fungal (either skin or molds) infections sometimes appear on the feet anywhere from between the toes to the sole. They are characterized by itching, burning, cracking, scaling and discomfort.

Fungi on the feet can come from several things: irritants, rashes, allergies, psoriasis, ill-fitting shoes and so on. It can also be contacted by sharing shoes and socks with someone who has a fungal infection.

You can also pick an infection from floors in public places like swimming pools and public showers. Always use flip-flops when you visit a place where people generally walk about bare feet.

Fungal infections thrive in moist and warm places, so the fungus do very well on feet that are mostly covered up with shoes and socks.

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It usually appears at first as a simple rash and then it advances into something more severe. You should promptly make the effort to treat it with an anti-fungal foot cream as soon as you first see it. It can however grow to become a more serious issue that would become harder to manage.

Use your anti-fungal foot cream sparingly and once every day. Always keep feet dry (as mentioned, infections thrive in moist environments). And if you must wear socks, use cotton types and change regularly.

  • All-Natural Foot Cream

This particular type of foot cream is popular because of its use of 100% natural ingredients. They are usually made from time proven ingredients such as peppermint, eucalyptus, coconut and lavender. Users find it both soothing and therapeutic and testify that there is rapid improvement and repairing of the feet.

Its formula is developed to feel nice and silky without the greasy residual feeling. This product takes care of a wide variety of foot related issues from calluses, warts, cracks, dry skin, dermatitis, fungus and psoriasis.

One thing you can be confident of is that with this natural cream, you will have soft and smooth feet all year round.

In addition to this, natural foot creams use ingredients that fight against swelling, pain, poor circulation, inflammation and give fast relief effectively.

Because they are made from natural ingredients, free of chemicals and other irritants, it’s unusual to find negative side effects.

  • Diabetic Foot Cream

People living with diabetes must take extra care with their feet. This is because any infection allowed to thrive can lead to amputation or gangrene. A regular home care routine must be developed to ensure the feet stay healthy.

Diabetics have a condition that doesn’t allow their bodies heal at a normal rate. When any infection gets in, it can multiply faster than the body’s ability to fight it. That’s why vigilance to check the feet daily is fundamental for any one managing a diabetic condition, especially at advanced stage and for ageing people.

Tips for Caring for Your Feet


Daily wash with warm water and soap

Dirt builds up on our feet as we move about during the day. Washing feet regularly will help keep away infections and inflammations.

Ensure feet are totally dry

Be sure to thoroughly pat dry your feet before rubbing your foot cream.

Dry your feet between your toes

Check between the toes to dry your feet completely because any residual moisture can lead to infection.

Use the cream that suits your feet

Use your chosen foot cream to massage until completely absorbed. Remember that the foot cream you choose depends on what you want to treat and the one that suits your skin type.

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If you have no issues, but only want to have nice feet, any over the counter foot cream will do.

Do not use lotion between the toes

Any areas that are air tight and humid can easily lead to infection. Oil between the toes can lead to skin abrasion and much discomfort.

Examine Feet Regularly For These:


Any cut or scratch can lead to infection, so take care to wash mildly. Make sure to use a foot cream that has antibiotics to prevent any infection.


These come from minor cuts that take too long to heal. Sometimes we can get sores from shoes that are too tight or fit badly. Because we keep abrasing the wound, it eventually becomes ulcers.

You can prevent ulcers by cutting away wounds immediately.


To prevent and treat this, use your pumice stone or emery board after every bath. Be gentle, while gradually allowing calluses to fall off as you scrub.

Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot shows by itching, cracking and redness between toes. Treat immediately with anti-fungal foot cream.

Ingrown toenails

Regular trimming helps prevent toenails that are grow into the skin. These nails can pierce the skin and make you uncomfortable, so be sure to prevent and treat it early.

Plantar Warts

These develop under the feet and can leave callus-like results.

Discolored skin

Skin that turns black or blue needs to be checked immediately by a doctor. This could be a sign of infection.


Treat blisters with anti-fungal cream to prevent infection. Use soothing cream with aloe vera or eucalyptus to ease any discomfort.

Pain and swelling

These can mean an infection or inflammation has set in so get it treated immediately.

Ingredients That Enhance the Beauty of Your Feet

  • Any foot cream that contains Dead Sea minerals is a great choice

Why? This is because it has a lot of good benefits your skin will enjoy. Dead Sea minerals enhance growth of new cells, destroy rough skin, eliminate patches and make your skin super soft.

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These anti-bacterial minerals found from the bottom of the sea enhance your feet’s ability to retain moisture. The retention of moisture keeps them looking years younger. Their exfoliating properties are great for badly damaged feet. With consistent use, they will soon restore the natural attractiveness of your feet.

  • Mud is another great ingredient to find in your foot cream

This is because its anti-bacterial properties that would give them the much needed soothing after hours of wearing footwear.

  • Oils do a very good job of soothing the feet and restoring

Your feet are prone to lose nutrients and the minerals they need to keep firm and elastic. While oils such as glycerin are generally sufficient, you may choose to use essential oils that come in a variety with luxurious fragrances that enhance the senses and have therapeutic effects. Fragrances include sweet almond, jasmine, coconut, hazel etc.

  • Cucumber extracts have a sweet fresh smell

They are exactly like the vegetable which gives you a nice summer like feeling. Their anti-inflammatory qualities will quickly soothe away tired aches on your feet. The refreshing feel works great as an anti-inflammatory agent and leaves your feet well moisturized.

  • Moisturizers such as jojoba, eucalyptus, urea and Shea butter are great for promoting healing

They add the much needed moisture to your skin, turning rough and callused feet to smooth soft feet. You may want to look out for urea. A natural moisturizer your body makes for itself to keep it hydrated. Dryness on the skin is a sign that it isn’t able to produce enough. Substitute with the store bought version to create the same effect on your skin.

Silky Soft Feet Can Be Yours

Feet that look supple and firm, with hardly any lines are really an attractive thing to see, especially when a lot of people would prefer to hide their feet in shoes than take care of them.

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However, soft and attractive looking feet is really possible if you could keep the following things in mind;

  • Hydrate

Your body needs a lot of water to stay well hydrated. Some of that water moves to your feet. If it isn’t getting enough moisture, it tends to dry out giving it that wrinkled and ugly look you don’t want.

  • Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids

This chemical is great for exfoliating dry and dead skin, leaving you with a healthy soft glow everyone finds attractive. As far back as Cleopatra, AHA has been used to keep skin smooth and ageless and nothing less is good enough for your feet. Make sure your foot cream contains this miracle working chemical

  • Moisturize

Your foot cream must have great moisturizing chemical to keep your skin firm and elastic. Use as often as possible, especially before bed time covered with socks so your feet can have all night to absorb it.

Paying a little more attention to the care given to your feet would help improve the quality of your life.



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