What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Comprehensive Answer

The skin of your baby tends to be dry due to its delicate nature. And if you are a mother, you know this can be disheartening. Hence, we will provide a detailed answer to the question: what lotion is good for baby dry skin?

What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin


Dry air, home heating system and cold tend to reduce the moisture content of your baby’s skin during winter. Also, if your baby is prone to dry skin, it will most likely have dry patches in the summer.

In light of the above, we have carefully researched and reviewed the best lotions for a baby with dry skin.


What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – What Makes Up a Good Lotion?

Before you buy a lotion for your baby battling with dry skin, it’s important that you know what makes up a good baby lotion. Otherwise, you might end up spending money on a product that might worsen the problem. Here’s what to consider:


Skin Type

Just as every baby is different, so is their skin type. Therefore, know the skin type your little one. For example, if your baby has very dry skin, then go for a lotion that is formulated for babies with extreme skin dryness.


Age Recommendation

Most lotions are suitable for people of all ages. While these lotions may work effectively on adults, studies have shown that they may not be equally as effective on babies.

Hence, it is imperative that you opt for lotions suitable for babies only. Also, strictly adhere to your doctor’s prescription when applying it on your baby.


Presence of Fragrance

Moisturizing lotions typically possess a natural scent. However, producers add artificial fragrances to make them more attractive. But these may lead to the irritation of your baby’s skin. Hence, we advise you to always go for scent-free lotions.

Additionally, be on the lookout for harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.




What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Organic Baby Lotions

Exposing your baby to harmful skincare products may have a negative impact on the development of its brain and immune system. Hence, it may be safer to use organic lotions for your baby.

Organic lotions are better than natural creams because they contain ingredients that help to improve the moisture content of your skin. Some of these ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils and organic oils.

To know if a baby lotion is organic, it would have the National Science Foundation International (NSF) certificate. This body confirms that the ingredients used in making a product are 100% organic.


Video: How to Make Organic Lotions for Baby Dry Skin

This is a do-it-yourself video that shows how to make organic baby lotions for your baby’s dry skin. Check it out…



What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – How Effective Are Natural Baby Lotions?

Another way to get rid of your baby’s dry skin is to use a natural baby lotion. A lotion is said to be “natural” if the ingredients used in manufacturing are extracted from plants. Natural baby lotions will work effectively on your baby’s dry skin because they are largely void of harsh chemicals.

However, these products are sometimes diluted by the addition of fillers and additives during processing. Hence, they are not as effective as organic baby lotions.

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Note that some natural baby lotions are marketed as plant-derived and fragrance-free, but they may contain coconut oil, which makes them clog the pores of your baby’s skin.

To be safe, do not run with the assumption that every baby lotion advertised as “natural” will be good for your baby’s skin. This is because some naturally-derived ingredients may be harmful to the skin. For example, aluminum is naturally-derived, but it becomes toxic when it is used in an antiperspirant.


Our Conclusion

There are tons of lotions available for getting rid of dry skin, but they are not equally effective. If you are to choose between organic and natural baby lotion, we advise you to always go for the former. Nonetheless, always double-check to ensure the lotion is suitable for your baby.








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