Sunscreen Oil: Protection from Sun Rays Just Got Better

If you are reading this, you know it is important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays. Everyone who uses sunscreen cream knows how greasy it can be. However, there is a better alternative for protecting yourself against the sun’s harmful radiations and it is called sunscreen oil.

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It is a product that absorbs or deflects the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn. It is totally safe and definitely works just as effectively as other forms of sunscreen. But unlike other forms of sunscreen, it contains naturally-occurring zinc and titanium to provide protection from the sun rays.

It is safe and biodegradable. When it washes off, it safely returns into the earth where it came from in the first place. Therefore, it is very beneficial not only to people but the planet.

It is easier to rub in for better coverage and protection. Guess what? You do not even have to wash your hands after application of sunscreen oil. It is that light and safe.

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Importance of Using Sunscreen Oil

The ozone layer is continually being depleted. Thus, there is the need to shield your body from the suns harmful radiation. One of the ways to do this is through the use of sunscreen oil.

Many people use sunscreen protection such as sunscreen oil if they are on the beach or out and about. The dangers of not using sunscreen oil include sunburns, skin cancers, premature aging with wrinkles, discoloration and damaged collagen.

Oil is attached to the name sunscreen which means that sunscreen oil offers even more benefits for the skin. Check out the importance of using sunscreen oil:

a. It helps to lock in moisture that combats the drying effects of the sun and chlorine.

b. It is not only beneficial to your skin but your hair. You should be curious to know why you should use sunscreen oil on your hair. The UV protection and hydrating benefits of sunscreen oil will help keep your hair healthy and protected.

c. Sunscreen oil reduces the risk of the two common types of skin cancer – melanoma and squamous cell carcinomas.

d. It reduces the effect of photo-aging and slows down the aging process.

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Types of Sunscreen Oil

It comes in different beautiful makeup and strength. This diversity makes it preferable and dear to many users. The varieties add nutrients to the skin as well as make you smell heavenly.

Coconut Sunscreen Oil

It has a sun protection factor (SPF) that ranges from 2 to 8 SPF. But the SPF of coconut sunscreen oil depends on the quality of the oil. Coconut sunscreen oil allows the beneficial rays to get through your skin, which prevents free radical formation.

This type can protect the body from sunburn as long as it is used correctly. Take note: if you have a very fair complexion, it is not advisable to use coconut sunscreen oil.

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Red Raspberry Seed Sunscreen Oil

Using red raspberry seed sunscreen oil is almost equivalent to the protection you would receive from using most mineral sunscreens. It contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The best part is that they protect against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays.

The dual protection of Red raspberry seed sunscreen oil against UVA and UVB is an advantage over other sunscreen oil. They have SPF that ranges from 28 – 50. That is not all: red raspberry seed sunscreen oil is also great for other skin healing purposes including eczema.

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Carrot Seed Sunscreen Oil

Carrot seed sunscreen oil is an extract of the seed from the carrot plant Daucus carota. They usually have SPF that ranges from 38 – 40. They contain a high sun protection factor when diluted with a carrier oil.

That is not all; they also impart a beautiful tanned look to the skin. Here is why: it’s gradual filtering of the sun’s rays gives slow melanin build from UV exposure. Their natural-light orange color also contributes to beautiful tanned skin.

Wheatgerm Sunscreen Oil

Wheatgerm sunscreen oil is inexpensive and has virtually no scent. It is slightly less viscous than red raspberry seed sunscreen oil and carrot oil. Wheatgerm sunscreen oil contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, E and K.

Wheatgerm sunscreen oil high content of Vitamin E helps in healing sunburn and skin irritation. But there is a catch. Wheatgerm sunscreen oil acts as free radical preventer and protects the skin from the sun.

But that is not all. Wheatgerm sunscreen oil helps to prevent or even reverse the suns ultraviolet radiation damage. What is more, this sunscreen oil usually has an SPF of 20.

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Oil Spray SPF 15, 5.0 Ounce

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Sunscreen oil

Selecting the ideal product is not as easy as you think. You could get confused as there are numerous brands available with each brand claiming to be the best. This sunscreen oil buying guide has a list of factors you should consider before buying sunscreen oil.


Everyone, no matter their skin tone, is at risk of skin damage. Use sunscreen oil all year round whether the sun ray is heavy or not. Take note: the sun’s rays are stronger with altitude.

The weather condition of your environment would determine the kind you should use. People with fair or sensitive skin should use sunscreen oil with a higher SPF, than those with darker skin.


How much is too much to pay for a sunscreen oil? It is your decision to make in considering price versus convenience. There are high brands for sunscreen oil and they are usually more expensive.

Cheap types may not be ideal because of some undesirable quality such as texture, smell or shine. Don’t allow price become a barrier in choosing the best sunscreen oil for your skin.


When selecting sunscreen oil, check the package for the term broad spectrum. Why does this matter? The two types of ultraviolet radiation that can cause harm to your skin and they are ultavioletA and ultravioletB.

UVA rays can cause your skin to age faster than normal. You would know this when your skin starts having wrinkles and spots. UVB rays can cause your skin to burn. Abnormal exposure to both can cause your skin to develop cancer.

The most effective sunscreen oil contains a broad spectrum which protects you from the UVA and UVB kinds of radiation.

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Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Research has shown that the sun emits ultraviolent radiation A (UVA) and ultraviolent radiation B (UVB) all year round. Therefore, whether you see the sun’s rays or not, do not feel you are immune to the sun radiation. You should consider protecting yourself.

There is no better way than choosing one with SPF. This will ensure you have adequate protection from the sun’s rays.


Check out the ingredients used in your product. If there are antioxidants like vitamin C and E listed among the ingredients, consider selecting such sunscreen oil. Another antioxidant to look out for is coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 such as cranberry and pomegranate extracts contain ellagic acid, which helps to prevent ultraviolet-induced photo-aging. If you find the one with such ingredients, consider yourself lucky to have such bonuses. The benefits of antioxidants cannot be overestimated.

Antioxidants provide additional protection against sun damage, they act as insurance for the skin. Take note: While antioxidants are great, avoid antioxidants like vitamin A. Other ingredients you should avoid are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, oxybenzone, octinoxate.

The reason you should avoid them is that they can cause allergic reactions and have been linked to hormone-like activity in the body.


Some companies use nanoparticles in their product to prevent them from being white and sticky. Nanoparticles are tricky to avoid because there are no readily available information. It is not required that companies state their presence on the label.

To avoid this deceit, it is advisable that you buy your sunscreen from a company that you trust.

Anti-allergenic Products

It is advisable to choose products that are anti-allergenic. Sometimes allergies are common with the use of sunscreen oil. If you have a sensitive skin that is likely to get allergies easily, use anti-allergenic sunscreen oil.

If you do not find one that is anti-allergenic, check the ingredients list that they do not contain what you react to.

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Shelf Life 

Some sunscreen oil can last 12 to 18 months but within this time-frame, their potency may reduce. Exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of a sunscreen oil. Check the location where they are kept before purchasing.


Reading a review will tell you how good a brand is in spite of it being popular. Take note: sunscreen oils are not equal. The sun protection factor can vary when it is applied on your skin especially when exposed to light.

Always ensure that you purchase your product from a reliable source.


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Tips to Get the Best Out of Shopping for Sunscreen Oil 

Stay within a Budget

It is important that you know how much you are willing to spend on sunscreen oil.  Spend within your stipulated budget.

Ask Questions

There are usually sales representatives in shop; ask them questions for clarity. That is one of the reasons they are there.

Read Labels

Read labels to get information on the ingredients, brands, expiry date, application method.

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How to Get the Most from Using Sunscreen Oil

There are certain steps that contribute to the successful use of sunscreen oil. Using it may seem like a task that can be done with the eyes closed. And this could be true. But for you to get the best use out of it below are a few tips:

Use an Adequate Amount of Sunscreen Oil

More is better when it comes to the application but take note of the side effects of using excess sunscreen oil.

Avoid the Sun During Peak Hours 

The sun is at its peak between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. regardless of season. Now you know the danger time, avoid the sun during its peak hours to prevent yourself from the harm of the sun rays.

Apply Sunscreen Oil to the Whole Body

Do not forget parts of your body like the neck, chest, ears, feet and hands. In fact, cover every skin part that is going to be exposed to the sunscreen oil. Take note: give your face more protection because it is more prone to cancer than many other parts.

That is not all: ask someone to help apply the oil to your back since your hands cannot cover all areas.

Wait for Five to Ten Minutes after Application of Sunscreen Oil before Getting Dressed

Sunscreen oil is thicker and slicker than sunscreen creams and lotions. Therefore, you need to give it some time to be absorbed by the skin before getting dressed. If this is not done, it would rub off when getting dressed.

When it rubs off, you will not get enough protection against the sun’s harmful radiation.

Wear Protective Clothing

Sunscreen oil would not give you all the protection you need from the sun ultraviolet rays. Consider wearing full pants and full-sleeved shirts when going out under the sun. Preferably, put on dark color clothes.

In addition, wearing glasses and a hat offer extra protection to the hair and face.

Do not mix sunscreen oil with other cosmetic product

It is not a good idea to mix sunscreen oil with cosmetic products such as cream, body lotions, etc. Here is why you should not do it: mixing would dilute it reducing its SPF and compromising your sun protection.

Side Effects of Using Sunscreen Oil Excessively

In the quest to prevent damage from the sun radiation, you may be tempted to apply sunscreen oil excessively. Sunscreen oil is beneficial but can become harmful when used excessively.

1. Consistently wearing sunscreen oil from a young age precludes the early formation of dark spots, wrinkling thereby hindering your youthful appearance.

2.  Some may contain chemicals that interfere with endocrine and certain toxic ingredients. These can aid the growth of skin cancer and the production of free radicals in your body.

3. There have been controversies concerning potential vitamin D deficiency arising from prolonged use of sunscreen oil. Although typical use of sunscreen oil does not usually result in vitamin D deficiency but excessive usage can cause such.