MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks — Detailed Comparison

MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count


In this article, we are comparing two superb nude lipsticks: MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks. These products have caused a rave in the makeup industry because of their amazing qualities.

We will show you their similarities, strengths, and weaknesses. These will help you decide if they are the path of nude lipsticks you want to tow. If you want to know more about lipsticks, read this article here.


Comparison Overview — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks

One major difference between both lipsticks is the finish. While Brave has a satin finish, Velvet Teddy is of a matte finish.

Another significant difference is the tone. Brave has a mid-tone pink shade while Velvet Teddy has a rather brown color. Other differences are the presence of shimmer particles, moisture content, and formula.

As for their similarities, both lipsticks have a few of them among which is the fact that they favor light skin tone.

MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count




Price/Value Ratio — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks

Both products may appear pricey for certain people but their value seems to satisfy users.

For Velvet Teddy Matte, it gives a greater opaque coverage than Brave and may last longer for a user.


Comparison Table — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks



Velvet Teddy

Finish Satin Matte
Shade Nude Nude
Tone Mid-tone Pink Pinkish-brown
Consistency Smooth Smooth
Skin tone All skin tones All skin tones


Video: What Does MAC Brave Lipstick Look Like?

Ever wondered what Brave would look like on your lips? This video shows what to expect.



Which Is Better Under What Circumstance? — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks


Velvet Teddy

This product has a satin finish and is therefore great for someone with dry lips. It is also great for winter. The matted look it gives is perfect for a muted look, especially with its shade. You may prefer this if you are going for a conservative look.
Secondly, its shade is a perfect MLBB shade and therefore is perfect when going for an enhanced natural look. The shade also gives some color without being too much.
It doesn’t cake or settle in lines. Plus, it moisturizes the lips so doesn’t dry out easily. This has a low moisture content common to matte lipsticks. Therefore, it may not be ideal for dry lips. This challenge can, however, be easily handled by application of lip balm before using it.
MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count


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Common Features — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks



Once applied, they give a smooth creamy feel that enhances and highlights a fuller version of your lips. The texture ensures they don’t drag and can be applied easily.



Both products are nude. They’re perfect MLBB lipsticks, depending on the tone. However, Brave is pinky nude, while Velvet Teddy is browner.

Moreover, Brave has a little number of subtle shimmer particles that make it look pearly. However, these particles only affect its appearance under different lightings without reducing the perfection of the shade.


High Pigmentation

Usually, some nude shades of lipsticks have the tendency to look drab. But both products are perfectly pigmented to overcome that challenge — they have just the right amount of color.

Not only that, this means that your desired coverage can be achieved with fewer swipes.



Despite their creamy feel, both products last about four hours. And they’ll definitely need a touch up after meals. But they fade nicely without leaving fine lines.


Light Weight

Sometimes, lipsticks can feel like logs, but not these products. Their weight is perfect making them quite comfortable. You almost won’t feel like you have a lipstick on.



Even though Velvet Teddy tends to dry faster and look drier than Brave, it is still less drying than many matte lipsticks.

Brave, on its own, contains a good amount of moisture, thanks to its satin — gloss-matte — texture. With a lip balm, both will look fresh on your lips.



Both products come in a sturdy, fascinating, bullet-like container. The package speaks class while offering durability and simplicity. However, it’s is not easy to distinguish both products at a glance.

MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count




Unique Features — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks

Brave contains shimmer particles that give a pearly appearance. But this may go unnoticed a few minutes after application. Also, being a satin lipstick, it has a bit of a glossy appearance.

Additionally, it has a pinker undertone than Velvet Teddy, which tilts more to orange-brown.

On the other hand, Velvet Teddy gives a matte finish. But the pink-brown undertone has a way of looking a bit different on various skin tones. This explains the different looks you see on the internet.


Unique Pros — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks


Unique Pros of Brave

i. It moisturizes the lips and does not give a dry appearance.

ii. It is also quite easy to apply and does not appear sticky.

iii. Not only that, Brave stays put without transferring.


Unique Pros of Velvet Teddy

i. It gives a more vivid color, and deeper coverage.

ii. Also, it has a different look on different skin tones.

MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count




Video: What Kind Of Finish Does Velvet Teddy Give?

This video gives an insight into the kind of finish provided by this product. It shows its unique matte succulent finish.



Unique Cons — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy


Unique Con of Brave

i. The shimmer particles stay put after the lipstick fades.


Unique Con of Velvet Teddy

i. Its matte finish makes it a little less ideal for dry lips.


Common Pros — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks


Velvet Teddy

Natural Nude This product has a little of a pink nude shade. Its pink tone is neither loud nor shy. It’s an exact MLBB lipstick. This product has more of a brown tone. It has a blend of flushed brown that doesn’t make it look aged.
Long-wearing Also, this product lasts for about four hours without bleeding or running into lines. A little touch-up and it is good to go. Likewise, this applies to the Velvet Teddy.
Lightweight Not only that, it has such a lightweight, it sits without feeling heavy. It is also not different from this product.
Well Pigmented Though it has a satin finish, it has enough color that a matte can give without being loud. In this vein, this matte product is well pigmented to give a balanced avid color.
Fragrance It has a yummy vanilla scent that disappears a few minutes after application. This is applicable to this product, too.
MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count


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Common Cons — MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy



Velvet Teddy

Skin Bias MAC brave seems to favor lighter skin tones. People with dark skin tones may find it difficult to wear without a liner. The brown tone of velvet teddy makes it a bit tricky for darker-toned people. However, a quick application of a lip liner may make the shade less brown-like and more appealing.
Pricey This product is a bit on the high side, and may not sit well with people who have a tight budget. Same is applicable here.


Users Feelings About MAC Brave vs Velvet Teddy


Velvet Teddy

Most users agree that the product glides smoothly without being sticky.

They also like that the product is quite comfortable because of its lightweight.

Its smooth, creamy and comfortable nature was well appreciated by many users.
They also applaud the natural Pink MLBB shade. Although certain buyers felt the brown washed them out, most agreed that it was a perfect MLBB lipstick for them.
Many users accept the duration of the lipstick and do not mind topping it up once in a while.


Most appreciated the four-hour duration, but some felt it could be better. This is probably because of its matte formula.
But the scent, though light and nice, maybe a bit of a problem for users with sensitive noses. However, though this product may appear drier than its counterpart, it is indeed less dry than certain matte lipsticks. This fact appealed greatly to most users.


Our Take On Both Products

We believe that both products offer beautiful finishes. The decision to pick any depends on your choice of formula, shade and of course your skin tone. We, however, advise that a good knowledge of your skin tone will help you pick between them.

MAC Satin Lipstick BRAVE (Pink-beige with white pearl) Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, 1 Count