Mascara Remover:  No More Smears on Your Face

Have you heard of mascara remover? Do you use mascara on your eyelashes?


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There is a popular saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. One of the first things we often notice when we encounter other people is the eyes. Just above the eyes are the eyelashes, eyelashes are the hairs that grows at the edge of the eyelid.

The eyelashes play significant roles in the body. Particles in the air, like dust, insect, sand, can get into your eyes and harm them. The eyelashes help to prevent these particles from getting into your eyes.

What Your Eyelashes Do

Your eyelashes work together with the eyebrows to help shield your eyes from the sun rays. In addition to that, eyelashes help to keep moisture, like sweat or rain away from your eyes. That is not all, your eyelashes act as alert when danger is prone to happen to the eyes.

Here is the gist. If something is close to your eyes, the small but powerful eyelashes do sense it and alert the eyelids of the possible danger. Your eyelids then know it needs to be kept close to protect the eyes.

If you have been taking your eyelashes for granted, you had better have a rethink. One way you can care for your eyelashes is the use of mascara. The word mascara originated from máscara, which is a Spanish word. Mascara means mask or stain.

That is not all. If you think mascaras is a recent cosmetic product for the modern Woman, you are wrong. Mascaras have existed for ages, as far back as ancient times of Egypt. Then, it was for religious purpose.

Modern mascara was developed in the 19th century. Ever since then, there have been numerous kinds of mascara in diverse formulas. Mascara has become a popular trend until date and we believe it would keep on existing.

You want your eyes to be bright, right? You want eyes that would speak for themselves so you do not need to say a word. Mascara is the magic that would make this happen. The wonder of mascara would transform the dimmest eye into eyes full of brightness.


Contents of Mascara

Mascara should be part of your makeup products but if they are not, you should consider using them right now.

Have you ever thought about the ingredients used in the production of mascara? Check out the ingredients used in the production of mascara.


Solvents function as the base.


The pigments are responsible for the colors of your mascara.


Waxes are part of the whole mascara package. Starch, fibers, polymers are also included into your mascara for thickening.


Fats such as butters and oil are used to giving moisturizing effects.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids, waxes and surfactants function as emulsifiers. Their use is to combine water-soluble  component with non-water soluble component.


Preservatives in mascara prevent or reduce the growth of microorganisms.


This prevents the unpleasant smell of the formulas used in the mascara production.


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Types of Mascara

What is the value of knowing the available types of mascara? Well, the type of mascara you choose to use would be dependent on the mascara remover you need.

The two major mascara types are:

  • Non-waterproof Mascara

Non-waterproof mascaras are manufacture with a high amount of water. Non waterproof mascara allows for easy removal. They become messy easily when rubbed or expose to liquid such as tears and sweat.

Non-waterproof mascaras are flexible on the eyelashes. The disadvantage of non-waterproof mascara is that they are not fully dry; they tend to leave black marks on the eyelids.

If you choose a mascara that can be remove easily, then you are compromising its resistance capability.

  • Water-resistant Mascara

The water-resistant mascara is manufacture with lower amount of water compared to non-water resistant mascara. In some water-resistant mascara, water is not used. When water is not use in the mascara, it allows your mascara to be durable even through rain, sweat, tears, or any wetness.

Water-resistant mascara is ideal if you would get in contact with liquid. It is suitable for events that could go on for hours without making you looking messy.

Water-resistant mascaras bind the eyelashes together. If they do give marks at all, the marks are less noticeable and lighter compared with non-waterproof mascaras. Water-resistant mascaras are design for long lasting.

The stronger water-resistant mascara is, the more difficult it would be to remove. If your choice of mascara is the water-resistant type, it is paramount that you use a mascara remover. This would help you easily clean your applied mascara and save your eyelashes from loss.


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Why You Should Consider Using Mascara Remover

Sleeping with your mascara on is a NO. Do not give the excuse of it been difficult to remove. Wearing mascara to sleep is the same as wearing makeup to bed. You may do it one, two times without any adverse effect. Then you would assume it is safe to do. But it is not.

If you continue, sleeping with your mascara still on your eyelashes then be sure to wake up with puffy eyes soon. In addition to that, wrinkles, fine lines and eye infections around your eyes are near.

Below are some other adverse effects of wearing mascara to bed:

  • An increase in fine lines 

When mascara clogs your pores, it prevents your skin from getting moisture. Without moisture, your skin will become brittle and dry which leads to crack and fine lines on your face.

  • Eye irritation and infection

The chemicals in your mascara can harm the eyes if left for a long time. Dried mascara causes flaking of your eyelashes leaving you with thinner lashes.

To avoid all these problems from happening, it is necessary to get a good and suitable mascara remover. If you do not already have one, it is time to get it.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Mascara Remover

You need to be careful here to prevent the loss of your precious eyelashes. Can you imagine how you would look like when all your natural eyelashes are gone? It is important that you use a good mascara remover that is mild on your lashes.

The skin around the eyes is delicate. It is proper then, that you handle it with care. Your choice of mascara remover should have a gentle touch but powerful enough to clean mascara quickly.

There are numerous mascara removers available today, each grasping for your attention saying pick me.  Are you having difficulty selecting the mascara removal that suits you? This mascara remover-buying guide is here to help.

Read the factors identified that would guide you when choosing the right mascara remover below:


Check the label to see if there is the presence of fragrance. If you see parfum or fragrance as part of the substances used in a mascara remover, you may have to avoid it. Be sensitive; avoid mascara removers that contain fragrance.

Many bad chemicals usually hide under that disguise. These chemicals could be carcinogens and hormone disruptors which is bad for your health.

Ingredients Used

You might be a regular user of mascara which entails you would be using a mascara remover often. Some companies are open to listing ingredients used on their labels.  There are certain ingredients you should take note of to avoid in a mascara remover. This is because they are not good for the skin.

Such ingredients are:

  • Retinyl Acetate 

It is used in mascara remover as a moisturizer. But they could be dangerous, as research have shown they could be carcinogens.

  • Parabens

The use of parabens in a mascara remover is to act as preservatives. This ingredient has been linked to causing breast cancer, although there have been no prove.

  • Diazolidinyl Urea

Diazolidinyl urea is also carcinogen. Avoid it.

  • Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is allergenic; they have the potential of been toxic to the body organs. They expose the skin to harmful substances.

  • Triethanolamine

This functions as an emulsifier and pH adjuster. Triethanolamine is toxic and may cause harm to the body organs.

  • Colorants

Colorants can be mixed with toxic chemicals

It is advisable that you look for a mascara remover that includes organic and natural waxes e.g. arnauba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax. Your choice of mascara removal should also have organic oils e.g. Sunflower, jojoba; and butters such as cocoa butter.

Expiration Date

It is always advisable to check the expiry date of any product and that includes a mascara remover. You do not want to use a product that is expired. A mascara remover that is expired has become ineffective, as the efficiency of the ingredients have wane off.

All the molecules in the ingredients used have been broken and this could damage your skin. In addition to that, your mascara removal can start harboring bacteria, cause breakout and damage to your skin.


Conduct a research to check if people have commended your choice of mascara remover. Check the cons and pros of the brand, and then make your choice if it something suitable for you.

You can get reviews from blogs, magazines and other places you may know.

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Tips to Get the Most from Using a Mascara Remover

Do not use mascara remover that contains alcohol

Here is why. Alcohol will result to dryness and irritation on the skin close to the eyes including your lovely eyelashes you are trying to protect.

Avoid been in a haste when removing your mascara

Allow for enough time for the mascara remover to get in contact with the mascara.

When removing your mascara, start from inside to outside

The reason for this is to reduce the probability of bacteria and mascara to get trap on your eyes.

Your method of applying the mascara remover should not be circular

If you do this, you are shifting the mascara from one point to the other.

Apply you mascara remover gently

Your skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. Applying pressure to the eyes can break the vessels close to your eyelid. In addition to that, pressure can damage your collagen, give you irritation and cause fast aging.

Close your eyes when applying mascara remover

Some mascara removal contains ingredients that cause irritation when they meet the eyes.

Cleanse the edges of your eyelid

The edges of the eyelids are often not wiped when removing the mascara. Do endeavor to clean your eyelid, too.

You should also use makeup wipe

Use good makeup wipes that are ideal for your skin type.

Use a facial cleanser

Mascara removal should not be a substitute for facial cleansing product. Wipe away pollutants from your pores with a cleanser after using your mascara removal.

Apply moisturizer when finally through with your cleaning

Here is the story. Any skin care routine in not perfect, if it does not add moisturizer. Therefore, whether you have dry skin or not, moisturize.

Moisturizer prevent and treat dry skin, it improves skin tone and texture. In case you do not know, moisturizers protect the outer layer of the skin from harmful effects of sun, wind and other environmental factors.

Avoid using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a gasoline by product; it is not an ideal substance to use around the eye area.


Changes in smell, color or consistency are signs to stop using your mascara removal.

Do not use a mascara remover that is expired

An expired product has lost its effectiveness. You are doing yourself harm by coating your skin with substances that have lose their potency

Keep your mascara remover from direct sunlight

If your storage box is close to the window, install curtains to prevent sunlight.

Store your mascara remover in a cool and dry location

This means you should avoid leaving them in the bathroom.

Always put the cap back of your mascara remover

When you are done, endeavor to put the cap back instead of leaving it uncapped.


Properly sanitize your hands before you start using your mascara remover.

We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.









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