How to Remove Body Wax from Skin – Detailed Answer

Waxing is a cheap and fast way of getting rid of unwanted hair on your skin. However, the process must be carefully done because there is a high chance of wax residue. Due to this, many persons would like to know how to remove body wax from skin if there is any residue.


How to Remove Body Wax from Skin


When it comes to removing wax from your skin, there are several ways you can do it without going to the salon. Besides, removing hair wax is more painful and complicated than removing the hair so you may want to do it yourself.


How to Remove Body Wax from Skin – What to Do Before Waxing

There are methods you can employ before waxing, to make wax removal from your skin easy and pain-free. Below is a list of some of them:

  • Trim your hair
  • Use hot wax
  • Apply powder
  • Use moisturizers


Details of these methods are explained as we go on.


Trim Your Hair

How does trimming your hair make wax removal easier?

Trimming your hair makes wax removal easier by reducing the chances entanglement with the wax. Long hair is easier to get entangled with wax. And when hair is entangled with wax, removing the wax becomes harder.

To avoid this, ensure you trim your hair to half an inch in length before you wax it. This way, little to no wax residue will be left.

To effectively trim your hair length, shave it off completely at least a week before waxing. Then trim it to the appropriate length a day before you wax it.


Use Hot Wax

Here’s why using hot wax makes wax removal from skin easier:

Hot wax is easier to remove because it is soft and runny. Before it is completely dry, you can remove it with the hair from your skin.

Using cold wax can be very hard and painful to spread because it becomes stiff. Therefore, ensure the wax is mildly hot and runny before applying it to your skin.


Apply Powder

How does applying powder help with removing wax from skin?

Applying powder helps with removing wax from skin by soaking up sweat on the skin. Sweat tends to cause the wax not to stick to the skin, making the application process long and difficult. And smooth application equals easy removal.

Additionally, powder reduces the chances of contact irritation that tends to come from waxing.

So before you apply wax on your skin, ensure you are not sweating. But if you are, applying powder is a good way to seal up your sweat glands and dry your skin.


Use Moisturizers

How does using moisturizers make for easy wax removal from the skin?

Using moisturizers makes for easy removal of wax from the skin by increasing the hydration level of the skin. When this happens, there will be enough moisture to keep the wax from sticking too hard on your skin, making removal difficult. This works for all skin types, especially dry skin.

You are more likely to have leftover wax if you have dry skin. To prevent this, therefore, apply a moisturizer on your skin at least two days before waxing it. But ensure you use only water-based moisturizers so that your skin does not get greasy.

Using oil-based moisturizers will make it difficult for the wax to stick to your skin and remove the hair.

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How to Remove Body Wax from Skin – 5 Easy Home Methods

The following are 5 easy methods to employ in removing wax from the skin:

  • Hot water
  • Oil
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Alcohol
  • Ice


Let us look at each method in full.


Hot Water

How do you remove body wax from the skin with hot water?

To remove body wax from your skin with hot water, simply soak a towel in a bowl of hot water for about a minute. Then use the towel to massage the area with wax continuously for a few minutes. This will dissolve the wax.



How do you remove wax from the skin with oil and what type of oil can be used?

To remove wax from the skin with oil, just soak a cotton ball in the oil and put it on the wax. Then leave it on the skin for about 2 to 3 minutes for the wax to be saturated. Oil weakens the hold of wax on the skin. Afterwards, wipe off the wax with a new cotton ball.

You can also use mineral oil or olive oil to remove wax from your skin.


Petroleum Jelly

How do you remove wax from the skin with petroleum jelly?

Apply petroleum jelly on the waxed part of your skin. Leave it for five minutes and then, clean it with a cotton ball. This simple process will remove the wax and petroleum jelly from your skin without causing any pain.

Petroleum jelly is oily and, much like oil, soaks into the wax and weakens it. This makes removal easy.



To remove wax from your skin using alcohol:

Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and apply it on the wax in a circular motion. Keep doing this until the wax peels off.

Use a moisturizer on the area after using alcohol so it does not become dry. Alcohol tends to cause dryness to the skin.



Here’s why ice is good at removing wax from the skin and how to use it:

Ice is very cold so when it is placed on the wax, it will make it very cold and stiff. That way, it will not stick to the skin any longer, making removal much easier.

Put an ice cube on the wax and leave it for about a minute. Then chip off the wax from your skin. But do not make the mistake of peeling or scraping off the wax because it will hurt you.



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Video: Wax Removal Using Household Items

This video shows you how to remove body wax using homemade items. Check it out…



How to Remove Body Wax from Skin – Takeaway

To make the process of wax removal quite easier and painless, you should trim your hair, use a moisturizer and apply powder before waxing it. Using household items like ice, alcohol and petroleum jelly can remove body wax from your skin in no time.


How to Remove Body Wax from Skin – Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is the Wax Sticking to My Skin?

The wax is sticking to your skin because of dryness. Dry skin makes the application and removal of wax difficult. Now if you have dry skin, it will absorb all the moisture the wax contains. This will cause the wax to adhere to the skin, making removal difficult.

To keep this from happening, moisturize your skin a few days before waxing. This will increase the skin’s moisture and make the whole process less painful.


Can I Shave Missed Hairs after Waxing?

You can shave missed hairs after waxing. But you have to do it gently because the waxed skin will still be sensitive.

However, it is important to note that when the hair starts growing back, it will not grow the same. The shaved hair will grow faster than the waxed hair. This is because waxed hair is removed from the roots while shaved hair is removed superficially.

Additionally, the area where the hair is waxed will be smoother than the area where hair shaved off from.


What Do You Put on Skin after Waxing?

You do not put anything on the skin after waxing. The skin is usually very tender and sensitive following a waxing session. The best thing to do is to give it time to recover before applying anything.

But if you absolutely have to apply something to soothe the stinging feeling or redness, essential oils like chamomile and diluted lavender will help. You can also try aloe vera or pure witch hazel because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Do not apply any deodorant or antiperspirant to waxed skin within the first 24 hours. It will cause irritation and aggravate any itching you may already be experiencing.


Why Do I Still Have Hair after Waxing?

The reason you still have some hair after waxing is because some of the hairs were too short to be removed. As detailed as waxing can be, it still tends to miss some hairs due to their shortness. Other missed hairs are there because the attendant did not apply the wax to get to them.

Hair tends to grow in stages, some growing quicker and longer than others. This is why you can have some short hairs that are missed during a waxing session.

The best thing to do is to leave them until your next session. By then, they must have grown long enough not to be missed.


What Happens to Your Skin After Waxing?

To the naked eye, nothing happens to the skin after waxing. But underneath it all, one of the things that happen to your skin is the appearance of tiny wounds. The reason waxing hurts is because the hair is attached solidly to the roots. Ripping it out means creating tears in order to get them out.

Another thing that happens to your skin is irritation and redness. This can be attributed to this ripping out of the hair from the roots. The tears it creates can manifest as red skin and irritation.


How Many Times Do You Have to Wax before Hair Stops Growing?

Waxing does not stop the hair from growing. In fact, hair never stops growing unless you have a medical condition that inhibits hair growth. But the hair will not stop growing because of waxing, no matter how many times you do it.

What constant waxing will do is to make the hair finer and thinner. The continuous pulling of the hair from the roots will affect the hair bulb adversely. This means the hair will grow back less thick than before. However, it will keep growing.