Scents: Soothing Aroma in the Air Always

Scents refer to fragrance, perfume or anything that adds some pleasant smell to other things. They are usually found in skin and hair care products.

They are usually made from a mixture of natural and man-made chemicals. Scents can smell different on different people due to the reaction that takes place on the natural bacteria on the skin.

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Scents have the power to evoke memories and feelings. Depending on who used them, we tend to cling to particular scents.

But how do you choose the right one, that is peculiar to you alone? You are going to learn about it in this buying guide.


Categories of Scents



Parfum, or extrait de parfum, tops the fragrance concentration chart. It last for several hours, averagely 7 hours. It is also the most expensive of all types of scent because it contains a high amount of fragrance.

If you have sensitive skin, this type of scent would be best for you. This is because it has little or no alcohol so it will not irritate you.

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  • Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum is very common among fragrance users and goes well for any occasion. It has a reasonably high amount of fragrance. Some bottles could have about 15% concentration but others could have as high as 20%.

They can last between four and five hours. Eau de parfum is not as expensive as parfum, with more alcohol content. It sits well on those with sensitive skin, even with the alcohol content. Take note: eau de parfum is considered most suitable for nightwear.

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  • Eau de Toilette

One of the most popular fragrances available is an eau de parfum. The term came from the French vocabulary and could mean to get ready. It is cheaper to buy than eau de parfum, with a concentration of fragrance that ranges between 5 to 15 percent.

It can stay active for at least, 2 hours and is acceptable for a day out.

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  • Eau de Cologne

This type sits between 2 and 4 percent when it comes to the amount of fragrance it contains. Its alcohol content is, however, higher than those of its counterparts. But it is not as expensive in the hierarchy because of its low fragrance concentration.

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  • Eau Fraiche

Much like eau de cologne, this type of scent does not last for a long time. If anything, its concentration is lower than that of the cologne, between 1 and 3 percent. But it has little alcohol content so is not irritable to the skin, no matter how sensitive. What makes it even better is that it has a lot of water.

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Types of Perfume

Scents also come in the form of perfume. There are diverse types of perfume available with unique characteristics. Take a look at them:

  • Woody Perfume

Woody perfume is characterized by the scent of the outdoors. They are great for people who are outdoorsy. Woody scents’ ingredients are usually sourced from chamomile, redwood leaves and tobacco, which exude the right fragrance together.

Woody scents are great when you want to feel rebellious.

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  • Citrus Perfume

Citrus perfume is usually clean and sharp, typically depicted by citrus scents like orange, bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon. It comes alive with the sweet melange of grapefruit, orange and lemon. There is nothing boring about this scent. Because of this, it is perfect to wear when the weather is cloudy and gloomy. It adds a spark that cannot be resisted.

  • Gourmand Perfume

Gourmand perfume has sweet smelling aroma. It usually has notes of burnt sugar, vanilla and chocolate, amongst others.

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  • Floral Perfume

This type is usually feminine and romantic, having different degrees of intensity. The floral notes are all shades of adorable, beautiful and fun. Most of the ingredients used in a floral perfume are usually organic and biodynamic.

If you are feeling flirty and want to turn heads, this is the scent you should go for.

  • Fruity Perfume

This type is usually made up of undertones like pear and cherry. It is typically sweet and can change notes from being light to being sophisticated. The notes are bubbly and gives off an inviting fragrance. It adds a certain allure to you that gives you a sense of adventure.

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  • Spicy Perfume

Spicy perfume is usually made of erotic tones of pepper, cardamom and incense. With unique scents and bright colors, this scent is not for the faint-hearted. On their own, the spices that make up this scent tell stories. But together, they are a force to be reckoned with, making you unforgettable.

  • Aquatic Perfume

Aquatic perfume is known by notes such as fresh sea air and salt, together with algae. It usually smells clean and subtle, with notes of lotus blossom, water musk and lemon verbena.


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Factors to Consider When Selecting Scent

Choosing a scent that suits you is not as easy as you think because there are countless scents varieties available. Take a deep breath, this scent buying guide was written to help you get the best scent for your skin.

  • Price

High-quality scents don’t come cheap. Higher-end scents can cost a significant amount of money so prepare a budget in line of what you can afford.

  • Type of Skin

The way a scent would react to any skin type would differ from person to person. Here is an experiment to find out if a scent is ideal for your skin:

Put a little amount on the wrist and avoid rubbing it in any way. This is because the heat from the friction would destroy its makeup. This would make the scent to evaporate, mooting the purpose of testing it in the first place. Just let the scent sit on your skin for a while. Then, when it mixes with your unique body oils, you can make a decision whether you like it.

  • Season

Seasons play an important role when it comes to choosing a scent. This is because scents differ with seasons.

Scents made from warm-wood, with a tinge of spices from the Orient, are great for the winter season.  Summer time would need something lighter so floral scents would be a better choice.

  • The Type of Occasion

If you are going out for a day event, your choice of a scent should be something citrus-y or flowery. Nighttime occasions would demand something spicier and heavier. It gets cool at night so the scent will not hang heavy in the cool night air.

  • Notes

Scents usually come with single or different types of notes. Conduct a research on the scent you think is ideal for you before you buy it. Find out whether it has a single note or multiple notes.
Single note scents contain only the top notes, so a lack of middle and base notes does not always mean counterfeit.

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Tips to Get the Best Experience When Shopping for Scents

If you want to know how to make a good choice of scent, check out these tips:

  • Avoid Toxic Ingredients

Diethyl phthalate is one main chemical that a lot of scents carry. This is because it helps prolong their staying power. However, it can lead to allergies on the skin and can affect reproduction because it is a toxin.

Take note: even products that are labeled to be without any fragrance could have some, albeit little. Sometimes, it is used to hide the odor of some of the ingredients contained therein.

  • When Testing Scents, Use the White Paper Blotters Found around the Shop

Do you know that scents smell different after you have used it for a few hours? Spritz your chosen scent on top of white paper blotters to smell better the flavor used in the production. So before buying, ask for a sample such as perfume tester and try it out for a few days.

  • Consider Scents that You Enjoy

Make a list of your favorite smells as a starting point. Remember the aromas that mean something to you so you can choose a scent with similar notes.

  • Put Your Personality Factor into Consideration

Your personality should be reflected in your choice of scent, choose a scent that best represents who you are. Always go for scents that attract you and make you happy, they suit your personality. If you usually wear little to no makeup, opt for a fresh, clean scent.

People who love getting dressed up and think of themselves as glamorous should choose lingering scents. Most women prefer flowers and fruits, while others may prefer heavy scents.

  • Ask for Opinions

When you try a sample of scent, ask your friends, colleagues, family, if possible well-wishers what they think. Ask them questions like:

What is the aroma like?
Is it too strong?
Does it linger too long?
Do they like it?
Their opinion can be helpful on whether such scents suit you.

  • Try a New Scent in the Morning

Morning is the best time to try a new scent and choose what suits you. Your sense of smell at this time is more accurate because it is not affected by the scents that you experience during the day. Go shopping for scents in the morning to evaluate the combinations that suit you.

  • Don’t Try too Many Scents at Once

Your sense of smell is very delicate; it can’t process different scents at the same time. Take note: you can also smell ground coffee while trying different scents because coffee purifies nasal filaments. That is not all; coffee helps you regain the sense of smell.

  • Know the Different Types of Scents

Anything labeled body spray or eau de cologne has a low concentration of fragrance oils and a more subtle scent. Much has been discussed about the different types of scents in the beginning of this buying guide. In case you have forgotten or have skipped reading, kindly go back to read and understand them.

Take note: Eau de parfum and extrait de parfum are a lot more pungent and last the longest.

  • Shake the Container

Before buying any scent, shake the container. Why does this matter? This can help you determine if the scent is original or counterfeit. Observe what you see when you shake the container.

If it is an original scent, bubbles will appear and they would disappear in a span of approximately 10-15 seconds. For fake scent products, the bubbles will immediately disappear after you shake it.

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How to Get the Most From Using Scents

It is not enough to know where and how to apply scents. If you know how to make the most out of your scents, you won’t waste much to get your desire smell.

1.   Apply Scents on your pulse points

Your pulse points are the best place to apply scent. Pulse points are the places on your body where you can find a heartbeat. Such places include the wrist, inside the elbow, the base of your neck, cleavage, behind the knee and ear.

Scents usually moves from the bottom to the top. Take note: scents are designed to stand still. Shaking the bottle will only let air in and reduce the quality.

To make your scent last longer, follow this method:

a. Apply your perfume from the feet to the head, specifically on your pulses.
b. Begin with the ankle, move to the area behind the knee, then to the wrists and the pulse of your neck.
C. Finally, add a drop behind the ears.

Warning: don’t rub your wrists together when you apply scent. Friction will cause the top notes of the scent to fade faster and your perfume won’t last as long.

2.   Know the Best Time to Apply

The best time to apply a scent is when you are fresh out of the shower and your skin is still damp. It is advisable that you apply an unscented moisturizer wherever you are going to use your scent. Why does this matter? It will make the scent last longer on your skin.

Damp skin will lock in the scent, but if you get dressed immediately after, it will rub off. Wait a few minutes for the scent to dry before wearing your clothes.

3.   Don’t Store Scents in the Bathroom

Humidity and dampness will break down the scent and weaken the fragrance, so keep it in your bedroom instead. Keep your scent away from heat and sunlight such as your bedroom or bathroom window. It is advisable that you store your scents in the packaging container that they come in.