Setting Spray: Keep Your Glamorous Makeup All Day Long

Are you struggling to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long? Are you tired of moving with your make products everywhere you go? Do you have to reapply your makeup at the slightest chance you got? Then a setting spray is a must-have item in your makeup kit.GC Make Up Setting Spray - Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Peach - OIL CONTROL Spray A MUST HAVE For Your Makeup Routine - 3.38oz (100ml)

It can be heartbreaking that after all the time you spent on your makeup, it smears easily. Sometimes, the weather may not be your friend. These external factors will affect your makeup drastically such as shift your foundation, increase oil production and reduce the colors of your makeup.

The solution to this is using a setting spray. It is not anything new; in fact, everyone who uses makeup should have one. It makes everything so much better and easier. Setting sprays prevent your makeup from fading and keeps your makeup all day long.

Any product that helps your makeup last longer is something to be aware of. Setting spray has got you covered from your foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and concealer. In this buying guide, we show what a setting spray really does. We also explain how to choose the right one and how to use it correctly.

Setting Spray: What It Is

What is setting spray? Just in the event you have are new to this, here is what it is. It is a cosmetic product designed to sustain applied makeup for longer periods.  Setting sprays are also called fixing sprays.

Some makeup artist might have advised you to use a primer. Although primer is helpful in keeping makeup firm, setting sprays are more effective than primer. Setting spray as the name implies comes in spray or mist form while primer is usually a gel or cream.

Many women apply makeup without using a setting spray. Now, this is not bad in itself. It is just that you would have to keep touching up your makeup every 30 minutes. This is one reason you need a setting spray.

It keeps your makeup in place all day, without it running or smearing unnecessarily. To keep your makeup from smearing from the heat, stress or anything, you need a setting spray.


Setting Powder versus Setting Spray

These are two completely different cosmetic products. A setting powder cannot do the work of a setting spray. In the same vein, a setting spray cannot stand in for a setting powder.

When you go to purchase a setting spray, do not confuse it with setting powder. Setting spray and setting powder are use differently during makeup application. They perform diverse roles for diverse situations.

Here is why.

Setting powder was manufacture for use after foundation application or application of products that are creamy. The role of setting powder is to help diffuse the makeup products you use. Setting spray is manufacture with the end in mind. What this means is that a setting spray sits atop a setting powder. A setting spray holds everything, including a setting powder, in place.

It is important that setting spray be apply when makeup application is over to give a long lasting effect. Setting spray would protect your makeup from smearing.

It is not advisable to apply a setting powder on the eyelashes or lips. In addition to that, setting powder offers no protection from mascara being smear and fading of the lipsticks.

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Setting Spray: Should You Use It or Not?

There are other benefits to using a setting spray after makeup apart from what has already been mentioned. Here are some of them:

  • It would firmly hold your makeup giving it a long lasting effect.
  • Most setting sprays are formulated with a cooling technology. This lower the temperature of the face, helping the makeup stay longer on the skin.
  • It would keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. You do not have to worry anymore of retouching your makeup.
  • Setting spray keeps your lipstick, mascara, concealer, foundation and whatever you have applied on your face firmly.
  • It functions as highlighter if you want certain parts on the face to become more noticeable.
  • It protect the skin against impurities and bacteria that you are prone to. This is a huge benefit as it makes the skin healthy.
  • If you are creative with your setting spray, they can be use in diverse roles. Setting spray can be use in moistening your eyeshadow brush for smoother application. In addition, Setting sprays can be used on your concealer brush for easier blending and prevent caking.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Setting Spray

Using the right setting spray during your makeup application will improve the overall finish and longevity of your fleek. You should know that not all setting sprays are manufactured equal. Different sprays have different ingredients that will make them more or less useful to different people.

Setting spray is integral to your makeup process, start thinking how you would inculcate it.

  • Your Skin Type

One factor you should consider before the purchase of any skincare product is your type of skin. In this scenario, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Skin type varies from dry, sensitive, oily, and normal to mixed skin.

The manufacturers of setting sprays have made them to suit different types of skin. Be sure you choose that which perfectly fit your skin.

If your skin type is dry skin, avoid setting spray that has alcohol. The reason is that alcohol will make your sky drier. Rather use setting sprays that are free from alcohol. Alcohol free setting sprays would moisturize your skin.

If your skin type is oily, choose setting sprays that are oil free.

If your skin type is combination, you would have to do the experiment yourself by trying various setting spray until you find the one that suits you. Do not say why me, you are unique and different. Do not worry it is not that hard doing the experiment. Cheers!Grace & Stella Co. Rose Skin Collection | Rose Water Facial Spray Mist (240ml) and/or Rose Quartz Jade Roller Gua Sha (Rose Water Spray)





  • Skin Complexion

Setting sprays comes in various shades. Choose a setting spray that blends with your skin complexion.

  • Anti-allergenic Products

It is advisable to choose anti allergenic products. Most times allergies are common with the use of makeup products. If you have a sensitive skin that is likely to get allergies easily, use anti allergenic setting spray.

If you do not find a setting spray that is anti-allergenic, check the ingredients that they do not contain chemicals that you react to.

  • Climate

Do you live in a hot climate area? Then consider choosing a setting spray with a sweat resistant and cooling ability. The reason is because; your makeup is prone to smearing because of the hot weather.

For those who live in cold climate, choose a setting spray that has hydrating properties. It would keep your skin protected against harsh weather conditions.

  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Research has shown that the sun emits ultraviolet radiation A (UVA) and ultraviolet radiation B (UVB) all year round. Therefore, whether you see the sun’s rays or not, do not feel you are immune to the sun radiation. You should consider protecting yourself.

There is no better way than choosing a setting spray with SPF. This helps to not only give you a long lasting effect but also offer you protection from the sun’s rays.

Warning here, yes the setting spray you choose contains SPF; you should also consider using a sunscreen. The SPF in your setting spray should not replace your sunscreen.BYS HD Makeup Setting Spray Mist Matte Finish Oil Free High Definition Matte Setting Spray




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How to Use a Setting Spray

It is one thing to know how to choose the right setting spray. It is a completely different thing to know how to apply correctly. Every skincare product must be handle with caution, as the skin can be sensitive.

There are steps you should follow if you want to get the best from using a setting spray. Note, these steps are not exclusive, you may have your own style but steps 1, 2, 3 are necessary.

Washing of the face

Hello, make your skin clean before thinking of applying makeup. Use good facial wipes to remove all the impurities and dirt from your skin.

Moisturizer application

The next step after your face has been wash is to apply moisturizer. Remember, always use moisturizers that are suitable for your skin. As inconsequential as this may sound for using a setting spray, moisturizing does a world of good for many things.

Yes, we are discussing fixing sprays but moisturizers are important. This is because moisturizers help keep the skin glowing and smooth. Everyone wants to have glowing skin, surely. The best part is that moisturizers would serve as the base for your makeup.

Do not skip moisturizing before applying a setting spray.

Use a primer

A primer would act as the base for the makeup.  That is not all. A primer would make your makeup last longer.

Foundation application

Yippee, finally its foundation time. If you have always used makeup, you must know some things about using foundation.

When using foundations, make sure it suits your type of skin. Apply your foundation ensuring it blends with your skin.

Draw your brows

This buying guide is not to teach you how to draw eyebrows that would be a lesson for another day. Once you are through with your foundation application, draw your eyebrows.

Mascara application

There is nowhere it is written that you must use mascara. However, if you do use it, then it is best you apply it after drawing your brows.

Lipstick application

Lipsticks are part of the general makeup you apply. They add a finesse and finish that little else can add. Even if you do not use bright colors or full lipsticks, there are options. Use lip stains or lip-glosses. There are even lip balms available. However, make those lips shine.

Spray your setting spray

Ensure you shake your setting spray container before spraying it on your face. This is important because setting spray contain various ingredients that needs to blend before application.

To spray, hold the container for about six to eight inches away from the face and then apply. To ensure you get the best from your setting spray, make sure you apply it on the entire face. Even if you have to apply it more than once.

Always take your eyes into consideration, close them when spraying your setting spray. After spraying your setting spray, you need to give it a little bit of time to dry. Do not be in a haste by blow-drying, nay that is not good.

You do not want your skin to become irritated so allow your setting spray to dry naturally.

With a setting spray, you are covered. Shine with confidence, your makeup is unshakable. You can hit town with no more fears. Spray! And shine all the way.

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Tips To Get the Most from Your Setting Spray

  • Keep your eyes closed when spraying your setting spray:

If you allow setting spray get into your eyes, it is dangerous. Aside that, the hurtful feeling would make you cry which would ruin your makeup. You know you are using a setting spray because you do not want your makeup reign.

Spraying setting spray with your eyes open, would give you the reverse.

  • Use the right makeup products:

Various brands offer diverse quality for makeup products. Do not expect to use low quality products and expect them to give you the long lasting effect of quality products. If you want long lasting makeup, avoid low quality products.

Low quality products do not have long lasting abilities.

  • Stop touching the face:

We all got some habit, come on but we can change them if they are not good for us. Touching your face regularly is no good at all. It can smear your makeup and cause acne.

  • Wipe your makeup at night: 

    We have all been there in situations where we get home late and exhausted. The last thing we want to do is remove our makeup. Sleeping with your makeup can result in unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment, which the makeup holds on to.

Sleeping in your makeup is likely to cause long lasting damage to your skin. Each night you sleep with your makeup, your pores become more clog. This can lead to acne scar, pimples and premature aging.

You would not want the negative effects listed above to happen, so wipe your face at night.

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