How Do You Get Lighter Skin – Everything You Need to Know

If you are struggling with dark spots, which is caused by excess melanin, then you must have asked at one time or another: how do you get lighter skin?


In this article, we will furnish you with everything you need to know about getting a lighter skin.


How Do You Get Lighter Skin – Do-it-yourself Natural Methods

First of all, research shows that a large percentage of the lightening products available in the market are not exactly skin-friendly. In fact, these products tend to aggravate the condition of your skin. Hence, it is essential that you look for alternative measures. Here are some natural ways you can use in achieving a lighter skin tone:


Lemon Juice Solution

To begin with, lemon is a natural ingredient that helps in improving the complexion of the skin. It is also used for dealing with several other skin conditions.

Furthermore, lemon contains citric acid, which lightens and exfoliates the top layer of the skin. Follow the steps below to get a light skin tone using lemon:

i. Make a solution of lemon juice.

ii. Apply the solution all over your skin using a ball of cotton wool.

iii. Leave it to settle for few minutes.

iv. Finally, wash it off.

Repeat this process regularly until the results are evident.


Lemon and Milk Bath

This method is great for full body lightening. Follow the step-by-step procedure below to get a light skin using lemon and milk soak:

i. Mix a cup of full-fat milk and 2 freshly squeezed lemons.

ii. Add a cup of water to the mixture.

iii. Then soak yourself in the solution for about one hour.

iv. Finally, rinse yourself.

Finally, if you routinely carry out this procedure, the difference will be noticeable in your skin after a while.


Aloe Vera or Honey Paste

Firstly, creating a paste-like substance Aloe Vera or honey can be very effective in lightening your skin. These ingredients are packed with natural skin lightening properties.

You simply have to form a paste from either of these ingredients, apply it to your skin and leave it for 30 minutes. If you consistently carry out this procedure for a month, you will notice appreciable changes.


How Do You Get Lighter Skin – Skin Lightening Creams

If you don’t want to go the natural way in achieving lighter skin, then you can try out skin lightening creams. With the prescription of a dermatologist, you can get an effective skin lightening cream.

How Do You Get Lighter Skin

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As a matter of healthy practice, always check the ingredients used in manufacturing any skin whitening cream. If a product contains hydroquinone or mercury, it’s best for you to avoid it because such a product comes with serious side effects.

Thankfully, a lot of creams which contain natural skin-friendly ingredients are available. However, if you still experience any side effect when using these creams, contact your doctor for medical advice.

How Do You Get Lighter Skin – Cosmetic Procedures

Skin lightening procedures reduce the accumulation of melanin in your skin, thereby giving you lighter skin. If routinely applying natural ingredients or creams seems too long for you, consider going the way of a cosmetic surgery.

Undergoing a laser treatment can give you a lighter skin tone. However, this procedure is complex, time-consuming and expensive. In fact, an effective result and recovery cannot be fully guaranteed.

In skin laser treatment, a laser is used to destroy the cells responsible for melanin production. While this procedure may work well for you, it may lead to complications for others.

Depending on your overall health status, it may take between 2 to 4 weeks to recover. It is normal for your skin to look swollen and sensitive to the sun for a few days after the surgery. However, if you follow the recovery routine recommended by your doctor, you will be alright.


Video: Skin Laser Treatment

This video shows how a skin laser treatment is carried out to remove dark spots on the face. Check it out…



What We Have to Say

While we do not advise anyone to go for a skin lightening procedure, you may still have solid reasons for it.

Using natural ingredients is the safest way to get lighter skin. However, using creams or undergoing a cosmetic surgery may be faster and more effective.









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