Facial Cleanser and You – Why It Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

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Keeping your face free of dirt and grime goes beyond just washing it. It is not just a matter of breathe, stretch, shake; no, you have got to do more than that. This is why a facial cleanser shouldn’t be missing from your vanity table.

After a day out, even without applying any makeup, your face still attracts lots of unseen dirt. This is because there are natural oils on your skin which are very active. Coupled with other external pollutants, your face needs all the help it can get to remain beautiful.

Water and soap just do not cut it anymore. If you rely simply on them to get your face clean, then you have got to change that.

Imagine putting your silk bed sheets in the washer. No, do not put your mind through such a horror. We all know that is the end of those sheets. A face is priceless so should get the utmost care possible, without overdoing it.

Facial cleansers are must-haves on your vanity table or bathroom cabinet. A face cleanser is one of the most basic skincare items you could possibly have within reach.


The reason is because it is specially fashioned to deeply remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and any other pollutant. When this is done, your pores are unclogged to allow your skin to breathe.

Also, other skincare products like moisturizers and toners would have access to work effectively. It does all these without upsetting the natural balance of your skin’s moisture.

So you know it is necessary to own a cleanser for your face. And using it should not be so difficult. In fact, it is as easy as saying ‘hey presto!’ right? Or so we have been made to believe.

But if you have been going about it that way, you probably are not getting the best results. Facial cleansers take more than just slathering on to make the most out of it. But rest easy because you will learn more about facial cleansers today than you knew yesterday.

Benefits of Using a Facial Cleanser Daily

Let’s face it: cleansing your face is good. It is even better if you do it two times a day; in the morning and just before you go to bed. I know, that is such a huge task! I mean, where could possibly find the time or energy to do something so…boring? Eishh!

Come on, it is more important than that magazine you would rather curl up with. If you are a creature of habit, this should not be a problem. It would fit right into your lifestyle. But if you want your face to become a good reference, cleansing must be a part of you.

Maybe you are one of those who are not yet convinced that facial cleansers are more effective than mere washing. Well, what do you think makes your neighbor’s face glow? Believe me when I tell you she is not just washing it, no matter what she tells you.

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Part of her beauty routine is using a facial cleanser. Apart from removing dirt and oil from your face, here are a few other benefits:

It Inhibits Production of Excessive Oil

No matter how much you wash and cleanse your face, it is only a matter of hours before it bounces back to status quo. There would be dead skin cells and oil to get rid of, more than you would believe.

This is why you cannot leave off cleansing for long periods. A simple shower will not do the work. It would be just like wrapping your dog on your blanket. All the shaking in the world will not rid the blanket of the hairs your dog leaves behind.

So before you leave every morning, use a facial cleanser to remove the oil that accumulates overnight. The effect would in turn take you through the day.

Your Pores Are Less Visible

When you do not use a cleanser on your face, especially if you wear makeup, your pores get clogged. The thing about clogged pores is that the dirt stretches the skin.

When the skin is stretched, your pores are enlarged. And as you age, it would be harder for your skin to snap back after the pores are unclogged. This is because age depletes the skin’s collagen, reducing its elasticity.

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But cleansing regularly would ensure you do not encounter this problem, even as you age. It would be easier for your skin to cope when it is used to good treatment.

Skin Hydration Is Improved

It is highly possible for your body temperature to rise while you sleep. A rise in body temperature means that your body would lose water.

You find people who wake to drink water several times during the night. The loss of water would affect your skin, too so that you need rejuvenation in the morning.

Given, drinking water is of utmost importance. But immediate skin hydration can only come through the use of a moisturizer. And you cannot use one if you do not use a facial cleanser first. Else, you would only be slathering it on a layer of dead cells and it will not work that way.

You Look Younger

The best time for most skincare products to work is at night. You are not active but relaxed so every ingredient has the opportunity to work maximally.

When you use a cleanser at night, your skin becomes unburdened of all grime and is open to allow oxygen in. Your skin breathes; oxygen is one of the indispensable nutrients your skin needs.

A facial cleanser gives it room to enter and it rejuvenates your cells. This process gives you a younger look, with your skin glowing and smooth.

The Aging Process is Slowed

Only a few people would say no to anti-aging formulas that work. Actively using a facial cleanser helps this process. How? When the skin on your face is properly cleansed, the pores open and anti-aging agents in your skincare products have the chance to work.

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This process is more heightened at night because blood circulation is better then. This benefit should do the trick for most women. Every woman wants to look young for as long as possible.

What to Consider When Picking Out a Facial Cleanser

The most important factor to put under consideration is the type of skin you have. You can read up more about skin types in my article here, if you are not sure about it.

No matter what you have been told, everybody has got a different skin. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. Even if she does recommend a good product, try to find out how it matches your skin.

Skin Types

Sensitive Skin

The best cleanser for those with sensitive skin is that without alcohol and fragrance. Alcohol can be harsh on the skin and while it would work wonders on other skin types, sensitive skin should be careful.

It can cause irritation and rashes. It may be hard to find any facial cleanser without a trace of alcohol but let the amount be little.

Fragrance is another known skin irritant for those with sensitive skin. Choose that which has ‘no added fragrance’ written on it. Your skin would be all the better for it.

Dry Skin

For dry skin, you should go for a facial cleanser with hyaluronic acid. This acid is good at hydrating and maintaining moisture in the skin, while softening it.

Also, avoid any cleanser with heavy alcohol content. Using one with alcohol would be like playing with fire in a dry wooded area. Your skin would need all the support it can get so be sure to also use a good moisturizer.

There is no harm in doubling the source of hydration for your skin. Let your everyday skincare routine always include a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you should be a celebrity. You need little to make your skin glow and shine. The number of people who would give anything to look so effortlessly smooth like you do.

However, you would still need a facial cleanser, even if it’s once a day. The right one to use would be a water-bases cleanser. Anything heavier may not sit well on you. Just keep it hydrated with the right facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Oily Skin

A facial cleanser that cleanses deeply and is water-based should be your go-to cleanser. This is because your pores tend to be easily clogged with oil and, in turn, dirt. And your skin has no business coming in contact with anything with oil.

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Avoid any oil-based product, especially for your face, both as a cleanser and a moisturizer. You would need something that would unclog your pores effectively and give your skin moisture.

These would adequately keep the production of oil on your face to the barest minimum.

Combination Skin

Having a combination of oily and dry skin can be so disconcerting. One minute, you are dabbing oil off your nose and the next; your skin feels like stretched leather. Phew!

Choosing skincare products can also be such a task because you do not always know which path to follow.

But there are cleansers that balance out the pH of your skin. This means that your skin maintains a middle ground that you can get one formula that works for you. Go for a gel or foam facial cleanser. You would get the best out of it.

Now you have the different skin types and what cleanser would work for them. It is time to look at other factors to keep in view when making a choice of a face cleanser.


Apart from choosing based on your skin type, the ingredients in your choice should matter to you. It would help to know of any allergies you may have so you know what to get.

Stick with ingredients that maximize your goal of a great-looking face. And this would only work if you know about skincare ingredients.


If you wear makeup, it is best to consider getting a face cleanser that effectively cleans makeup. Makeup clogs pores and has the tendency to seep under the skin if not properly removed.

Therefore, consider choosing a cleanser that deeply cleanses. Also, the cleanser should be able to effectively remove makeup from around the eyes.


This covers both personal and official areas. The kind of work you do would determine what type of facial would be good for you.

If you work outdoors a lot, for example, a cleanser that deeply-cleanses your pores would be ideal. This is because you may tend to sweat a lot and attract dirt. Showering constantly won’t go as deep as a cleanser would.


Fragrance in your cleanser may not be a good thing. It tends to irritate and cause rashes. So you may want to avoid any facial cleanser that has any kind of scent.

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Besides, are you sure you can handle that one fragrance at least twice a day, for a long time? You would probably do better with a scentless cleanser.

4 Tips You Need for a Better Experience

1. The Package It Comes In

Depending on the size of the cleanser of your choice and the length of time of use, the package is important. It is necessary to check if it is going to hold for a long time and not let in air and humidity. This leads us to the next tip…

2. Shelf Life

You do not want to get a cleanser that has a short shelf life. The package would affect the shelf life if it isn’t properly done.

But the length of time you’d use it would also determine what you want the shelf life to be. If it is going to be with you for a long time, you better pick one with a good shelf life.

3. You can Always Get a Better Deal

Well, most times you can. Check out reviews from other buyers and users online. That is one of the best places to get amazing deals.

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Price should not stop you from getting the best look if you could. However, this is not a leeway to get cheap products. Get a sweet deal from online reviews but don’t rob yourself in your search for it.

4. The Experts Know Better

There is a reason they are called experts. In almost every beauty store, there are people you can talk to about what you need. Believe me when I say they are not just there to smile at you.

Ask them what they think, use their knowledge. At the end of the day, you would be glad you did, especially if you are a newbie to this face cleanser business.

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