Anti-wrinkle Serum: Look 10 Years Younger

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Every anti-wrinkle serum comes with one promise and that is to make you look younger. Five, ten years vanish from your years, leaving you looking younger. Who wouldn’t want that?

For some years, it was perceived that only women cared about looking young. This made them the primary target for cosmetics. It has, however, become clear that the modern man also cares about his looks as well. He wants to keep that handsome youthfulness for as long as possible without having to work so hard.

Anti-wrinkle products have been in the market for centuries now and for centuries now they’ve been doing an amazing job of keeping women (and men) looking young.

They come with promises to reverse sagging, wrinkles and photo-aging effects, fine lines, redness, brownish discolorations, yellowing, abnormal growth and poor texture.

It’s really interesting that these anti-aging serums actually do all they promise to do. Yes. Over a period of 11-13 weeks, there are noticeable differences in the skin of the users of up to 11%.


Everyone knows Cleopatra was famous for her gorgeous skin. It was said that her skin was lily white and line less, with a translucent glow. What was her secret? Great anti-wrinkle skin care products.

This world famous Egyptian queen indulged in goat milk, known for its alpha hydroxy acids, which reverses the effects of aging and softens the skin.

Another well-known beauty was Empress Wu Zetian. She had a daily beauty regime where she used mother-wort and cold water to cleanse her face. The result was she looked decades younger than she actually was.

History has it that people longed to have a glimpse at her, just to admire her lineless and ageless beauty.

Keeping the skin lineless and youthful isn’t a feat only famous world class beauties achieved.  Modern women, especially those in the limelight, seem to have found the secret to slowing down the effects of age. That secret is a good anti-wrinkle serum. 

What Causes Wrinkles in the First Place?

Wrinkles are fine lines around our eyes, mouth, neck, behind out forearms and hands that come from a number of factors:

Lines from Your Everyday Expressions

No young person ever worried about wrinkles. Their carefree existence allows them stay in the sun all day. As a youth, your body ensures elastin and collagen are renewed regularly, keeping the skin supple and firm.

However, we get to an age where we can’t afford to stay too long under the sun, even with sunscreen. The skin begins to look saggy and those cute laugh lines become permanently visible even when the laugh is over.

You become conscious every time you smile, frown or squint, because you know those fine lines will appear at the surrounding skin of the eyes, forehead and mouth and may never go away again.

Your Skin’s Process of Aging

The normal process of aging is the most common cause of wrinkles as we get older. Time and gravity tug at our skin and it starts to lose its firmness. It also losses collagen; a natural enzyme the skin produces that causes it to stay firm. This leads to sagging and the resultant unwanted lines.

Nicotine and Wrinkle-Free Skin Don’t Go Together

Are you a smoker? If you want wrinkle free skin then you have to consider breaking this habit. Smoking pulls together blood platelets thus stopping the free flow of blood around the skin.

The natural result of this is those fine undesirable lines called wrinkles, which tend to appear around every smoker’s mouth.

UV-rays Are Your Skin’s Natural Enemy

The sun is easily the skin’s worse enemy and too much exposure can lead to long term damage to your skin. Studies have also shown that you age by 2% for every 3 years you are exposed to the sun for long periods.

A lot of exposure to direct rays of the sun, therefore, will affect skin elasticity and enhance poor pigmentation. So consider being out of doors only in the early hours and late afternoon. And always keep a sun screen on.  


Another wrinkle causing factor is your DNA. You can thank your parents for the good genes (or otherwise) they gave you. If you notice that you are getting wrinkles really early, check parent’s history, the odds are that they also had early aging.

It could be either of them or both of them and also depends on whose skin type you took after. No one can change their ‘heredics’ and if your parents have a good anti-wrinkle genes, then you are fortunate.

If on the other hand, either of your parents got wrinkles early, you should probably expect the same. If you’ve noticed you have a tendency to early wrinkling, start your anti-aging regime really early to ward off the wrinkles.  

Common Ingredients Found in an Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Like we’ve already said, serums that prevent wrinkles work generally well and even over the counter ones can be effective. However, how well an anti-wrinkle serum works depends on how active the main ingredients are. Most of these ingredients act mainly to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Most serums contain Retinol. We all know Vitamin A is good for the skin; well this ingredient provides antioxidants that stops the effect of aging and wrinkles on the skin. It also promotes the production of collagen, an agent that keeps our skin firm.


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This may promote sun burn so use it during your night routine. Also, your skin may have an initial reaction but give it some time and it will adjust.

Vitamin C

It is your skin’s super protector against any damage from the sun. Sun burns the skin and enhances the process of aging, so a sun screen is a requirement if your skin will stay wrinkle-free.

Coenzyme Q10

The enzyme is another ingredient found in most serums that prevent wrinkles. It primarily reduces those lines that can appear at the surrounding skin of the eyes. This ingredient gives protection to the skin from direct sun light and thereby protects the skin from burns.


‘Exfoliants’ come as hydroxy acids (remember Cleopatra?) that removes dirt and dead skin to reveal even toned, smooth and healthy skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is very important for retaining your skin’s natural moisture. It’s a humectant that holds moisture and releases it to the skin. But for this wonder chemical, our skin would look dry and make lines more glaring. Its moisturizing action equips the skin to smoothen lines thereby looking more supple and firm.


They are cell-building chemicals that enhance natural healing, thereby promoting firmness and reverting effects of aging and stretch marks.

Tea Extracts

Extracts that come from tea and certain fruits are rich in antioxidants that work really well as anti-inflammatory substances that promote healing and enhance youthfulness.

Niacin Amide

A final ingredient you definitely have to look out for is niacin amide. This powerful antioxidant reduces loss of moisture and ensures skin stays firm and elastic.

Time Proven Ways to Keep the Wrinkles Away

Like has already been mentioned, anti-wrinkle serums work and can reverse the unpleasant signs of aging on just about any skin type.

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Nevertheless, a good consistent routine will enhance the results you get from your anti-wrinkles serum, giving you that ‘ten years younger’ look.

  • The most important thing your skin needs is to stay out of the sun for long periods

The sun releases UV light that enhances aging to skin, leading to rough and wrinkled skin. Exposure to direct sunlight leads to poor pigmentation, which is the first sign of aging. The best thing to do to reduce the time you expose your skin under the sun. Always keep your skin covered up for protection against the sun.

Whenever you must go under the sun, ensure you protect your skin by using SPF. Rub it on your face and neck at least 15 minutes before you go out. Reapply often as long as you are still out under the sun.

  • If you smoke, you have to give it up if you desire great wrinkle-free skin

Smoking damages the natural elasticity of the skin, leading to saggy and blotched looking skin as a result your skin will appear as though more years have been added to your natural age. The best anti-wrinkle serum would not help you at some point.

  • Moisturizing will not prevent wrinkles

But a good moisturizer will hide the effects of it on the skin by reducing the visibility of creases and lines. Combine it with a great anti-wrinkle cream and you are good to go.

  • Fruits and vegetables ensure the nourishment of your skin from the inside

They are full of body building nutrients and antioxidants. This shows by the retention of your youthful looks and line-free body for a long time.

  • Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, your skin looks dull and tired?

This is because stress shows as lines on our face. Cortisol is an enzyme that is released during stress and what it does is fight elastin and collagen in our bodies and the temporal lines are a result of that reaction.

Taking some time out each day for some rest and exercise will be a sure anti-wrinkle solution to revive your skin’s health. Also ensuring you use a serum rich with Vitamin C and Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids will ease the lines and brighten your looks.

  • It’s always best to start fighting those lines before they become very obvious

Using an anti-wrinkle serum as a preventive measure can easily be done with a good antioxidant and application of sunscreen before exposure.

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If lines have begun to emerge, but you would want to prevent them getting deeper, look for a serum rich in retinol. Any over the counter serum can work at this point.

You may need to buy a stronger one as the lines grow deeper, though it’s advisable you seek a dermatologist before you choose one.

  • Dark spots and uneven pigmentation leave skin looking unattractive

They make you look dull and emphasize the lines you want to cover up. Use an anti-wrinkle serum with hydroquinone to help manage this problem.

  • Sensitive skin is prone to reaction like itching and inflammation

It’s best to avoid any anti-wrinkle serum with retinol if you have sensitive skin and irritate easily. Fragrance and several active ingredients are also a no go area for sensitive skin.

Collect samples and test your skin’s reaction first before you buy any products.

Some Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Serums that prevent wrinkles have gained popularity over the years especially because they work. Nevertheless, you must remember that not every anti-wrinkle serum is meant for you.

Here are some of the things to consider before making your choice:

  • An over-the-counter anti-wrinkle serum has lower levels of active ingredients which the skin needs over time to show improvement

This is more pronounced when you choose a product that is ridiculously cheap. This means that there will be no real or lasting improvement to the skin and it will easily revert to its old condition.

  • As with almost every other product, more expensive doesn’t mean more effective

Make sure you look for the active ingredients that work to build elasticity and replenish lost collagen to the skin.

  • An anti-wrinkle serum could be made with certain active ingredients that may lead to inflammation

Follow the instructions carefully to avoid adverse effects.

  • Most serums lose their potency when exposed continually to air and light

You will want to look out for any serums that come in packages where they will be well persevered.

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Also, a package where you dip your finger to get serum isn’t preferred. This is because your hand may have come in contact with some germs. Ultimately, after dipping your hand in the serum, you will be transferring the germs to your face.

The best types of packaging are those that either pump your serum out or the ones where you can squeeze it out. This will keep your serum in the best condition, while you use it.

  • Remember that there are different skin types

Each type will react differently to the effects of a cream. Watch out for redness, inflammation and itching. These are sure signs that your anti-wrinkle serum isn’t the right one for you.

  • Before you decide to use an anti-wrinkle serum, remember that this is part of a routine

What this means is that results may not show till after a number of weeks. And after you start seeing results, you will have to stay on it or your skin will soon return to its old condition.

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