Acne Scar Removal Cream: Get a Scar Free Skin Easily and Faster



Acne scar remover cream

Are you wondering what an acne scar removal cream is? Has it been a pain removing acne scars? Are acne scars making you embarrassed? Are the scars a regular reminder of past tragedies?  Are you worried that your acne scars would never go away?

Acne scars are most annoying for every woman. Everyone is conscious of their looks these days and that is for a reason. Besides looking good is good business.

Acne scars tend to be almost inevitable for those who have had acne. Having acne scars is common and this affects many people at one point or the other. You are not alone.

These scars are usually result from blemishes that become inflamed, caused by pores which become engorged with excess sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. Acne happens when you have hormonal imbalance in the body. Any changes in your hormones cause glands to produce more oil than usual.

This causes your skin pores to become clogged up allowing bacteria to grow. Acne scars are usually the results of hair follicles that are damaged.

There are the four stages of acne scar formation: hemostasis phase, resorption/inflammation phase, proliferation phase, consolidation/remodeling phase.


Where Can Acne Scars Occur?

Acne scars occurs anywhere there are hair follicles. What this means is that acne scars are on every part of the body except the lips, palms, soles where there are no hair follicles. This also means that anyone can get acne. Everyone has hair follicles, right?

Although acne scars are present where there are hair follicles, they are prone to certain parts of the body than others. The parts of the body prone to acne scars include your neck, back and face.


Acne Scars Types

Various acne scars can develop based on pull and pressure, acne scar is a natural part of the healing process. You would have noticed there are diverse acne scar types on people’s skin and this might have made you puzzled.

Why is it important that you know the various types of these scars? Identifying the types of acne scars gives you better understanding about them when you see them. In addition to that, it would help you make informed decision on the type of acne scar removal cream to use.

Below are listed the various acne scars type in no order of preference.

  • Boxcar Acne Scars

They are usually depressed, and are shallow or medium depth-wise.  You can find boxcar scars majorly on the temples and cheeks. Boxcar scars can be shallow or deep.

The shallower they are, the better they respond to skin treatments.

  • Red Acne Scars or Macular Acne Scars

You can find the macular acne scars mostly on the cheeks and forehead areas. They are present as red areas; they occur because of early acne scarring.

  • Ice-Pick Acne Scars

An ice-pick acne scar is narrow and deep, causing a pitted appearance on the skin’s surface. Ice pick scars tend to be deep, very narrow scars that go way into the dermis. The skin looks as if a sharp instrument has pierced it.

Ice pick acne scars are the most difficult acne scars to treat because they can extend far under the skin’s surface. Ice pick scars seem to make a small, thin, deep hole into the skin. Some may look like a large, open pore.

  • Rolling Acne Scars Acne scar remover cream

Rolling acne scars cause wave like depressions across the skin. The difference between boxcar scars and rolling scars is that they have rounded edges and irregular rolling appearance.

  • Hypertrophic Acne Scars

Hypertrophic acne scars usually are firm and raised. They grow just above the skin’s surface. You can find the hypertrophic acne scars mostly on torsos in men. However, they have the tendency to occur on any body part.

Hypertrophic acne scars usually occur in the chest, back, and are a common occurrence if there had formerly been a trauma or a deep wound.

  • Keloids Acne Scars

The difference between keloid acne scars and hypertrophic acne scars is that keloids tend to grow bigger than the causative wound. They can become lateral and raised, shoots that grow more than the wound. It can keep growing even after the causative wound has healed.

  • Atrophic or Depressed Acne Scars

 Atrophic acne scars are most common on the face. The atrophic or depressed scars is form when there is no enough collagen while the wound is healing.


 Is It Possible to Remove Acne Scars?

Acne scar may not seem that bad if it is small or in a location that is easy to conceal. When it is not, you wonder if there is a way to remove them. For how long do you have to keep hiding under those clothes? Those acne scars may be a source of embarrassment to you.

You might have sought out ways to remove them but nothing seems to be working. Relax; this acne scar removal cream-buying guide would assist you through the process of removing those scars finally.

You would not need to hide your scars anymore or worry that people would see your acne scars.

It is possible to remove acne scars even though it seems they are permanent. A good chance of removing acne scars is early treatment. It is also necessary that you stop squeezing or picking spots. This would cause more scars.

Acne scar removal cream is one of the best ways to get rid of those age-long scars painlessly. But you would not be able to do use it effectively if you do not know about it.


Why You Should Use Acne Scar Removal CreamAcne Scar Remover Cream

Scars tend to make people very self-conscious. They feel as if everyone is staring at them in disgust. People with acne scars, particularly, are even more conscious more conscious than usual. This is probably because the scars are on the face. They are easily embarrassed and their confidence is gone.

Having acne is frustrating enough but the scars are psychological downturn. Acne scars could leave you with psychological and physical problems. This could affect your social life and confidence.

If any of these resonate with you, then you need is an acne scar removal cream.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Acne Scar Removal Cream

We live in the entrepreneurship age where anybody can come up any product. It is not strange to find different varieties of acne scar removal cream available almost in every shop.  Dozens of products promise to remove your acne scars permanently.

It can be confusing selecting the best acne scar removal cream just for you. This buying guide would assist you in selecting the ideal one for you.

Listed below are factors you should consider when purchasing an acne scar removal cream:

Skin type

One important factor to consider when choosing an acne scar removal cream is your skin type. Always remember you are unique and different from others. What works for your best friend or family does not mean it would be the same for you.

 Visiting a dermatologist is one of the best ways to find out what skin type you have. This is paramount in making a choice of any skincare product.

Type of acne

The severity of your acne should determine the type of acne scar removal cream you choose. If you are not aware on the types of acne, go back to the types of acne in this article and read again.

If you had skip this process, chances are that the acne scar removal cream you choose would not be effective. This would worsen your condition.

Ingredients Used

It is important that you know the type of ingredients used in any skin product, including an acne scar removal cream. If you want your desired result, look out for the following in an acne scar removal cream:


Antioxidants help to combat free radical damage, which cause collagen and elastin breakdown, hyperpigmentation and thicken your skin’s texture.

Vitamin C

 Vitamin C works to inhibit the overproduction of melatonin by the skin in response to damage or an injury. In addition to this, it helps rebuild collagen.

Retinol Acne Scar remover cream

 Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative. It works by exfoliating the top layers of skin to remove dark skin cells. It encourages the production of new, healthy skin cells and collagen, which helps to soften acne scars.

Retinol carries a lot of power for its youth boosting abilities, this control acne and help in scar healing. It dries out sebum production, with retinol the chances of your pores being clog is reduce. This decreases the chance of acne scars.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs)

 Alpha hydroxyl acids help to encourage healing and renew the skin


Tips to Get the Most from Your Acne Scar Removal Cream

Use an acne scar removal cream is great. It would not only help you remove your acne scars but your skin would become flawless. While this is good, there are some tips you need if you must get the best of your acne scar removal cream.

If you want your acne scar to fade away easily and faster, then take note of these ten tips.

Keep Wounds Protected

When your skin is healing, moisture and coverage are helpful. Keep your wound properly cleaned and covered, avoid letting it dry out by regularly applying a medicated ointment

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

If you are outdoors, do not expose your acne scars to the sunrays. If you do, your acne scars would become dark and this would slow down the effectiveness of your acne scar removal cream.

Stay away from the sunrays. Long exposure to sun rays causes darkening of acne scars, your acne scars would become prominent. If you do not want this to happen, then use a sunscreen.

Wearing daily sun protection will guard against scars getting darker or skin incurring any further damage. SPF protects against collagen and elastin breakdown, which keeps your skin looking youthful.

Stay away from the sun. If you must be outdoors, use good SPF creams that suit your skin type.

Treat Acne as Soon as It Develops

Begin treating acne right away when you notice it. Quick treatment helps to reduce breakouts and prevent acne from developing into more severe form.

Reduce inflammation

Avoid aggressive scrubbing and harsh skin care products. Excessive scrubbing or washing of areas that has scar would increase the appearance of acne scar.

Stop Picking Your Scabs

A scab is the skin natural bandage that protects wound as it heals. Picking a scab off a wound reduces the healing process.

If you pick your scabs with bacteria’s (which are usually invisible) in your fingernails, they would enter the follicle. From the follicles, they would enter your sebaceous glands. There is a likelihood of cysts formation. Cysts formation increase your chance of scarring.

Reach the Root of the Problem Acne Scar Removal Cream

 It is advisable that you treat problems from the root (root cause). Do a research to find out why you have acne, and then take preventive measure to fix them. This is important as you use your acne scar removal cream to give you the best result in a short while.

Keep Cleansing

 Maintain a good cleansing routine daily. Doubly cleansing such as morning and evening is beneficial for acne prone free skin.

Eat Good Diet

Diet is critical in maintaining good skin. In case you do not know, diet helps in clearing acne and acne scarring. It is time to start paying attention to what you eat and drink.

Glutens are bad for the skin rather eat vegetables and drink lots of water (water therapy).

Use Non-comedogenic Makeup

Do you know that some of your makeup products are exacerbating your acne scars? It is advisable to use mineral makeup. Makeup products that contains parabens and artificial oils are bad for the skin.

Avoid Vitamin E

They would not heal your acne scar faster; in fact, vitamin E would worsen your acne scars.

What has been your experience with scar removal creams? Do you know anyone who has gone through this phase? How did they fare? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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