Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush – A Detailed Comparison

Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique


Hello people. We’re glad to have you on this detailed comparison between two leading products of the facial cleansing range. These two products are Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush.

The quest for the ‘perfect’ face has prompted the development of diverse ranges of facial skincare products.  And these cleansing brushes under review are part of such products.


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The Preference For Cleansing Brushes

It is no longer news that our faces are exposed to a lot of pollution because we live in a highly toxic environment.

Pollution comes in different forms, ranging from dust and smoke to polluted air. The density of such deposits on the face, therefore, makes mincemeat of ordinary washing of the face with hands and soap.

Again, the fast pace of these present times has made it difficult to find adequate time to properly cleanse the face. Consequently, there are layers of dead skin and impurities that need deep cleaning.

Thus, the introduction of the cleansing brush is more of a necessity than just luxury. In the same vein, it is considered a step in the right direction because it is a faster way of cleaning the face.


How Well Do These Brushes Work?

Cleansing brushes are water-resistant power tools that work to cleanse the skin. So, depending on the brand, the head of the brush moves either in a circular motion or in a back and forth formation.

This repeated motion helps them to be quite effective because they scrub off makeup and dirt.

Their deep-cleaning power is activated through the bristles, designed to penetrate your skin’s surface.

The traditional face washing with hands or washcloths is no match for facial brush when it comes to exfoliating. This is because the skin is made to renew itself, on its own, every
28 days. Using facial brush for exfoliating, however, helps to speed up this process of skin renewal.

Furthermore, cleansing brushes stimulate the process of eliminating cellular waste which the lymphatic system collects and delivers to the blood. They also help your skin to detoxify, and by doing so, help you stay healthy.

Finally, cleansing brushes help to prepare your skin for other skincare routines. This helps your moisturizer and serum to be properly and easily absorbed, thus enhancing the results.

Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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Comparison Overview – Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Zeroing in on these two cleansing brushes, we are going to give you a summary of what they do and their key differences.

They are both facial cleansing brushes but one clear distinction between the two products is their shape.

You cannot confuse one for the other. While the brush from Clinique is small and straight, that from Clarisonic is bulkier and fits into the hand.

Some of the key differences are the number of speed settings, brush heads, battery life and duration of each oscillation.

The brush head that comes with the Clinique brush is perfect for all the skin types. But the brush from Clarisonic comes with different brush heads for different skin types. It is not one size fits all.

Then, the Clarisonic brush comes with two powerful speed settings; one to increase and the other to decrease. The Clinique brush, on its own part, has only one speed setting for every occasion.

Coming to battery life, the Clinique brush lasts for 3 hours after one charge but the Clarisonic brush lasts for only 24 minutes.

There are so many features that make each brush unique but at this rate, are we going to find any similarity? Stay with us to find out, as we discuss these points in details.


Video: Clash of the Cleansing Brushes

The Sonic cleansing brushes from Clinique and Clarisonic have their unique strengths and weaknesses. No one brush has it all. But on what occasion should you use which? Which situation fit in with each brush? This comparison video explains more…



Price/Value Ratio For Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Clinique Sonic Brush is much cheaper than Clarisonic Cleansing Brush, almost less than half its price, though some users still consider the Clinique brush quite pricey. Others are quite satisfied with the price of the Clarisonic as it delivers good value for money to them.

Still a few others, however, consider the value of the Clinique brush better than that of the Clarisonic, despite the difference in price.


Comparison Table – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

Price CheapExpensive
Brand CliniqueClarisonic
Battery lifeOne charge – 3 hoursOne charge – 24 minutes
Brush headOnly one for all skin typesDifferent heads for different skin types
Speed One speed setting and less powerful.Two speed settings and more powerful.
Duration Runs for 30 secondsVibrates for 1 minute and stops, to allow you move another section of the face.
Exfoliation Does not exfoliate and if it does, it’s just a little.Exfoliates pretty much
Weight LightweightHeavier
ColorTwo colorsMore than two colors
Rotation ModeVibratesVibrates and Spins
Brush Head Shape Oval and slightly curvedRound and flat
SizeSleek and smallBulky
VibrationVibrates all overVibrates only at brush head area
Charging PointCharging base on which it can standConnected directly on the cleansing device
Accessories No travel brush caseComes with added travel brush case
Brushes Two-way brush systemOne-way brush system


Which Is Better under What Circumstance – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

This product is good for people with sensitive skin. This is because the bristles on its brush head are of two types and the vibration speed is not too strong. So, it could easily be tolerated on sensitive skin.This brush is better for people with normal or coarser skin types. The bristles are just one way and the vibration speed is more powerful. This, therefore, may not go down well with sensitive skin.
The Clinique Sonic Brush is good for deep cleaning.Comes highly recommended for those that need deep cleansing as well as exfoliation.
This option is more pocket-friendly than the Clarisonic.Go for this if you want a more-expensive brush.
It is also good for those that take longer time cleansing their face.Those who take a while to deep-clean may find this inadequate because of its low battery life.
Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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Common Features – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Deep Cleansing

They are both designed to deeply cleanse the skin. This is achieved with the bristles of the brushes which penetrate the skin to remove dirt, oils and make-ups.

More so, they can exfoliate the skin even though the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush does it more effectively than Clinique Sonic.

Three Months Duration For Brush Heads

The brush heads for Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush are both designed to last three months. This means you change the brush head every three months.

The reason is the bristles would weaken after three months, and may reduce the efficacy of the brushes. For the best results, therefore, you may want to change the brush head regularly.


Works With Sonic Technology

Both brushes work with Sonic technology. Through this technology, the brushes can penetrate the skin to remove impurities, even within the curves of the face. This, though, is achieved through the high vibration speed in the devices, which is what the technology is all about.



Additionally, they are waterproof devices. This feature is an add-on to both products. With this, they can be used even in the shower.



The vibration of the brushes helps to get the bristles deeper into the skin pores. In addition, it is the force from the vibration that enables the brush to massage the facial skin and enhance good circulation of blood.



Clinique and Clarisonic cleansing brushes are both rechargeable devices. It simply means they don’t use batteries but need to be charged from time to time.


Face Massage

Apart from cleansing and possibly exfoliating the facial skin, the brushes also massage the face. This is done through the force from the vibration as the cleansing brushes are moved to different parts of the face.

Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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Unique Features – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Brush Head

Clinique Brush comes with a uniquely tilted head designed to reach every corner of the face including problem areas like the chin, nose and forehead.

This ensures that every part of the face is thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, the brush has soft and hard parts that gives you options.

Here’s what we mean by that: the white part is very soft and is used for more delicate areas like the cheeks. On the other hand, the green part has shorter bristles, is denser and slightly harder, for the cleaning of the T-zones.

But the Clarisonic Brush is a one-way brush system, with a rather round and flat brush head. It may not reach the curves of the facial skin quite well.


Battery Life

The Clinique Brush has a long battery life. Once charged, it can last up to three hours.

This is an outstanding feature because it can be used over a longer period of time without recharging. If you don’t have immediate access to electricity, you can preserve its power.

On its own part, the Clarisonic Brush can last for only 24 minutes once charged. Depending on how much time you spend cleansing your face, you may use it for only one day.


Speed Setting

Clinique Brush has one speed setting. When it is turned on, it cannot be regulated.

Clarisonic Brush, on the other hand, has two strong speed settings. It can be adjusted to either low or normal depending on the skin type. By so doing, one can avoid pressure on the skin.


Number Of Brush Heads

Clinique Brush comes with only one brush head designed for all skin types. A “one size fits all” stuff. Given, everyone may not be comfortable with this feature but there is a guarantee that it will suit all skin types.

But then, Clarisonic Brush has about four different brush heads for different skin types. This means that whatever your skin type, there is a cleansing brush head that will be suitable for you.


Charging Device

The Clinique Brush has a charging base on which it stands while charging. It is not advisable to charge while in the shower. This is where the battery life comes in.

In the same vein, the Clarisonic Brush has a charging system that magnetizes to the body of the cleansing brush. However, it cannot stand on its own.



The Clinique Brush runs for 30 seconds and stops. This means that 30 seconds is considered long enough for a good cleanse. Hence, you can turn it on again if you desire to continue with your cleaning.

The Clarisonic Brush, on the other hand, vibrates for one minute and beeps to alert you that you have spent enough time on a particular area of the face. It gives you time to move to another side before it continues.


Travel Brush Case

The travel case is a convenient pack to keep the cleansing brush safe from other items in the travel bag while on a trip. While the Clinique Brush does not come with any, the Clarisonic Cleansing comes with one.



The Clinique Brush does not vibrate with such force as to exfoliate the skin that much. It equally does not spin; only vibrates. But the Clarisonic does vibrate and the brush head spins. It has two speed settings and both are very powerful. Therefore, the device is quite good for exfoliation.



The Clinique Brush is a lightweight device. Moreover, it is sleek and small, making it easy for you to handle. On the other hand, the Clarisonic is bulky and heavier in weight.



The Clinique Brush comes only in two colors. The Clarisonic Brush on the other hand has a variety of other colors.



The Clinique brush vibrates all around the device, making it a bit uncomfortable to hold for long. But the Clarisonic Brush vibrates only around the brush head area, making it more comfortable to hold.

Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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Unique Pros – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Unique Pros of Clinique Brush

i. It comes with a brush head that reaches every part of the face, hidden or exposed.

ii. Charging base allows the brush to stand on its own.

iii. The size and weight makes it easier to handle.

iv. It also comes an antimicrobial technology that keeps it hygienic.

v. Plus, the battery life lasts for quite a while.

vi. Bristles are easy to clean.

vii. And it is affordable.


Video: A Visual Review of the Clinique Brush System

The video below gives an explanation of how the Sonic brush system from Clinique works. See for yourself how the charging, brush head, size and weight work…



Unique Pros Of Clarisonic Brush

i. T-timer gives you longer cleansing periods.

ii. It comes with a travel pack.

iii. The brush exfoliates better than the Clinique brush.

iv. Comes with different brush heads gives room for use on different skin types.

v. It is easier to hold while in use because it vibrates only at the brush head region.

vi. Moreover, it has a variety of colors to choose from.

vii. And it has two speed settings.


Video: Review of the Clarisonic Brush

Watch as this user gives a before and after effect of using the cleansing brush from Clarisonic. A close-up of her face would reveal the tiny details of what the brush really does for the skin…



Unique Cons – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Unique Cons Of Clinique Brush

i. It comes with no travel case.

ii. Has only one speed setting.

iii. The vibration happens all over the body.

iv. T-timer stops after only 30 seconds.

v. It doesn’t exfoliate much.

vi. Plus, it comes with only one brush head.


Unique Cons Of Clarisonic Brush

i. It is not as easy to clean as the Clinique brush.

ii. Battery life is just 24 minutes.

iii. The size and shape makes it bulky.

iv. Plus, the shape of the brush doesn’t give room to reach every curve of the face.

v. And it is expensive.

Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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Common Pros – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

Waterproof The brush is waterproof.This is also applicable to this brush.
Rechargeable It has an in-built battery that can be recharged.Similarly, this option is rechargeable.
MassagingThe brush also massages the muscles of the face through the vibrations and speed strength.In the same vein, this product massages.
Deep CleansingThis product is credited with deep cleansing of the face.The same applies to the Clarisonic.
Sonic TechnologyAdditionally, it works with the Sonic technology, to achieve results.Likewise, it works with the Sonic technology.
Timed CleansingAnd it is timed to stop after 30 seconds.Same as Clinique Sonic Brush, but is timed to beep after 60 seconds to alert the user to move to another area.


Common Cons – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

Three months duration for head brushThe brush head is effective for only three months, after which you are expected to change it. This is extra cost.The same applies to this brush.
Initial breakoutIt may cause breakouts on the face as you begin to use it.Likewise, this product does not cause breakouts.


Users’ Feeling about Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Brush


Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

Its effectiveness cannot be denied, according to the reviews of many users. They like that it is easy to handle and lightweight. They also like how easy it is to clean the bristles and its battery life.

However, there were some concerns about its durability. Some users complained that after a few months, it stopped working completely.

This product also has some things going for it that has endeared it to users.

There is the different brush heads for different skin types. There’s also the two-speed settings and its ability to exfoliate deeply.

But its bulkiness and the price were not endearing. Plus, its short battery life was an inconvenience to many users.


Our Position – Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Brush

Clinique Brush

Clarisonic Brush

We feel that Clinique Brush is giving Clarisonic Brush a good run for their money. It has captured the attention of many users.This brush is quite great and being the first cleansing brush, has really become a name to beat.
There is need for Clinique to introduce more brush heads for different skin types.Clarisonic should improve on the brush head to reach all contours of the face and enable easier washing.
The durability of the battery/charger needs to be improved to avoid having the product not charging after some months of use.The same applies here on durability of battery/charger.
Overall, we like it and would recommend it.We believe this is a superb product, though pricey. But if you don’t mind, we say go for it.
Clinique Sonic Brush vs Clarisonic Cleansing BrushClinique
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