Skin Care Routine: Building One that Works for You All the Time

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Having fabulous skin does not just happen by a stroke of luck. Yes, for some people, they seem to have it all good with their skin. It takes a strict skincare routine.


But if they do not give some level of attention, their skin would not be as great-looking as usual.

Some work goes into keeping the skin healthy, smooth and glowing.
It is just like planting a garden. Gardening takes dedication and nurturing to keep it growing and healthy.

You cannot plant a garden and leave it to the powers that be to take care of it. You spend time, money and other resources to maintain it. The same goes for your skin, only that it is much more important.

Different people have different routines of taking care of their skin. But the most important one is your habits daily. Whatever else you do, your everyday life plays the most role in determining if your skin looks great or not.

After laying this foundation, you can build everything else on it and see some success. We will talk more on this later.

There are a staggering number of products you can use as part of your skincare routine. You probably already have some but you keep getting differing opinions of what would be better for you.

Sometimes, your mind feels so bogged down with all the information. And because you desire a great skin, you listen to all of them.

Thing is, you can simplify the process and easily sort through all the information. So how do you achieve that? There are a few things to keep in mind as you go on.


Main Steps in a Basic Skincare Routine


There could be unique differences in every individual’s skin care routine. But there are foundational steps upon which these differences are built.

They go beyond the face to the rest of the body, even though most people tend to concentrate on the face.

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Without them, little else would work. Any other thing you do would be informed by how well you follow and maintain these steps:



1. Cleanse



The very first step you should establish in your skincare routine is to cleanse. Washing with water and soap alone would not do the work; you need an extra fortifier.

In the same vein, using only a cleanser is not sufficient. Therefore, it is necessary for you to take a bath in the morning and at night.

This would ensure that all the grime and oil that accrue overnight and throughout the day are washed off. Your skin would be left clean and your pores would become unclogged.

After this, use a cleanser on your face, neck and shoulders. A cleanser would go a further step to the underlying skin to remove every dirt and dead skin cells.

The cleanser you use would depend on the type of skin you have. This is the foundation for every skincare routine. Whatever you use after you do this would work maximally. This is because there would be no obstruction to the entrance of active ingredients.



2. Tone


This step is considered as optional. That is, you can skip it if it is not convenient for you. You can also choose the days you use it if it is already part of your skincare routine. This does not mean it is not important. It simply means it is an option.

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There used to be a fear that toners are too strong for the skin. They were used to remove excess oil and support the work of a cleanser.

Nowadays, toners are no longer the harsh astringents that they used to be. So you do not have to worry about a toner irritating your skin or giving you rashes.

Even though cleansers have adequate nutrients these days, some people appreciate the extra layer a toner offers.

Toning should be done immediately after cleansing. The cleanness of your skin would give it the base it needs to work effectively. This is if you choose to use it. it is a product that can make or mar your skincare routine.



3. Moisturize



After you cleanse and/or tone, you moisturize. A moisturizer basically hydrates and softens your skin while conserving your skin’s moisture. It also stands as a support for naturally-occurring oils and nutrients in the skin.

This step is not optional but necessary for everyone, no matter your skin type or location. This is because every day, people engage in activities that see to the eroding of moisture and oils.

Therefore, replenishing is very necessary. Again, as people get older, the easier it is for the skin to lose nutrients and moisture. So using extra support becomes a necessity, not an option.

There is a step you could add to your skincare routine and that is using serums. A serum is a strong skin care product that handles issues like wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots. It can act as an antioxidant that offers protection from pollutants in the environment.

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Some people see serums as only for those who are aging. But that is not necessarily true. While antioxidants are good for you the older you get, they are positively necessary in daily living.

Since a serum is filled with ingredients that can act as antioxidants, why not take advantage of it? You don’t have to use it every day. However, you could take it into consideration to make it a part of your routine.



4. Apply Sunscreen



More likely than not, your moisturizer would have a bit of sunscreen in it. However, it is still ideal to apply your sunscreen separately, though you may have some in your cream.

It gives an extra layer of protection. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can do a quick damaging work on your skin. So the thicker the layer of sunscreen you have on, the better.

This does not mean you go coating your skin over and again. Too much of it can be harmful too, in more ways than one. Just find a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above.

Use a little at a time, considering it is not your everyday lotion, and be done with it. Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine. The sun is more potent at taking moisture from your skin than anything else.


Important Factors that Simplify and Inform Skincare Success



If you have never been a stickler for skincare routine, picking it up may be too hard at first. You could be the type to wake up, shower, use your body lotion and you’re off.

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But you always look to having flawless skin, without visible pores. You can only achieve that by spending time on your skin.

It does not have to be a long and arduous task. You can easily find an extra 3-4 minutes every morning to follow a particular skincare routine. The routine would be basic, something on which everything else rests. Any variation would depend on your preferences and skin type.

Here are a few factors that are too important to neglect if you want to see some success:





One bane of many women is inconsistency. It can be difficult to maintain a skincare routine that does not mean life or death for anyone.

But if wishes were horses, we would have all have world class stables. It takes work and dedication to achieve that glow and allure that seem so elusive. It also takes sacrifice.

Follow the right steps, one after another, and you will begin to see changes. And it has to be done morning and night unless you have very sensitive skin. Then, you would have to follow a dermatologist’s instructions to achieve success.



Skin Type



Different people have different types of skin. Therefore what would work for your friend would not necessarily work for you.

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Before you get an established skin care routine, you have to know what your skin accepts. The simple steps of most routines are basic but the frequency could differ.

For example, a person with dry skin would need more care than someone with normal skin. A person with oily skin would need less care than someone with sensitive skin.

Then a person with combination skin would need extra care so as not to focus on one type, neglecting the other. The products you would use would also be largely informed by the type of skin you have. Read more about skin types here.




Products work faster on some people, more than others. This does not indicate that yours would not work. It simply needs time.

When you start using new and great products or start a new routine, you cannot expect results within the first two weeks. This would take you back to the first factor: consistency.

There is no bigger myth than a quick fix, and this goes beyond just skincare routines. Everything that means anything takes time to work, for the best results to be seen.

So any product that promises to give you great results in a short time should be avoided at all costs. Do not give up after only a week or two; keep at it consistently for at least 5-6 weeks. Then you will begin to see results.




The products you use for your routine would change with time. The older you get, the more different what your skin needs becomes. Do not let that scare you.

There are many products available for different ages. They are made with ingredients that support the aging skin and keep you looking fabulous as ever.

But the point is for you to recognize when to shift from one product range to another. Doing this would ensure that your goals are reached. Sticking with products that are not age appropriate would only do you more harm than good.





If you are seeking perfection, it is truly elusive. Having a skincare routine does not guarantee perfection so don’t let any product tell you that it does. You have to keep this at the back of your mind so that you do not end up disappointed.

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It is about looking and feeling great and healthy. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, you would come out looking better than you could ever imagine.



Tips You Need for the Best Results


1. No Makeup When Going to Bed

This is an absolute no for you. If you put in so much work to get flawless skin, why would you deliberately sabotage it? Look, we all get worn out sometimes after a long day and that is fine.

But even if you do not go through all the steps, get the makeup off your face. The damage that would come from having clogged pores and dead cells all night would be hard to correct. Do not set yourself back a day or week in your progress schedule.



2. Do not Change your Routine or Products Suddenly



Stick with what works for you, especially if you’ve been at it for a long time. Your skin would have adapted to certain products or routine.

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So if you suddenly change, it may take a while for your skin to readjust. If you find a pattern and products that work for you, continue with it for as long as you can.



3. Do not Overdo the Tanning Thing



Being under the sun for a prolonged period is not ideal for your skin. Not only would it dry you out, you stand the chance of getting skin cancer.

Even with sunscreen, you should properly watch your sun time. it would be an exercise in futility if you have a skin care routine and jeopardize it while tanning.



4. Drink Lots of Water


While you are drinking water, remember to eat vegetables and fruits. These constitute living a healthy life and would help clear your skin.

Cut out foods that are harmful right now or potentially. Products alone will not work the magic. Your lifestyle has got to support it.



5. Avoid Smoking as Much as Possible



Smoking damages your lungs and your skin. From the inside, it begins to wear out protective cells. Before long, your skin starts showing permanent wrinkles and yellowness. Nobody wants that, least of all, you.



6. Sleep Well



The power of sleeping right and sleeping well is underestimated. Catch as much sleep as you can, especially at night. This would greatly support your skin care routine and cause you to see results in no time.

Lack of sleep only harms you, if not now, then in the future. Why do you think people say they want to catch their beauty sleep?

Share your successful skin care routines with us in the comments section below. We would like to hear from you.

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