Zit Cream: You Can Finally Set Your Skin Free From Zits

Zits or pimples are tender inflamed, sometimes painful, bumps filled with pus on the skin. There different ways to get rid of them but one of those ways is by using a zit cream.


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Zits are forms of acne. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are all various forms of acne which can appear anywhere on the skin. Sometimes, clearing them is a tedious task that requires serious dedication to pull off.

There is no one reason why they appear but one underlying reason is clogged pores known as comedones. These comedones are occluded pores which often birth whiteheads, blackheads and then, pimples.

Whiteheads occur when pores completely clogged remain closed at the surface. It mostly evolves into pimples.

Blackheads form when the pore is only partially clogged.  This allows some of the trapped sebum to drip onto skin surface. The residual black means oxygen is reacting with oils in the exposed pores.

Unfortunately, zits are no respecter of persons. We only have different ways of clearing them. While some can run to a doctor for cortisone shots, some just use simple zit creams.

Zit creams contain special ingredients and formulas capable of treating and drying out zits. Since zits can appear anywhere – chin, jaw line, back – these creams are formulated to zap them out.

Failure to treat clogged pores leaves you susceptible to scarring and more outbreaks.


Body Areas Zits May Appear and What They Signify



They do not appear inside the mouth but around it. Your diet contributes greatly to such occurrences. Residue from acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar can irritate your skin and cause inflammation.

Oils from food also play a great role in this. You may not be able to prevent oil from rubbing on your mouth but you can clean it more appropriately after eating.

Additionally, pore-clogging bacteria can be transferred onto your skin after coming in contact with dirt.



Rubbing your hands constantly on your face or cheeks can cause zits. This is because the hands are used for almost everything so bacteria can’t be completely kept away from them.

When we touch our skin, bacteria already present on the hand are easily transferred.

If your work entails you come in contact with dirt often, you may not completely keep zits away.

To conveniently combat this, get a zit cream to dry it all up. This cream would also prevent other zits from appearing.


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Chin, Jawline and Neck

If you have pimples on these areas and you are a woman, it may be a sign your period is approaching. Testosterone fluctuates through the menstrual cycle. This results in the  production of more oils which end up clogging pores.

For best the outcome, apply your zit cream before your period arrives. You can use it all over your face and neck. However, if it only appears during your period, apply on areas they appear.


Nose and Forehead

People react to stress differently. While some constantly feel tired or sick, some just experience an outbreak of pimples mostly on the nose and forehead.

Zits may appear anywhere on the face. However, having them in such areas is a red signal you’re overloading yourself. If this happens frequently, treat your face with a zit cream before that stressful week or day comes.

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Who says you can’t have pimples along your hairline? If you use harsh hair products, you most certainly will. Most of the time, areas along hairlines are more sensitive to harsh compounds than other areas.

To avoid this, ensure your hair products do not go near your hairline at all. If you must apply your products yourself, use a mirror to avoid spilling products on other skin areas. When you wash your face, make sure you scrub up to the roots.


Chest or Back

It is highly unusual for zits to appear on the chest or back. However, when they do, you may have worn the wrong sports bra or T-shirt to workout. Cotton-like fabrics absorb sweat during exercise and glues it to the skin.

Instead, wear free and light fabrics like spandex or polyester while doing anything that involves you sweating. They whisk sweat off and prevent it from staying on the skin. And if zits are already present, a good zit cream would appropriately wipe them out.


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There are Zit creams formulated to treat zits found on the butt. Zits may appear as a result of an infection by yeast, fungus, irritation or blockage of hair follicles. They may come so painful you may even find it hard to sit.

Zit creams to be applied on the butt come with such strong formulas you’re advised not to apply on the face.

However, some formulas can be used conveniently on back acne. For best results, apply cream to clean skin after you shower.

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Factors That May Cause Zits



Your outbreak may be as a result of genetics. However, your skin still requires a good zit cream.



If skin is mostly under intense pressure especially on sensitive areas like the face, an outbreak may occur there. Pressure from helmets, chin straps, collars suspenders and so on can aggravate pimples on the skin.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Zit Cream



Never choose any zit cream if you’re not sure of the ingredients in it. Each ingredient plays a unique role and what you know about them matters. More is revealed about this later in the article.

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Your budget largely determines the kind of products you buy. As their purposes vary, so do the prices. The more expensive products tend to work and relieve pain faster. They are also less likely to be allergenic or comedogenic.


Affected Areas

Some zit creams come with such strong formulas that, if applied on the wrong places, can badly dry out skin.
This may lead to other skin problems. You would do well to rub only on affected areas.

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Your occupation may be the reason you can’t keep zits away from your face. Jobs which bring you in contact with oil frequently may be the culprit behind your recurring zit outbreaks.

However, the right zit cream will zap your zits as well as prevent others from forming.



Cosmetics are no doubts amazing. But when not completely cleaned, oily residues deposit on the face. These residues from makeup can sit on your face all day and may eventually result into a breakout.

If you must wear makeup, get a makeup remover which would do justice to all your makeup. Water-based waterproof makeup removers are best used on acne-prone skin.


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Ways to Keep Zits in Check



You don’t only maintain a healthy diet to keep in shape; you also do so for good healthy skin. Opt for foods rich in protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates instead. Foods which act as antioxidants like fruits help improve the immune system and fight zits.



There are various kinds of supplements but some have been proven to adequately enrich the skin. Supplements containing antioxidants, fatty acids (omega 3), vitamins, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and so on are excellent choices.


Topical Medications

ALA and salicylic acid help to clean up the skin. These ingredients also help decrease the visible signs of aging by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Reduce Sugar Consumption

Try as much as possible to cut down on sweet and/or baked foods. Reduce intake of foods high on the glycemic index like white bread and white rice. Opt for naturally sweet foods such as fruits instead.


Exercise Regularly

Who says your skin doesn’t need exercise? Regular exercise is great for getting your circulation going which keeps skin healthy and vibrant-looking.


Sleep like a Baby

Try and sleep more. While you sleep, your hormones relax, reducing occurrences like hormonal changes which may lead to breakouts. Get about 7-9 hour uninterrupted sleep at night.


Live Stress-free

You may not be able to completely cut down all stress. However, find creative outlets for your stress. These may include seeing a movie or reading a book.


Control Hair Oils

Keep oils from your hair off your face. Oils from your hair may transfer onto your pillowcases and in turn result into a breakout of pimples on the face.


Peel it Away

Exfoliate your skin gently to remove dead skin cells so that fresh, vibrant zit-free skin can replace the old one.


Leave your Face Alone

Keep your hands off your face to avoid transferring oils and germs onto it.


Smart Steps to Take When Using Zit Cream


Use Sunscreen Daily

While using zit cream (formulated for the face), a good sunscreen may come in handy. This is because some types of zit creams may leave skin more sensitive to sunlight.


Don’t Use on Broken Skin

And do not use it on large unaffected areas of the body. Some formulas may be too strong on clear skin.


Avoid Contact with Eyes

Skincare products are sometimes made with some chemicals that are harmful when ingested in any way. So if you ingest the zit cream or it gets in your eyes accidentally, wash off immediately and see a doctor.


Keep Away from Hair or Fabric

Some of these products are so strong, they can bleach your hair or dye your clothes. It is important to keep them away from your hair or clothes.


Apply after Washing Face

It works best when your skin is still fresh from the shower. Apply it then instead of after using other products. This way, you don’t dilute the formula.

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Ice Cubes Help

Ice assists in lessening the pain and inflammation you feel from severe zits or acne generally.


Use Warm Water when Washing Face

Warm water does more harm than good in situations like this. Use it along with a mild face wash to free skin from impurities before applying product.

Afterwards, pat face dry with a clean wash cloth; do not use twice.  Then, you can rub your zit cream.


Use Makeup Sparingly

If you must, buy zit creams which come in clear gel formulas. They are ideal for layering makeup over.

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