Makeup Remover: A Must-Have in Your Daily Makeup Kit

We all know the rule. Almost every woman has heard it all her life: make sure you don’t go to bed with any makeup on. And simply washing the face is not always enough. This is why makeup remover is a must-have.


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Going through the rigors of cleaning and washing can be tedious, especially after a long day. There is always the temptation to leave it for ‘just one night’.

But you know that sleeping with the day’s makeup, build-up of oil and dirt will eventually lead to inflammation, irritation, and clogged pores. Removing makeup doesn’t have to be work anymore, with the right makeup remover.

In this buying guide, we aim to show you how to choose the best remover that will work effectively with your skin type.


Types of Makeup Removers and Choosing the Best for Your Daily Routine 

There are different types of makeup removers. You can choose the one that best agrees with your needs…


Cream Makeup Remover

This type of makeup remover is a good option if you use a lot of makeup. Cream removers are the least known among makeup users, though they work very well.

Great as a moisturizer, this creamy smooth and really rich formula will go deep into any type of makeup and remove it completely.

Moreover, cream removers give your skin a soothing and cooling finish, even if you sometimes have dry skin.

The cooling effect means it also helps with any puffiness around the eye area.

The next time you buy your make up remover, consider the cream option for heavy makeup and sometimes dry skin.


Wipes Makeup Remover

No matter how worn out from the day you are, a handy wipe can solve every ‘need to remove makeup’ problem. Wipes are quick, efficient and can be used anywhere at any time.


Choosing wipes as an option for removing makeup means you need a product made from ingredients that are natural. Natural ingredients work more gently on the skin and will not eventually irritate.

Look for those with moisturizers in them. These ones will keep skin nurtured instead of dried out due to constant wiping.

The only down side of these ‘tired girl’ assistants is that they can leave some residue of chemicals on your skin. To stop any eventual damage and other negative results, give your face a quick rinse after using wipes.


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Oil Makeup Remover

Oil-based remover isn’t the first choice for many users. This is because most people think it will leave their face with an oily feel.

When buying your makeup remover, remember that the oil-based type is the most reliable for removing heavy-duty and waterproof makeup almost instantly.

If your skin sometimes feels dry, add moisture while you remove makeup by using this type of remover.

An oil-based remover is good for even oily skin types because it helps restore natural oils that keep skin’s youthfulness.

It is most effective when rubbed into the skin, gently lifting makeup while adding oil. A gentle rinse with warm water will remove leftover traces.

There are different types of oil makeup removers:


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a favorite addition to cosmetics and is used in over 650 different types of cosmetics products. More popular as a makeup remover, coconut oil is effective because of its surfactant powers.

Loaded with natural moisturizers, it is great for cleansing, moisturizing and controlling breakouts effectively.

Keep a jar in the bathroom for removing makeup or for when you run out of your usual brand.


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Using Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover…

Below is a quick tip on how to use coconut oil to remove makeup.

First of all, you need to choose coconut oil with a consistency that’s right. Its consistency changes across the seasons of the year, from solid to liquid depending on the temperature where it finds itself.

Liquid coconut oil works effectively to remove makeup. If you find yours has turned solid, pinch it to melt it before use.

Next, use your fingers to rub it all over your face. Rub into eyebrow and eye shadow to lift makeup. Gently move across your face and finally over your lips.

Cotton wool wads can be used if you don’t like messy fingers.

Then you use a washcloth that’s wet to rub over face to remove oil and makeup combination. A microfiber towel in warm water is an effective choice.

End this simple face care routine with a rinse. You may also decide to use a cleanser instead of an ordinary water rinse. If you decide on a rinse, ensure you use water that’s lukewarm to the touch.

Finishing off with a cleanser however, will mean you are sure that there’s no residue of oil or dirt. If your skin tends to oiliness, cleansing with a water cleanser will definitely give it a squeaky clean feel when you’re done.


Almond Oil

Using almonds isn’t popular the way coconut oil is but it’s just as great a makeup remover. Almond oil is very gentle and light on skin so is used effectively as an aftershave or natural insect repellent.


With a really mild scent, almond oil runs more freely than coconut oil so you may want to use cotton balls to apply it.

It is readily available at most local foods store or just order from Amazon.

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Jojoba Oil

This sweet-smelling oil works just as well as almond and coconut oils. It is naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties work great to restore and rejuvenate skin while removing makeup.

It also controls breakout of acne or other skin irritations thereby keeping your skin smooth and healthy always.


Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for generations as part of natural beauty routine and care. A natural detoxifier, this great product will remove the buildup of dirt and other toxic matter that work against the natural health of your skin.

It is really the most available and the most affordable of the oils. It works just as well as any of them, too.

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Shea Butter

This wonder skin product is known to remove the toughest makeup. Only a pea-sized works great all over the face.

While it removes makeup, this product is also known to reverse the appearance of facial lines thereby enhancing the youthfulness of skin. It also restores the skin’s natural tone and health, giving its overall appearance a boost.

This product is hard to find at stores, so just make your order from Amazon.


Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover

This kind of cleanser has enjoyed wide acceptance in recent years. This is because its creamy texture is easy to use. Just rub on your skin and use water to wash away.


Cleansing milk is effective against makeup, impurities and dirt on the face, and does not strip away the natural nutrients on the skin. It is really good for sensitive or dry skin since it is tender and gentle.

Here are a couple of methods for using it correctly:

Wash your hands properly. If you don’t sanitize your hands really well, you may just be adding bacteria to your face instead of removing the impurities you don’t need.

Warm your milk cleanser to the same temperature as a room you feel comfortable in. You can easily do this by rubbing the milk between your palms.  Keep on rubbing till you feel it warm up.

Now put some on your face. Press your cheeks gently. This will push the milk into your skin. Then let it sit for about 15 seconds.

Make sure you rub around your nose and other easy-to-neglect areas. Also rub on your neck.

Next, use your palms to gently tap on your face several times. This will pull the dirt out onto your face.

Finally, cleanse with lukewarm water to remove residue on your face. You can also swab with cotton pads or cleansing clothes to clear all residue.

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Use Cleansing Milk to Unclog Pores

You can also use your cleansing milk as an effective eye makeup remover. Simply dab a bit on a cotton pad. Apply with the cotton pad and ensure you wipe from the inside of your eye in an outward motion.


Cleansing Water Makeup Remover

Water is life. And if it is true that drinking water clears your skin then it should be good on your skin as well.

This product is super gentle and completely removes dirt, impurities and makeup with no irritation to the skin. Cleansing water does not leave any residue and soothes just as though it is plain water.

Moreover, you can actually get away with not rinsing off this product. So if you find yourself in a situation where a full wash isn’t possible, with cleansing water you have nothing to worry about. This also means that the skin building ingredients get to stay on your skin and nourish it for longer.

That’s not all, this product is also great for every skin type, especially dry and sensitive skin because it hydrates excellently and doesn’t have irritants.

One really good example of a water cleanser is micellar water. This makeup remover is a favorite among top makeup companies because it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

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Micellar Water Explained

Micellar water (the word is pronounced my-sell-er) is made up of purified water, mild surfactants and glycerin.

The composition of surfactant molecules in it come together and form magnet-like micelles, which trap oil, makeup and dirt.

The most effective micellar water makeup removers have ingredients such as rosewater or chamomile that soothe the skin.


Another great reason to use micellar water makeup remover is that though it is effective in removing light makeup, it doesn’t adversely affect your skin.



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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Makeup Remover

Having perfectly flawless skin does not come by chance. It takes work and dedication to achieve and maintain. The skincare routine you use daily is one of the most important steps to achieving it. And the products of your choice top the list.

Whatever else you do, always consider what works for you, not what works for everyone else. Your choice of a makeup remover is a priority because it is a product you would have to use daily.

Therefore, it is important to keep the following factors in mind when you choose a makeup remover


Skin Type

Your skin type is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect makeup remover. What works for that neighbor with flawless skin may not be so good on you.

If your skin is very oily, try and avoid makeup removers that would aggravate the oil glands in your skin.

Stick to those that will alleviate the oil and moisturize to avoid undue dryness. Cleansing water makeup remover is recommended.

With dry skin, oil-based makeup removers, which has a wide array of choices, would work well for you.

Normal skin type would not be so picky. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it on either side. Create a balance between makeup removers for dry skin and those for oily skin. The same goes for combination skin.

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Type of Makeup

The type of makeup you usually wear would determine the type of makeup remover you buy. The type of makeup remover that would work for habitual users of waterproof makeup may be too heavy for light makeup users. Keep this factor in mind and you will not choose wrong.



The brand you choose matters a lot. There are established brands that churn out amazing and trustworthy makeup removers.

However, there are some up-and-coming brands with equally amazing products. This means that you don’t have to stick to the big names exclusively. What would work best here is to follow reviews and recommendations online. That place is a gold mine.



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Shelf Life

Makeup removers are not products that run out too quickly. A tube or jar may stay as long as several months, depending on usage. Sometimes, it can last for years.

Because of this, it is important that you check the shelf life of any makeup remover you choose. This is to ensure that it has some life left and won’t go bad on you in a short time.



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Tips for a Perfectly Clean, Makeup-free Night


Don’t Rush the Routine

Apply your makeup remover and give it time to work. You can find something else to do so that you don’t get impatient. At least two to three minutes should allow it work effectively.

These minutes gives the remover a chance to soften even the toughest makeup so that, whether you rinse or wipe off, it comes away without any struggle.

Rubbing skin hard in order to remove makeup is not advisable. This often leads to unwanted lines and other early aging signs.


Wipes Are Good But…

We already talked about wipes and how they are convenient for instant ‘on the go’ makeup removal.

They really are very good for initially cleaning off makeup. However, it must be noted that wipes aren’t great for deep and thorough cleaning. It is recommended therefore that a routine using wipes should be followed by cleansing or rinsing.

Many women believe that the use of wipes is enough to remove their makeup but the truth is that most of the makeup is still on the face.

This has a negative effect on the skin in the long run. It is even worse when only wipes are used and then night moisturizer is applied. Instead of building the skin, it only serves to trap in dirt and makeup residue. This leaves the skin susceptible to breakouts and blackheads.


Choose a Makeup-removing Cleanser

It is important for every face cleansing product you use to double as makeup remover. One way to know your cleanser is no good is when you see traces of makeup on the towel.

Micellar water is a great cleanser/makeup remover. It is very effective in removing even the toughest and deepest makeup such as liquid lipstick and pigments of the brow.

An oil cleanser is also as effective as micellar water. It is effective in breaking down oil, leaving skin clean and clear.

However, if you don’t like how oil feels on your skin, feel free to go for a gel or milk cleanser. They work just as well.


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Eyelids Must Be Well Cleaned

These areas are often overlooked because of their elusiveness. This leads to the buildup of mascara and eyeliner over time. Eventually, you will end up with irritation to your eyes.

If you are a woman who uses liquid eye makeup, a daily thorough cleanse is mandatory to avoid skin deterioration.

Use a cleanser with cotton swabs to access those hard-to-reach corners around the eye. Any of the oils we discussed works well as eye makeup remover. Be careful not to poke around your eyes with the fingertips. Hands and face don’t go well together.

To effectively remove eye makeup like mascara, use your cotton swabs and wipe gently in the same direction of the growth of your lashes. The mascara will easily slide off.


Makeup and Hairline

The average woman doesn’t cleanse all the way up to her hairline. This is understandable because we don’t want to mess up our hair.

The minus to this is that makeup will build up right under the hair line, leading to pores that are clogged with dirt and oil. Eventually this will lead to breakouts.

Tie your hair tightly back and thoroughly cleanse until there’s no residue of foundation. Follow with a good rinse.


Use Flat Cotton Wads

Round cotton pads break down as they being used and leave a residue of cotton fibers. Instead of finishing with a soothing feel, you end up feeling irritated.

Flat cotton pads, however, don’t leave any residue because they are interwoven and textured. Ask for Japanese square cotton pads. They are fantastically integrated not to leave any residue whatsoever and built to remove just about anything. 



Use some moisturizer, no matter how little. This is because daily makeup removing can cause sensitive areas of the face to dry out. Areas around the eyes and areas that line easily should be treated delicately. Keep your skin hydrated always.

However, don’t overdo it. If you notice your face is getting too oily, reduce moisturizing to two or three times a week.

Keep these tips in mind when you remove your makeup using any of the makeup removers. You will love the look of your skin.