Foot Scrub – A Good Friend for Beautiful Feet Always

Our feet carry us around every day. And just like everything else, they function best when they are well cared for. One easy way to care for them is to use a foot scrub.


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Your feet are put through some of the worst stress every day. Tight footwear, going around without shoes and even walking a lot can wear out the feet in ways you cannot imagine. In case you have been overlooking your feet, it is time to have a rethink.

If you find you have dry feet and they crack easily, it would help to get a foot scrub. Neglecting them may lead to even longer fissures and rougher feet.

A cracked foot can be painful and can even become a breeding ground for fungal infections. Using a foot scrub however, can help remove excess dead skin cells and reduce the chances of infections.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of money on foot care as a good foot scrub is affordable and easily accessible.


Types of Foot Scrubs


Sugar Foot Scrub

Sugar foot scrub contains some glycolic acid which gives your feet a healthier look. It also contains some alpha-hydroxy acids which slow aging. It is found in plenteous amounts in milk sugars and some fruits. By stabilizing the natural oil in the skin of your feet, it aids in the development of new skin.

This type of scrub softens and moisturizes your feet from the first application. Using it enhances blood circulation, increases collagen production and skin cell regeneration.

Sugar, especially the brown one, is naturally a humectant, absorbing the moisture around you and depositing it into the skin. In addition, it can also reduce the chances of getting skin conditions like psoriasis.


Salt Foot Scrub

Salt foot scrub has healing agents and helps relieve pain on the foot. It acts as a detoxifying agent to reduce stress on the feet. That is not all; it treats fungal infections, helps exfoliation and removes splinters on the foot.

If you decide to use a salt foot scrub, add it to hot baths.
Take note: be sure to moisturize your foot after using one to prevent cracked skin and irritation.

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Coffee Foot Scrub

Coffee foot scrub helps reduce inflammation and exfoliates the foot for a baby’s soft texture. It usually contains a good amount of antioxidants such as polyphenols, hydrocinnamic acids and some others. The hydrocinnamic acids aid in eliminating free radicals and removing stress-causing oxidants

A good coffee foot scrub can be such a soothing relief for tired feet. Plus, it can help foster new cell turnover and rid your feet of unsightly spots.

Take note: be cautious about how you use it. Here is why: coffee foot scrub contains high levels of caffeine and can actually be damaging to your foot if used too often


Benefits of Using Foot Scrub

Are you still in doubt if foot scrubs have any benefit? Check out these amazing benefits of using one…



Using a scrub is a nice way to relax after a long day. It soothes and hydrates your feet. That is not all; it relieves aches and pains that come from standing or walking in uncomfortable shoes.

Here is something you might not know about it: it boosts blood circulation which, in turn, relieves aches. Consider using a foot scrub to bring oxygen and nutrients to your feet. Massage your feet frequently; if possible, massage every day and your whole body will thank you.



It gently exfoliates and removes dirt and dead skin cells from the feet. It softens the skin and adds suppleness, making it glow with health. That is not all; it contributes to the whitening of your toenails.


Removes Calluses

If calluses or corns on your feet get too thick, they can crack and cause pain. Scrubbing your feet with a foot scrub will soften your skin and remove any hard or callused skin around your feet.

Take note: calluses are on your feet for a reason. They offer protection to the feet so don’t be so quick to completely eliminate them.


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Contains Antioxidants

Using a good one effectively removes free radicals that are destructive. The compounds it contains give it the antioxidant qualities it possesses. And it is plenteous in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).

This acid is capable of penetrating the skin and breaking down every compound that keeps the cells on the skin together. When this happens,  the skin cells are rejuvenated and regenerated.


UV Damage Repair

Foot scrubs can help repair sun damage and hyperpigmentation.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Foot Scrub

There are numerous foot scrubs available in the market. So it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

To help you narrow your search, here are few pointers to guide you…



A good foot scrub should be able to exfoliate, that is, remove the dead skin cells. Look out for any of these exfoliating agents: Epsom salt, sea salt, oatmeal, brown sugar.

Check if your choice also has any of the following important oils:

Cedarwood oil is an antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredient and a good choice if you suffer from athlete’s foot.

Cypress oil is antiseptic and a natural deodorant that helps in treating blister and preventing foot odor.

Juniper berry oil alleviates aches and arthritis on the foot.

Lavender oil is a natural pain reliever for the foot and it aids relaxation of the foot muscles.

Rosemary oil has antiseptic properties and helps soothe the muscles of the foot.

Wintergreen oil helps with pain and swelling on the foot and has a cooling sensation on tired feet.


Skin Type

This is an important factor you should consider when selecting a foot scrub. If you have sensitive skin, consider using a sugar foot scrub.

Take note: sugar foot scrub has varieties. There is brown sugar scrub and white sugar scrub.

Brown sugar scrub is gentler, making it ideal for super-sensitive skin. And it has a very deep and rich smell which adds to the pleasure of using it.


Foot Problem

Different foot scrubs are made to take care of different foot problems. So you will need to select one made for the specific foot problem you have. If you have dry feet, choose a scrub with high moisturizing formula, one that absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin.

If you have extra dry skin on the sole of your foot, choose an exfoliating foot scrub. Why does this matter? An exfoliating foot scrub moisturizes and removes dead skin from your feet.

People who suffer from pain on their feet should select a scrub with pain-relieving ingredients.



A foot scrub needs to have mildly abrasive ingredients for it to be effective. These ingredients would help remove dead skin cells to reveal newer and better skin.


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Tips to Make the Most Out of Shopping for a Foot Scrub

Take a look at the tips below to help you get better experience while shopping for a foot scrub.


Select a Foot Scrub with an Essential Oil 

Consider looking for a foot scrub with essential oil. Peppermint, a type of essential oil used in foot scrubs, is naturally antibacterial and leaves behind a cool, soothing feeling on the foot.

If you do not like peppermint, you can find other essential oils such as lavender or chamomile.

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Stay Within a Budget

Map out a budget before going shopping for a foot scrub. This would save your time searching for the right products and prevent unnecessary spending on a foot scrub.


Buy from a Reputable Brand

There are many great brands that make foot scrubs. Choose one of them to buy from in order to increase the chances of getting it right.

But take note: expensive brands do not mean the foot scrub is better and more effective.


Salespersons Are not Decoration

Salespersons are put in stores to give advice. Take advantage of their presence and ask them any questions you have concerning a foot scrub.


How to Get the Most from Using a Foot Scrub

It is not enough that you buy and use a foot scrub. Consider inculcating certain habits to get maximum results from using a foot scrub.




Exfoliating your feet is a good skin care practice. It helps you avoid building tough, ugly calluses, keeping your pores from being clogged and protect the foot. Exfoliation gives your feet a healthier look and softer feel.

It is not difficult and is something you can easily do from the comfort of your home. You can use a pumice stone for exfoliating the feet. Pumice stones are easy to use, and you can exfoliate faster with them.

Keep your pumice stone in the shower for easy accessibility and use it at least three times a week.


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Apply Sunscreen

The foot is one of the body parts we often forget when it comes to using sun protection products. Your nails are made of protein just like your skin. So you need to protect your feet from the sun’s harmful radiation.

Apply a good sunscreen to prevent damage to the feet.


Eat Right

Nutrition affects your feet. Therefore, what you eat affects your feet. Inflammation, one of the leading causes of foot pain and discomfort, is directly related to diet. Foods like refined wheat and sugar, fried foods and excess alcohol all contribute to inflammation.

To be sure your feet feel great and healthy, think of adding some of these foods, which are rich in calcium, to your diet:

i. Cheese, yogurt or low-fat milk
ii. Leafy greens
iii. Broccoli
iv. Oranges
v. Almonds

That is not all; drink lots of water. Water can help you avoid sore muscles, swelling of the feet and cramping. It is recommended that an adult drinks eight glasses of water a day.

Take note: if you  sweat a lot or exercise regularly, you should make it a point to take more water than that.











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