Perfume: Your Guide to Class and Sophistication

Make a statement in every room you walk into. It does not have to be loud or in the face. The most subtle statement can make the best impression. And what better way to do that than with your perfume.

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What you wear would determine how you are seen. In the same way, the perfume you put on makes all the difference. You would be amazed at how appreciative people can be when you smell great. In today’s world, where everyone seeks to be their best, this cannot be neglected.

If you have gotten by in the past with just your body sprays and deodorants, have a rethink. Imagine all the doors that could open to you just because your perfume turns heads. A pleasant smell makes people more prone to be favorable than no smell at all.

So whenever you think of clothes to make you look amazing, think of your fragrance. Even if you have been using perfumes, there is always room for better ones. And having more than one bottle does not hurt anyone now, does it? Get your groove on with an assortment.

There is an, oh so unbelievable array of perfumes for your perusal. Choosing can get so confusing, you might want to tear your hair out. Not to worry because this guide will ease choice-making for you. it would narrow the choices so that you can make the perfect purchase.

Categories of Perfume

The term ‘perfume’ has become very common in these days. It is loosely used for any bottled scent that smells great, no matter how minutely.

However, each bottled scent has its own name and should be addressed accordingly. This is to remove any confusion or deception. What does this mean? You may want a stronger scent than you are offered. But if you do not know the difference between each type, you may not get what you want.


Perfume, on its own, is a careful mélange of aromatic oils, animal extracts, synthetic scents and absolutes. It is usually so very concentrated that it has to be watered down. Therefore, it forms the base for every type of fragrance you can buy.

The major difference between the types of perfumes available is the percentage of essential oils in it. These oils, also called aromatic compounds, determine whether you are getting a perfume or something less concentrated.

Having said that, below are the different types or categories of perfume you can find anywhere:

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  • Perfume Extract

It is what we generally call perfume due to its strength. This type is usually more concentrated than all the other types, with about 15-40% concentration of essential oils, usually 20%. Because of this, it is very expensive and tends to last the longest. A few drops of it can stay for the entire day. If it touches your clothes, it can last for up to a week.

Many of these essential oils are too potent on their own. Some of them, like musk, could be unpleasant if a lot of it is used in a single bottle of perfume.

This is why just one or two drops are used, along with other ingredients. Even then, a few drops on you would suffice for a long time. And the price would keep you from using too much of it, anyway. It is usually very expensive.

The second most concentrated type of perfume, it has strength of about 10-20% of essential oils, usually 15%. It is also popularly called perfume because of the concentration of oils. In fact, it is the most common of all the perfume types.


Many people use it because the scent is usually not overwhelming. This also means that the scent would not last long. Another reason is that it is more affordable than the perfume extract and readily available.

But even though it is lighter than the extract, it should be used moderately. It is still potent enough to overwhelm if used lavishly.

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Light and airy, this can be used freely. It has a lower concentration of essential oils than eau de parfum, about 5-15%, usually 10%. It contains more alcohol than oils so it dissipates fast. But this property makes it right to use every day as it would not choke or overwhelm you.

It is very affordable and readily available. These features have endeared it to many; their pockets do not have to suffer before they smell good.

Another name for it is eau de cologne and it is one of the least concentrated of all the types. It contains about 3-8% of essential oils, usually 5%. So it has more water and alcohol and dissipates easily.

If you need something light and fresh or fruity, cologne is the best for you. You can use as much as you like and it would not be too much. And you can always get another bottle because it is very affordable, and will not hurt your pocket.

  • Eau Fraiche

Your mists and body splashes fall under this type. It has a very small amount of aromatic oils, about 3%. The rest of it contains some alcohol and water. It diffuses even faster than the cologne but is very light. You can apply it as many times as you like; it is hardly ever too much.

There is another type that falls just under the perfume extract, before eau de parfum. It is called esprit de parfum. This type usually contains about 15-30% essential oils or aromatic compounds.

The name is not a very common and is not usually used. But if your perfume bottle puts your perfume concentration within this category, you are using an esprit de parfum (ESdP).

Factors that Inform your Choice of Perfume

Now that you know the different categories of perfume available, it is simpler to choose. You can even get different types and use according to the occasion. No need to flounder when it comes to picking out a good one.


But the knowledge of differences alone does not make a good purchase. There are important factors to keep in mind when you head out to get a new bottle of perfume. Knowing them would further help you easily zoom into the one best suited for you. Some of these factors are:

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  1. The Scent You Prefer

This should go without saying, we know. However, if you are not armed with the particular scent you like, you could get carried away. The result is that you may pick a scent you may later dislike.

There are different scents for you to choose from. For women, you have the options of woody, fruity, spicy, citrus, oriental, fresh, sweet and floral. These are basics. For men, you can use any of the above as well as musk, moss, tobacco and leather, to mention a few.

  1. Your Skin Type

You did not know that your type of skin would greatly influence your choice of perfume, did you? Well, it plays a large role in whether you get a perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

Oily skin would do well with an eau de parfum or eau de toilette. This does not mean that any other type would not suit it. It is just that it is better at retaining scents than dry skin.

Dry skin diffuses scents fast. If you have dry skin, perfume extract would be better than any other. The high concentration of aromatic compounds would more difficult to dissipate than others.

The sensitivity of your skin would also inform you on what to get. Some bottles of perfume contain a high level of alcohol. If your skin is sensitive, this may irritate you and give you a negative reaction to the perfume.

Be sure to read the percentages of every ingredient on the label before you decide. A pleasant scent is not all there is to a bottle of perfume.

Knowledge of your skin type is very important, therefore. What works for one does not necessarily work for another. So this rule applies to every skin type.

  1. Weather

Humid weather would not agree with perfume with a high concentration of oil. It would sit heavily and begin to choke at some point. In the same way, perfume with low concentration of oils would not be suitable for cold weather. It would wear off easily.


The weather at any point would determine what perfume you buy. But this might mean you would have to get more than one bottle of perfume. Summertime would need something light and fruity while winter would need something heavier. Spring and fall could go either way. Then, you would have to choose according to your skin type.

  1. Concentration

As much as using perfume extract may be great, tastes differ in people. Be sure of what level of concentration suits you best before you buy one. Remember that the fragrance you pick would be something you use for a while.

Some people would always favor light scents, no matter the weather. Some would always go for heavier scents. What makes you feel great? What scent gives the most confidence? Go for that. Do not choose one because your best friend favors it. Do what works for you.

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Do not get carried away with the massive choices on display in the perfume shop. You have to first determine what you are willing to spend on a bottle of perfume before you step out. This would help you make a choice.

This factor has helped a lot of people to keep their options narrow. It would also go a long way for you if you determine it before anything else. It is also important to keep it within range, even if you can afford much more. Price does not always mean quality.

Tips to Make the Most Out of your Perfume

There are a few tips you could employ in your journey. You stand to gain a lot from using them so that you can maximize your shopping and usage.

They are simple, everyday steps but people largely overlook them. However, if you adhere to them, you would get more than the average perfume user.

  • Be prepared to shop more than once

It is established that there are too many amazing perfumes to choose from. And you can now effectively narrow the choices. But do not forget that you still have to do the actual shopping.


It is important to know that you may not find the perfume you want in one day. Why? You can sniff only so much perfume before your nose becomes insensitive to the smells. This would make it difficult to differentiate between two scents.

In one day, you should smell at most 4 different scents before you call it a day. These would be able to stand out in your senses and you can start fresh another day.

  • Avoid applying any perfume before going

What is the point of using a scent when you are going perfume-shopping? How are you going to correctly smell what you are buying? It is important that you go shopping without applying any scent whatsoever. Any scent would remove from the smell of any perfume you choose.

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  • Check out different perfume stores

Do not fixate any one shop. This would narrow your scope of choices and pricing. No matter the rapport you have with any particular shop, do yourself a favor and broaden your horizon. You are sure to find better choices at unbelievable prices when you do that.

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  • Take someone along

When you go shopping for a bottle a perfume, it is necessary you do not go alone. Trusting your sense of smell is great. But remember that you are not the only one to smell your perfume when you wear it. In fact, you are not wearing it for you alone.


So get a second opinion before you buy. Let your friend have a sniff of it on your wrist, not on theirs. And do not sniff it on a salesperson’s wrist, either. The scent would mix differently with their natural skin oil than with yours. The resulting scents would differ. Since you are going to wear it, test it on you.

  • Check online reviews

Online reviews make all the difference. You would find options and shops close to you that you would not have hitherto known. They are a treasure trove. Before you even step out of your house, look up what others have to say about the perfumes you have in mind. That would help you more than you can imagine.

Following the steps and adhering to the information in this guide would do you a world of good. They are for your convenience. Read and give us a feedback. But also tell us what your perfume experiences have been in the comments section. We would like to hear from you.

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