After Skin Needling [Problems, Solutions & Care]

Skin needling is one of the commonest anti-aging treatments. But it is important to know what to expect after skin needling.

After Skin Needling

What to Expect After Skin Needling

The following are what you should expect after undergoing skin needling:

You may find your skin feeling tight and warm. It may also look red for a few days. Don’t apply makeup to cover the red skin; you will only block your pores and risk a breakout.

While all that is going on, don’t do any strenuous thing that may cause you to sweat. Avoid exercising or even swimming, and use adequate sun protection if you have to go out. A mild, broad-spectrum sunscreen will do the job.

Cleanse and moisturize the area with a light and mild cleanser and moisturizer. Also, use a cream with one percent hydrocortisone to prevent irritation and soothe the skin. You may have to buy new skincare products if your current set doesn’t fit the description.

You may feel a little pain, but it is dependent on individuals. However, if you feel any pain, use a painkiller without anti-inflammatory properties. Painkillers or any medication with anti-inflammatory properties may interfere with the healing process from the skin needling. Your doctor is in the best position to prescribe one for you.

You may experience flaking and peeling on the area of needling a few days after the procedure, but it is normal. The reason is your skin is experiencing an increase in cell turnover, so the dead cells shed faster than usual. However, don’t scratch or pick at your skin to remove the peeling skin. Allow it to run its course, but use a good moisturizer to prevent skin dryness.

What to Avoid After Skin Needling

Here are things to avoid immediately after skin needling:

  • Makeup. It will block your newly-opened pores and increase the chance of having a breakout. It may even compromise the results of the skin needling.
  • Sun exposure. Keep out from under direct sunlight for a few days after the procedure. If you must go out, use broad-spectrum sunscreen. Wear protective clothing and keep the outing brief. Your skin is still sensitive at this point.
  • Swimming. The water may be rife with bacteria and other microbes. Since your skin is still vulnerable, swimming may expose it to infection. However, it is best not to use any sunscreen but to stay home away from sunlight.
  • Sweating. Avoid any activity that is likely to make you sweat, especially exercising. Sweating may cause a skin infection due to the presence of bacteria.
  • Certain skincare products. Some products contain harsh ingredients that will adversely affect your delicate skin. Toners, for example, tend to contain alcohol. And alcohol dries the skin. In addition, avoid products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol until your doctor gives the go-ahead.

How to Do Skin Needling at Home – Quick Guide

If you are wondering if you can do skin needling at home, the answer is yes. There are a few benefits of skin needling at home, but first, let us look at how to carry out the procedure in the comfort of your home.

What you will need:

  • A cleanser
  • A derma roller
  • A serum
  • Isopropyl alcohol (70 percent)
  • Numbing cream but is optional

Steps to Take

Here are five steps to take to perform a skin needling session at home:

Step 1

Soak the derma roller in the isopropyl alcohol for about ten minutes. The alcohol serves to disinfect it to avoid an infection.

Step 2

Wash and cleanse your face with a cleaner with a good pH balance. After cleansing, you may want to consider directly wiping some of the isopropyl alcohol on your skin before using the roller.

At this point, immediately after cleansing your face, you may need some numbing cream if you tend to easily feel pain. Wait about thirty minutes before starting the procedure. Use the cream if you use longer needles for the treatment.

Step 3

In your mind, create four sections on your face, but don’t include the area around your eyes. Use the roller, one section at a time, going three times horizontally or vertically on each section. After each roll, lift the roller off your skin.

For example, if you start with the upper right corner of your face and you begin horizontally, go in that direction three times. Stop, lift the roller and move it a little, and repeat the movement. Stop again, lift the roller, and go in a vertical direction this time, ensuring you go the same number of times as before.

Step 4

Rinse your face gently but thoroughly after the procedure. Use cold clean water for the rinse. Afterward, dry your face with a clean towel. Don’t rub; just pat your face.

Step 5

Wash the roller with mild soap. Rinse it and soak it once more in the isopropyl alcohol for about ten minutes. Then, store it in its case.

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Benefits of Micro-needling at Home

The most obvious benefit of doing an in-home micro-needling procedure is the money you save. One micro-needling session will cost hundreds of dollars. That price is way above what many people can afford, especially when a follow-up treatment is necessary.

But one derma roller costs about $20 or a little more. Sometimes, you will find an even cheaper roller. And all the other requirements don’t cost much put together.

While an in-office needling procedure tends to produce quicker and better results, home micro-needling s also effective. At least, it improves the rate at which your skin absorbs skincare products. And it enhances exfoliation. Within six months, you will see some skin improvement if you are consistent.


After skin needling, issues may arise. So, before undergoing the procedure, see a doctor for consultation. You will know how well your skin will react to the treatment, and if you run a risk of any long-standing adverse effect.

After Skin Needling – FAQs

1. How Long Does It Take to See Results from Skin Needling?

It takes between four and six weeks before the most dramatic results from skin needling can be seen. At first, you may notice that your pores are less visible and your skin feels tighter. But the final and best results will take a few weeks to appear.

2. Can You Get Skin Needling After Botox?

You can get skin needling after Botox but it may affect how well the Botox treatment turns out. The same applies to any other type of filler. If you must, wait about one week after getting Botox to get skin needling.

3. How Long After Skin Needling Can You Wear Makeup?

You can wear makeup three to five days after skin needling to give time for recovery. But it is vital to get the green light from your specialist before using makeup in such a case. The pores of your skin are open and vulnerable after skin needling, and applying makeup will clog them and risk a breakout.

4. Can You apply Vitamin C After Micro-needling?

You cannot apply Vitamin C after micro-needling. It will be too harsh on the delicate skin and may cause irritation. Instead, wait about three days after the procedure to try any regular skincare product. Your doctor should clear you before you can use products outside the recommended ones, especially if they have potent anti-aging properties.

5. How Long After Skin Needling Can I Exercise?

Wait about three days after skin needling to resume exercising. Exercising, especially intense sessions, will produce sweat, and it won’t sit well on your vulnerable skin. After three days, speak with your doctor to determine whether or not it is safe to exercise.

6. How Long After Skin Needling Can I Exfoliate?

Three to five days is the least number of days to wait before you can exfoliate after skin needling. Exfoliants will be too harsh on the skin and may cause adverse reactions.

7. How Long Do the Effects of Skin Needling Last?

The effects of skin needling last between five to six months. If you want longer-lasting results, go for at least three treatments. You can get a new treatment five months after the first one. You don’t have to wait until the expiration of six months before getting a second treatment.

8. Can I Get Fillers After Micro-Needling?

Wait about one week after micro-needling before getting dermal fillers. In some cases, such as using hyaluronic acid fillers, you can combine the micro-needling treatment with it. But for any other type of dermal filler, give it a few days.

9. Is Itching Normal After Micro-needling?

Itching is a normal part of healing after a micro-needling treatment. You can combat it with an anti-itch cream; many are available and affordable online and over the counter. But the itchiness will fade and disappear completely over a few days.

10. Which Is Better: Skin Needling or Laser?

Whether you go for skin needling or laser will depend on the skin concerns you have. With skin needling, the results are not as quick and clear as with a laser. It may take several treatments to see considerably great results. But it is safe for all skin types and has manageable side effects.

With a laser, the results tend to be quicker and longer-lasting. You don’t need several sessions before you see dramatic results. However, the side effects are more serious, and you need a longer recovery time. It may also aggravate underlying skin conditions.

11. Waxing After Skin Needling

You can only wax 7 days after skin needling. Otherwise, you risk burns and irritation on that skin area.

12. Whiteheads After Skin Needling

You may have a breakout of acne after skin needling, but it depends on how you prepare your skin for the treatment. However, do not touch or pick at the acne to prevent infections and scarring. See a doctor if it does not clear up quickly or if it becomes severe; the acne is usually mild.

13. Signs of Infection After Micro-needling

If redness of skin returns, along with itching or swelling, there is an infection. Typically, these are normal side effects, and they clear up within two days. But if they never clear up, or clear up but return worse than before, see a doctor immediately.