Skin Firming Cream: You Do Not Have To Look Your Age

Pictures, they say, don’t lie. Well that might be an outdated saying with the advent of Photoshop and such other picture editing applications. But your mirror won’t lie about those sagging skin on your neck, face and other parts. A skin firming cream can actually help you with that. You’re about to learn all about it.

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In the world of cosmetics today, one of the well sought after products are skin firming creams. This demand is mostly from the vast majority of those that are aging. (Of course no one wants to look old even though we are actually old).

But what really is a skin firming cream? You will find out in this buying guide as well as knowing what ingredients your skin firming cream should contain. We will also tell you what kind of products won’t work. Furthermore as a bonus, we’ll give you guidelines on how you can naturally keep your skin firm and in place.

What Is a Skin Firming Cream?

Now back to the question above: “What really is a skin firming cream?”Basically, a skin firming cream is a topical skincare product that is designed to make sagging skin appear firm. It helps cut down the effect of aging and dwindling youthful look.

It is majorly applied to firm the sagged skin on the neck and the face. The neck is the major part of the body that actually reveals one’s skin has sagged. It is the first indicator that one is in dire need of a skin firming cream.

However, the problem isn’t that you need a skin firming cream; it is deciding which one to get. This plethora of problems arises due to the number of skin firming products out there with all sorts of claims.


Issues Worth Paying Attention to When Shopping for your Skin Firming Cream

It is quite unfortunate that most of these claims are just that – mere claims. Nevertheless, there are some amazing firming creams out there that are worth their salt. You are probably wondering how you get to know which ones are amazing and those that are NOT. Just keep reading.

The amazing products that can deliver on their claims are readily known and recognized by the ingredients they contain. Not only do they contain the required ingredients to address sagging skin but they are contained in the adequate amount. This is important because when it comes to dealing with sagging skin, if the treatment is not adequate you will NOT see the results you require.

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Adequate Amount of the Ingredients

In order for your skin firming cream to give the kind of effect you seek; its ingredients must be contained in the right amount. The product you intend buying should be able to list its major ingredients and in what concentration they are contained.

Amazing products do NOT withhold this sort of information from the market because they are confident of their claims. Any skin firming cream that you can NOT find its ingredient list alongside their concentration should NOT be bought.

We advise that you find out the level of concentration of ingredients suitable for you. This is very important because skin type is a fundamental factor that shapes our choice of skincare product. Therefore, you must know what concentration your skin requires.

  • List of the Right Ingredients

If your skin firming cream contains the right amount of wrong ingredients then you might end up damaging your skin. We are NOT saying all the ingredients we will list must be in your product. Rather, a minimum of one of them must be contained in your skin firming cream. So let’s look at those essential ingredients your skin firming cream ought to contain.

  • Retinol

The skin needs vitamins to nourish it and restore its youthful look. Retinol which is a type of Vitamin A is one of such vitamins your skin requires. It is one of those skincare ingredients that has been tested and proven over the years to deliver without fail.

So what does it really do? The wrinkles and fine lines on your skin are reduced when a retinol-contained product is employed. It also protects the skin from the effects of exposure to the sun. Retinol besides the aforementioned functions brings about glycosaminoglycan production; which causes your skin to have the fleshy appearance.

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  • Niacinamide

This is a form of Vitamin B and is capable of making the skin look younger. This is possible due to its ability to produce elastin which rejuvenates the skin and lessen wrinkles. Furthermore, it can assist in toning your skin and blending your complexion. We advise that you seek a product that has niacinamide concentration of about 5%. Using this for about 12 weeks is sufficient to reveal an obvious development to your skin.

  • Ascorbic Acid

Another Vitamin that your skin needs is ascorbic acid. This Vitamin C form is a very essential ingredient that your skin firming cream must contain. Ascorbic acid helps in making your skin tighter and it lessens hyperpigmentation.

As stated earlier, when an ingredient is not in the right proportion, it will NOT work. In order for the ascorbic acid in your skin firming cream to work, it must have a concentration of 20%.

  • Anti-Oxidants

An anti-oxidant gets rid of free radicals and by extension diminishes aging. These wonderful ingredients are found in abundance naturally in plants. The Vitamin A, B3, C, and E in plants contain these anti-oxidants. They also combat the damage our skin receives from the sun.

  • Exfoliators (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA))

Look out for products that help in exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation is the process whereby the cells that are dead on the uppermost layer of the skin are removed. Good examples of exfoliators used in skincare are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA). These sorts of ingredients enhance collagen production as well as making the skin feel firm.

One thing you must know however is that when it comes to the process of skin firming, exfoliators can NOT function independently. What does that mean? If your skin firming cream only possess exfoliators without the above listed ingredients, it is bound to fail.

  • Zinc Oxide

This ingredient doesn’t really function in making your skin feel firm and tight. Nevertheless, its function is one of great benefit for those sagging skin. How is this? Zinc oxide is a powerful ingredient for anyone who is seriously looking to protect their skin from sun damage.

It is capable of blocking UV rays with minimum effort. Exposure to the sun and the effect of such exposure is one of the causes behind skin sagging. Therefore, zinc oxide serves as a preventive measure rather than a corrective one.

Just like in the case of exfoliators, do NOT use zinc oxide independently of the ingredients mentioned so far.


As stated above, your skin firming cream must contain a minimum of one of these. If it does NOT have any of them, the probability of it NOT being effective is pretty high.

  • Products to Avoid

When it comes to buying a skin firming cream, NOT all products out there will work. So how do you identify such products? We stated emphatically that if your skin firming cream does NOT have those ingredients we listed it will NOT work. That is the number one way to detect product that will NOT work. Other ways are in the following kind of products:

  • Products containing Vitamin C but NOT in Ascorbic acid type

Any other form of Vitamin C in your skin firming cream can NOT deliver results like one with ascorbic acid.

  • Products with claims of “instant and permanent skin firming”

Shouldn’t this be a good thing you might say? Well it is NOT and the reason is very simple. No skin firming cream or product can give you an “instant” firm or tight skin; it is just NOT possible. Such products are just over-hyped advertising and marketing.

  • Products with claims of results akin to plastic surgery

This sort of claim if it were in the pharmaceutical industry is answerable to legal sanction. But it is not so in the cosmetic industry because they do NOT have such laws guiding them. This is why it is easy for skincare products to say and list all sort of false claims.

Any claim of this kind from any product irrespective of the brand and their repute is FALSE. The effect of a skin firming cream can NOT be similar or on the same level as that of a surgical procedure. This tad-bit of information should save you from future heart-break if you pick such product and it fails to deliver.

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  • Products with overwhelming reviews of 5 stars

As effective as a skin firming cream might be, having 100 positive reviews full of 5 stars is untrue. The fact that a product has lots of positive reviews does NOT make it quality. Rather it indicates that they are actually fake reviews. Not everyone will be satisfied and pleased with a product no matter how good it is. That’s why amazing products on the other hand have fair amount of positive and negative reviews.

  • Products with ridiculous cheap prices

Most quality skin firming cream tends to be a bit costly. Avoid overly cheap products as they might damage your skin rather than repair it. If it is too cheap then the ingredients it contains are also cheap and you will get cheap results.

Simple Guidelines on Making your Skin Firm

Some people still do NOT notice the effect of their skin firming cream despite using products with the right ingredients. How do you avoid this case from being your lot?

There are certain things you must do if you want your skin looking firm as well as enhancing its quality. We strongly advise that these guidelines be applied. Negligence of these guidelines may result in little or no visible effect from your skin firming cream; no matter how well you apply them.

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An aging skin requires all the moisture due to its already dry nature. Any skin lacking moisture will naturally have an aged-appearance. To fight this dry nature, a moisturizer should be your friend. You are to use it consistently and especially over those areas that naturally give us away that we are getting old. It will assist in making your skin appear younger.

  • Protect yourself from unnecessary sun exposure

One of the primary reasons behind aging skin especially for women is the sun. How is this so? Your skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays which break down the skin’s structure thereby causing it to lose its firm nature.

We advise you keep away from the sun’s rays as much as you can. Also, wear protective clothing and always use a sunscreen.

  • Drink enough water

Never underestimate the power of your everyday H2O. You’re basically made up of a large amount of water. When water level in the body begins to drop, the skin shows a visible effect of this shortage. So it is necessary you hydrate your body adequately.

  • Watch what you eat

Your skin is not just affected by what you put on it alone. Is also affected even to a greater degree by what you ingest. Junks, fast foods and the likes will NOT do your skin any good especially now that it shows sagging signs.

Taking care of your health at this point is critical. One vital way you can do that is eating more vegetables and fruits. This is essential because they contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants in them which help maintain skin cell’s structure.

Moisture and oxidation can attack your skincare products and render the ingredients ineffective. Therefore, ensure your products come in a container that’s airtight and is secure from the effects of sunlight.

You really don’t have to look your age and a skin firming cream is just what you need. Go ahead and make the most of it.

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