MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks – A Detailed Comparison

MAC matte lipstick TAUPE Mac Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick , plain

We are going to do a detailed comparison of two great lipsticks, MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte lipsticks. We will be reviewing and comparing these two products.

Please you can stick with us throughout the review if you want a detailed review to help your choice-making. If you would rather prefer a quick overview of the difference between the two products to make a fast buying decision, then our comparison table comes in handy.


Comparison Overview – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks

As we progress, you will see the advantage MAC taupe lipstick has over Velvet Teddy matte lipstick. MAC Taupe is brownish, starting off as satiny and finishing as semi-matte.

It has well-formulated shade which showcases its beauty on the lip. Similarly, Velvet Teddy matte has unique packaging.

The tubes are elegant and classy and are very creamy when swatched.

MAC Taupe lipstick has been in the beauty market for quite a while, as well as the Velvet Teddy lipstick.

MAC Taupe has a warm undertone and a somewhat matte finish. It is a thicker nude than Velvet Teddy matte.

Velvet Teddy matte lipstick has deeper shade than MAC taupe lipstick and it leans more towards pinkish-brown.

MAC taupe, a darker shade, has a brown color with the red almost not noticed, which makes it a great blend.

MAC Taupe has a good moisturizing quality, very brilliant color and lasts long. But it takes a bit longer to dry.

Velvet Teddy Matte is very dehydrating but does not show patches on your lips. It possesses the unique ability to fade nicely throughout the day so you need not bother touching it.

Please come along with us all the way as we compare MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks.

MAC matte lipstick TAUPE Mac Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick , plain
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Price/Value Ratio for MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks

For most customers, the value gotten from the money expended on the Taupe lipstick is worth it. Similarly,  the situation is not different for velvet teddy lipstick. There is really no dissatisfaction when it comes to the money customers spend on these beauty products. From the customers’ opinions, they get value for money.


Comparison Table – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks



Velvet Teddy

Undertones Warm brown Slightly nude with pinky-brown
Size 3g 3.7g
Packaging Unique packaging Great packaging, elegant and classy tubes
Time of Use Day and night Day or night use
Skin Type All Skin Types Not very dry skin
Texture Moisturizing, dries longer and lasts long, creamy and smooth texture Dehydrating, shows no patches and sustains throughout the day, Soft texture and very creamy
Patronage Gives value for money Consumers appreciate the product
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Who’s Each Best for? – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks


Velvet Teddy

Best for those looking for deeper nude Perfect for busy people because it lasts throughout the day.
MAC matte lipstick TAUPE


Mac Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick , plain
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Which Features Do They Have in Common? – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks

So far, our comparison of MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks has revealed to us ways these lipsticks differ. There are also several similarities they share, the first one is that they are both nude lipsticks.

They Are Both Nude Lipsticks

In nude lipstick, we mean a make-up kit that is meant to be a shade similar to your skin, there won’t be any noticeable difference with it and the color of your skin.


MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks have similar texture when applied. They are both creamy, smooth and not completely dry when applied. This implies that both are creamy, friendly and inviting on your lips.

MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks stays on your lips for a reasonable period of time. They can last for some hours except on dry lips.

Besides, those with dry lips may have theirs dry fast but this is not the case with everybody. Therefore, all you need to do is to have a lip balm as a base before applying.

Great on Light Skin

Their impact is felt more on lighter skin. The effect of both MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks are evidently felt on lighter skin than on black skin.

This shows that the beauty of the products is better expressed on light-skinned ladies. This may not go down well with black ladies but they are unique for all skin tones.


MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks have a huge customer base but the customers have reasons for choosing each. However, they both have reasonable patronage.
MAC Taupe gives value for money. Similarly, Velvet Teddy Matte gives satisfaction to the buyers in terms of their money.


MAC taupe vs velvet teddy matte lipsticks both come in fanciful tubes, shade and color. There is nothing outstanding that separates the two, except the base of the tube where the names are written.

MAC matte lipstick TAUPE Mac Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick , plain
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What’s Unique to Each Product? – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks


Features Unique to MAC Taupe Lipstick

Amplified Crème

It helps to showcase the beauty of a person. Its ultra-creamy nature makes it to shine when skillfully applied, the impact of the color is deeply felt in this instance.


It is a crème-based lipstick with bright color and soft shine that naturally displays its splendour.


It has a sparkling wet-look lustre finish. It is sophisticated and smooth which gives your lips a soft and ultra-moist look all day.


Features Unique to MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick



The texture of this amazing product speaks volumes and stands it out as one of the best semi-matte nude lipsticks.


One of the unique features of velvet teddy matte that cannot be overemphasized is the packaging. Made with an alluring and classy tube that is definitely difficult to resist.


Unique Pros of MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks


Unique Pros of MAC Taupe Lipstick

Deep Nude Shade

Its deep nude shade is suitable for most skin tones. Perfect nude to wear any day, all day. If you have a warm skin tone, then its undertone and muted shade make it just right for you.
Besides, its pigmentation also endears it many. The Taupe is the right shade that works well with warm eye shadow. For a better understanding watch this video….



Great Color Payoff

Another high point of this lipstick is that it gives maximum value when a little of it is applied. Just one swap gives you excellent color payoff. Besides, It is also creamy and has a soft-smooth texture.

Non-drying and Non-greasy

This product is very effective in that it is warm, non-drying and non-greasy. The duration is above average, thanks to the matte finish.
It can sustain for close to four hours with food and drink. Dries slightly after a few hours. We, therefore, advise that customers prep their lips when applying.


Unique Pros of MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick


When compared to MAC taupe, velvet teddy matte has a deeper shade than Taupe and shows more pinkish-brown. This makes it a preferred choice for many. The color combination is unique in that it is not loud but very natural.
Besides, It is very moderate on the wearer, and this is not the case for most nude lipsticks. The color effect makes it special for a nude lipstick of its class.


The suitability of its usage is another strong point for this lipstick. Whether day or night, velvet teddy lipstick can be used. Besides, It delivers the same quality and elegance on you be it in the day or at night.

Skin Tone

Velvet teddy matte lipstick can match every skin tone. Whether you are pale-skinned or not it can suit you the way you want it and for any event.
Most nude lipsticks can make the face look bare. This is definitely not the case with Velvet teddy despite being classified as nude lipstick. That in itself is a plus. The video below explains more….



Unique Cons – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks

These are features you may not like about the two products.

Cons Unique to MAC Taupe Lipstick

Slightly Drying

It dries fast, therefore you may need to prep your lip or add a lip balm for it to last longer.


Some of the customers believe the product is expensive. The demand may justify the price.

Cons Unique to MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick


Dries the Lips Quick

The velvet teddy lipstick may not last as long as the taupe. And this is not the best lipstick if your lips tend to get dry easily.

Not Suitable for Cold Days

Ideally, it is not the best to use on a cold day. This is because once it dries up, it exposes the patches on your lips and makes you feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, people with dry lips won’t fancy it, they will have to moisturize and exfoliate their lips before using this lipstick.


According to some customers, the product should be sold for less but they believe the value is justified.


Pros Common to Both – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks


Velvet Teddy

Beautiful Color Shade


The Taupe lipstick has a beautiful color shade, with rich pigmentation and excellent payoff. This makes it a perfect fit when used with warm eye shadow.


It is therefore very useful and appropriate for daily use, especially for the working class.


It also has a beautiful shade of color.

Velvet teddy lipstick has a fantastic shade that fit both the pale and medium skin. It rosy undertone, it appears as a laid-back shade and therefore adequate for daily use.


A mild application of this lipstick prominently transfers the shade to your mouth, this showcases the great resultant color.

Occasion/ Event


Furthermore, this alluring lipstick can perfectly fit for any event. Be it a night party or a wedding ceremony, any event with a matching outfit then you are good to go.


Similar to the case with MAC taupe, velvet teddy matte is a good deal for any event or outfit.


Adds Value


Some of the users focus more on the value they can get and that to them justifies the price. The value justifies the price. therefore, priority can be an important factor here, a customers that values her beauty can prioritize to get the best.


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Cons Common to Both – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks






Velvet Teddy

Dries Out


MAC taupe lipstick slightly dries out during the course of the day and needs to be retouched to stay creamy.


In the same vein, the velvet teddy, as a semi-matte, slightly dries the lips.
Not Suitable for Every Skin Tone Even though it is nude, Taupe is not exactly suitable for every skin tone. The same is applicable to the velvet teddy.


General Feeling among Users – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Matte Lipsticks


Velvet Teddy


The color of this lipstick is appealing to quite a number of customers. They are way above those that seems not too cool with the color but the figures are ways apart.


Some customers are in love with the color because of the natural look. For them, it is an everyday wear. A single swipe shows it greatly on your lips and cover-up pigmented lips.

Generally, it is a sophisticated color for the working class.



The brown color with a slight red undertone is all it needs to capture the love of their customers. Honestly, brown lips may not appeal to everybody but the majority of the customers adore the color.



How long it lasts on the lips is another important point. For some, it stays long but gradually dries up, others believe that a product of this magnitude should do better.


Velvet Teddy Matte lipstick also dries the lip easily, exposing some patches on the lips. Most of their customers are of the view moisturizer should be applied before using it for better sustenance.



Perfectly fit for any event be it day or night with a matching make and outfit.


The slight red undertone makes it more appealing to some customers. It can as well be used for any event be it day or night.

MAC matte lipstick TAUPE Mac Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick , plain
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What We Think – MAC Taupe vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks


Having compared these amazing lipsticks, MAC Taupe fades slightly.

The product will be better if it lasts longer; by so doing it will have an inviting effect on some customers.

Besides, considering the price of the product customers will expect to get better value by having it on for longer hours.

It is an amazing product. Therefore, we recommend the Taupe for someone out for deep nude shade for most skin-tones. It is creamy, warm and soft texture, this is a perfect match.


Velvet Teddy

The fact that the velvet teddy lasts longer is a plus to this unique product.

But a low point is the dry patches it may leave on the lips. Another low point is that it may not be the best lipstick for a cold day. Besides, a customer complained of feeling like her lips were going to burst.

This product will add more value if something is done about this. It will also improve sales if the texture is fine-tuned to accommodate cold seasons. It will, therefore, be appealing to more customers.

Finally, it is a great lipstick and we also recommend it to anyone looking for a beige shade with a slight rosy undertone.  This nude seems to compliment several skin-tones.













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