What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Comprehensive Answer

The skin of your baby is vulnerable to different types of skin issues, including dryness, due to its delicate nature.

Dry air, home heating system and cold tend to reduce the moisture content of your baby’s skin during winter. Also, if your baby is prone to dry skin, it will most likely have dry patches even in the summer.

What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin


In light of the above, we will provide a detailed answer to the question: what lotion is good for baby dry skin?


What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Factors to Consider

Before you buy a lotion for your baby battling with dry skin, here are factors to consider:

  • Skin type
  • Age recommendation
  • Presence of fragrance


Let us discuss them one by one.


Skin Type

Can a baby have dry skin?

A baby can have dry skin. In fact, some babies are born with dry skin and the dryness is in varying degrees.

Other times, a baby can develop dry skin due to external elements like the humidifier in the house and the weather conditions.

This is why it is important to know the exact type of skin your baby has before choosing a lotion for them. So if your baby has very dry skin, then go for a lotion that is formulated for babies with extreme skin dryness.


Age Recommendation

What does age have to do with lotion for baby dry skin?

Most lotions are suitable for people of all ages. But while these lotions work effectively on adults, studies have shown that they are not as effective on babies as they are on adults.

Hence, it is imperative that you opt for lotions suitable for babies only. Also, strictly adhere to your doctor’s prescription when applying it on your baby.


Presence of Fragrance

Moisturizing lotions typically possess a natural scent. However, producers add artificial fragrances to make them more attractive. But these may lead to the irritation of your baby’s skin. Hence, we advise you to always go for scent-free lotions.

Additionally, be on the lookout for harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.


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What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Organic Baby Lotions

Why are organic baby lotions good for baby dry skin?

Organic lotions are good for baby dry skin because they usually contain ingredients that help improve the moisture content of the baby’s skin. Such ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils and organic oils.

To know if a baby lotion is organic, check if it has the National Science Foundation International (NSF) certificate. This body confirms that the ingredients used in making a product are 100% organic.

Exposing your baby to harmful skincare products may have a negative impact on the development of their brain and immune system. Hence, it is safer to use organic lotions for your baby.


Video: How to Make Organic Lotions for Baby Dry Skin

This is a do-it-yourself video that shows how to make organic baby lotions for your baby’s dry skin. Check it out…


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What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – How Effective Are Natural Baby Lotions?

Natural baby lotions are effective enough on baby dry skin. A lotion is said to be natural if the ingredients used in manufacturing are extracted from plants. Natural baby lotions will work effectively on your baby’s dry skin because they are largely void of harsh chemicals. Plus, the plant extracts they contain are soothing to dry and itchy skin.

However, these products are sometimes diluted by the addition of fillers and additives during processing. Hence, they are not as effective as organic baby lotions.

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Note that some natural baby lotions are marketed as plant-derived and fragrance-free, but they may contain coconut oil, which makes them clog the pores of your baby’s skin.

To be safe, do not run with the assumption that every baby lotion advertised as “natural” will be good for your baby’s skin. This is because some naturally-derived ingredients may be harmful to the skin. For example, aluminium is naturally-derived, but it becomes toxic when it is used in antiperspirant.


What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Bottom Line

Go for organic baby lotions to alleviate the effects of dry skin on your baby. If organic products are not readily available, go for natural baby lotions before you consider other options.

Nonetheless, be sure to check for skin suitability before you pick any natural or organic product for your baby.


What Lotion Is Good for Baby Dry Skin – Frequently Asked Questions


What Can I Use on Baby Dry Skin?

You can use hypoallergenic moisturizers on your baby’s skin. Immediately after every bath, rub some of this type of moisturizer on the baby’s slightly damp skin. This will help absorb the moisturizer faster and soften the skin.

Also, use tepid water instead of hot. Baby’s skin is delicate so is more susceptible to dryness due to stripped natural oils in the skin.

Set up a cool-mist type of humidifier, not the warm-mist type. Cool-mist will release moisture into the air.

Do not use soap. Instead, go for baby cleanser. Soaps tend to be harsher on the skin than cleansers.


Is It Normal for a Baby to have Dry Skin?

It is normal for a newborn baby to have dry skin. The baby’s stay in the womb for nine months means it stayed inside the amniotic fluid. This fluid is what keeps the baby protected in the mother’s body.

But this also means the baby’s skin does not yet exfoliate naturally. so when it comes out, the skin will look flaky and dry.

Also, if you carried your baby to full-term, then the chances of its skin being dry and flaky are high. This is because it has spent more time in the amniotic fluid.

Basically, dry skin in newborn babies is a natural follow-up of pregnancy.


What Causes Dry Skin in Babies?

The skincare products you use on your baby can cause dry skin. Chemical-infused products dry out the delicate skin of a baby easily. Even some organic or natural products contain ingredients that are not compatible with a baby’s skin.

Exposure to cold weather also sucks the moisture out of your baby’s skin easily, causing dryness.

Some skin conditions like ichthyosis and eczema also cause skin dryness on a baby’s skin. If your baby has eczema, it will show as flaky peeling skin due to the dryness in the affected areas.


Will Baby Lotion Help with Dry Skin?

A baby lotion will help with dry skin if it contains moisturizing properties. Otherwise, you will need to get a baby moisturizer to boost the effectiveness of the lotion.

A lotion usually contains a lot of water so is good for dry skin. But it does not have the ability to retain the moisture as a moisturizer does. So it does not keep the skin as hydrated as it needs to be.

But with moisturizing properties, the water is retained and more moisture is drawn into the skin of the baby. This way, the lotion is effective and the baby’s skin is relieved of dryness.


Is Vaseline Good for Baby Dry Skin?

Vaseline is good for baby dry skin. There is a need to moisturize a baby’s skin if it is dry, to keep it from flaking or peeling. Dry skin on a baby will also bruise easily. But you will find that many available moisturizers are not suitable for a baby’s skin because of the additives and preservatives.

Vaseline Jelly, however, is a good moisturizer and perfectly safe on the skin of a baby. It traps moisture within the skin so that dryness can be relieved. It also adds beneficial oils to the skin to keep dryness from reoccurring.


What Can I Put on Baby’s Itchy Skin?

You can put an ointment with moisturizing properties all over the skin of the baby. This is to relieve any dryness that comes from itchy skin. Vaseline Jelly is a good place to start.

If the itchiness is a result of a skin condition like eczema, it is best to visit a doctor instead of self-medicating. Eczema on baby skin is not treated the same way as adult eczema. Therefore using the wrong ointment or topical cream will be debilitating on a baby’s skin.