Fragrance: What You Must Know About Fragrances

Who doesn’t want to smell good and feel amazing? This fragrance buying guide contains details you need about fragrances.

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Observe your environment. You will notice the diverse fragrance products from shopping malls, retail shops to advertisement all calling for your attention.

Fragrances are not new in existence. They have been used for millennia and  they are still used till date. And they are known to add positively to people’s overall sense of well-being and confidence.

Fragrance in any skincare product tends to be one of the foremost decisive factors in choice-making for most people. A great-smelling jar of cream, for example, would be chosen first before one with little or no fragrance, never mind effectiveness.

This is because the human sense of smell is connected to the limbic system in the brain. This system is where every emotion and memory are kept.

That’s not all; one secret confidence booster is fragrance. Fragrances helps to keep unwanted body odor and ensures that you smell good throughout the day. With a good fragrance, you can get through the day without the fear of odor.

Your Fragrance Draws Attention…

When it comes to attraction, do not undermine the power of fragrance. One of our five senses is the sense of smell. Have you walked past a person and what comes to your mind is “wow, this person smells nice”, and there is an air of admiration?  You can simply get attracted to someone or someone can get attracted to you just simply because of smell.

If you have not been paying attention to the way you smell, you should start having a rethink now.

There are various kind of fragrances with unique names, prices and scents that can be found in diverse shops around the world. Finding the pleasant smell that would suit your personality may not come as easy as you think. This fragrance buying guide would help you identify the fragrance that suits you.

With a lot of nice fragrance out there, it could be exhausting for you to get the unique one you want. This guide is here to help you quickly get the best that align with you.

You are about to learn all about it.

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Understanding Different Notes

Fragrance have several “notes.” These notes are usually made up of different scents that team up to give off unique smells.

Do you know that the smell you get at the point of purchase of will usually change overtime?

Get to know the fragrance notes:

  • Top notes: Top notes are the foremost smells you get upon application of your fragrance. But even though they hit your nose first, they tend to dissipate fast.
  • Middle notes: These notes are the ones which make up most of the fragrance, of all the notes. As soon as the top notes are dissipating, the notes you get thereafter are the middle ones.
  • Base notes: Base notes are rich and full, providing strength and stability to middle notes. When they mix with the middle notes, you will get the right scent for that fragrance. This mixture is what you would smell for most of the day.

Types of Fragrance

 There are various kinds of fragrance for you to choose from. You need to have an idea on the component of each type to enable you make your choice easily and faster.

Here is a rundown of key important types of fragrance.

  • Floral

Floral fragrance has a soft, sweet and romantic scent. These fabulous fragrances are a superb mixture of such flowers as violet, jasmine, rose, jasmine and even lily.

  • Oriental

Oriental fragrance usually is comprised of spices like cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and pepper. It gives off exotic smells that give warmth.

  • Woody

Woody fragrance tends to be mysterious, warm and musky. Comprising oak moss, sandalwood and patchouli a lot of times, this particular fragrance gives you an air of poise and sophistication, like little else would.

  • Fresh

Fresh fragrance is usually citrus-y because of its citrus makeup. Bergamot, lemon and orange are favorite components of this type of fragrance. But sometimes, herbs are added to boost the senses.

Fresh fragrance is commonly known as citrus or green notes. And it is perfect for men and women during spring.

  • Chypre

It is set apart by a woodsy and earthy scent with hints of oak, moss and citrus.

  • Green

This brings to mind scent of freshly pressed leaves, cut grass and other outdoorsy refreshing smells.

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Where You Can Use Fragrance on Your Body

You do not have to keep holding on to the way you have watched others apply theirs. The way you were taught or where you apply yours can differ. Fragrance can be used in various part of the body depending on your choice.

They include:

  • Neck and collarbone

When applying on these areas, spray your neck and collarbone lightly. You should keep your fragrance for at least 30 cm away from your skin. The purpose of keeping it at a distance is to ensure that the alcohol content in your fragrance does not dry out your skin.

  • Behind the ears

You can spray your on each side behind your ears and on the side of your neck. Why does this matter? Your ears are part of the pulse point in the body. At pulse points, the blood is warmer so the aroma of your fragrance will last longer when applied in these areas.

  • Hair

Who said fragrance can’t be applied on your hair? To apply your on your hair, keep it at least 30 cm away from your hair. Here is why, this is to prevent the alcohol content in it from drying your hair out.

  • Wrists

Your wrist need to smell nice too. You want when someone gives you a handshake, they get to feel how cool you smell. To make it last longer on the wrist; do not rub on your wrist after spraying. You would find out more on this latter.

  • Back of your knees

Yes, we know what you may be thinking. Your knee deserve some scent, too. Apply your fragrance there and watch how you emit pleasant smell.

  • Ankles and Feet

Your feet is the contact you have with the ground and where you shoes fit into. Sometimes you know how your feet smell when in those shoe.

You do not want to remove your shoes and have an unpleasant smell there. With a fragrance there, you have the confidence to pull off your shoe and it emits the lovely fragrance.

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Tips You Need When Selecting Your Fragrance

You would have gotten valuable information from the contents above but that is not all, keep on reading this fragrance buying guide, you need to have some factors at the back of your mind when selecting a fragrance.

Check them out:

1. Have a Budget

Fragrances are not sold at the same prices; they range from cheap to ridiculously expensive. You have to have a budget on how much you are willing to spend. This will help you make decision on the type you can afford.

2. Consider Scents You Enjoy

Write a list of your favorite smells. Remember the scents that you like or scents that creates memories or mean something to you. Then choose based on your preference.

3. Do a Test

Before you make a choice on purchasing, you should carry out a few tests to ensure that it is just what you will love. Sniff the bottle to know get an inkling of what you are considering.

Ever heard of the saying, “you never know until you try”? You cannot know how a fragrance smells unless you perceive it. Try a bit of it on the skin of your wrists. Every skin has its own peculiar composition of pheromones and hormones which can change the smell of any fragrance.

When you put a little amount on the wrists, give it a little time and then smell it. Fragrance smells differs after you have worn it for a few hours. Depending on your body’s makeup chemically, it can either diminish or enhance the smell.

4. Ask for Opinions

Try to get feedback from others. Ask your friends, family and if possible your foes what they think. Others opinion can be helpful. Get their feedback on questions like:

Is it too strong?

Does it stay too short or long?

Do they like it?

5. Season

Before choosing, consider the season in mind. For summer, choose fragrances that are generally light and floral while winter it would be ideal to choose warm, musky scents.

6. Occasion

There is time and season for everything. Take note of the occasion when selecting a fragrance:

Is it meant to please you or someone else?

Would you use it daily?

If you want to use a fragrance to please another person, ensure you find out the fragrances that makes the other person happy.

When selecting fragrance to be for daily use such as for school or work, your choice should be a fresh and light scent such as the floral fragrances because everyone is not a fan of fragrances and many people may often surround you.

But if you are going on a date and you want to add some romance, pick one that is somewhat stronger such as the oriental because they are associated with sophistication and confidence.

7. The Strength of the Fragrance

This is another factor you should consider when selecting. The strength of a fragrance varies according to the concentration of essential oils used. The more concentrated the essences, the stronger and long lasting. Likewise, a lighter one will have greater dilution of essential oils and will fade away faster. 

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Tips to Get the Most of Your Fragrance

Why wouldn’t you want to get the best from your fragrance?

Use these tips listed as they have been proven to work. To get the most from your fragrance that it becomes last longing and save you money.

  • Moisturize

The oilier and better hydrated your skin is, the longer a fragrance will last on it. For it to last longer, use a fragrance free moisturizer few minutes before applying.

  • Keep your distance when applying 

Do not hold the container of your fragrance too close to your skin when applying. Rather spray giving a distance of about six or seven inches away from you. This ensures that your fragrance will reach a larger area of your skin.

  • Store properly

Keep away from extreme temperature fluctuations and strong sunlight. Put your fragrances back into their original storage boxes and keep them in somewhere cool.

It is advisable not to store them in the bathroom. The reason is that humidity and dampness will break down the fragrance and weaken it rather keep them properly in the bedroom instead.

  • Take your fragrance with you

Try to have your fragrance with you as a backup to enable you maintain your pleasant smell wherever you are, whatever the time of day and whoever you are with.

  • Do not shake

Fragrances are designed to stand still. Shaking the container will only let air in and reduce its quality.

  • Spray after bath 

To make the most of your fragrance daily, spray it immediately after your bath. The dampness of your body will trap the scent of the spray. And as your body dries, the scent is sucked into your skin, making it last longer.

  • Spray strategically

People are used to spraying their fragrance on your neck and wrists. However, other pulse points include the backs of your knees, your elbows and ankles.

Take care not to rub your wrists together when you spray your fragrance there. This is because the particles of the top notes are destroyed that way, and this ends up reducing the strength of the scent and how long it lasts.

  • Do not spray directly onto your hair

Spraying directly on your hair will dry it out. Instead, spray your fragrance on your brush before running it through your hair. Your hair will be lightly scented and undamaged.

  • Spray on your body, not on clothes

Spraying on your body will prevent the fragrance from staining delicate clothes or jewelry.

  • Do not try to test out too many at once

If you try testing multiple fragrance at once, your nose will get confused and cannot understand the smell.

Has this fragrance buying guide being helpful? Share your thoughts with us.




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