Ijeoma Chukwuemelie

Ijeoma is a wife, career woman and skincare enthusiast who believes everyone deserves a chance at having healthy skin. Having battled skin conditions from a very young age and won, she is writing from experience. The aim is to give others a look at skincare products and routines that actually work. She actively writes at www.skincareproductsguide.com

skin after microdermabrasion

Skin After Microdermabrasion [Care, Problems & Remedies]

There is a marked difference between dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. The former is more invasive and painful than the latter. But the gentleness of microdermabrasion does not mean it requires no care for the skin afterward. This article discusses your skin after microdermabrasion. Caring for Skin After Microdermabrasion After the treatment, it is crucial to clean

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