Skin After Alcohol [Problems & Remedies]

Recovering from alcohol addiction does not have to be tedious. If you are concerned about your skin after alcohol, this article explains what to do in detail.

Skin After Alcohol

Skin After Alcohol Detox

After completely cutting out alcohol from your daily diet, your skin will undergo some positive changes but not immediately. Alcohol contains a lot of toxins, and after about an hour of detoxifying, your body begins to work overtime to rid itself of the toxins. Twenty-four hours after and your skin is still dehydrated and looking blotchy.

However, after about seven days, you will notice healthier skin. It will look more supple due to better hydration and fewer toxins. But be prepared for possible breakouts as your skin starts to purge and heal itself of inflammation.

After one month of no drinking and detoxifying, swelling and inflammation will appear less and will be replaced by more hydrated skin. And after a year, your skin will be much better than ever before due to a healthier liver that is better able to detoxify your body. The healthier you are, the better your skin looks.

Itchy Skin After Alcohol Detox

How you treat itchy skin from alcohol detox will depend on the phase of the detox level. If it is phase three, which is the most severe case, you will need to seek medical help because the itching can be severe and harmful. This is especially true if you are itching due to hallucinations.

But if it is a lower phase, you can treat it with aloe vera gel or Epsom salt. Either of these will reduce the allergic reaction that causes the itching. You can also use an eczema cream to alleviate the itching. But you may still see a doctor for further assistance if the itching continues after using aloe vera or the salt.

Prolonged use of alcohol aggravates underlying allergies and encourages adverse reactions. Alcohol abuse dries the skin out, leading to itching. The itching ranges from mild to severe, with accompanying hallucinations and skin-crawling sensation when it is extreme.

It may also cause rosacea, a skin condition that reddens the skin and encourages dryness, sensitivity, inflammation, rashes, stinging, and a burning sensation.

Skin Rash After Alcohol Detox

You may not break out in a rash after an alcohol detox. But heavy drinking may cause rashes and other skin reactions such as redness, flushing, and itching. After alcohol detox, your skin may break out, but the breakout will disappear with time.

However, if you notice a rash after alcohol detox, it is best to see a doctor for further checks and treatment. You may be reacting to one or more products or may have developed an allergy.

Skin Breakout After Alcohol Detox

As your body tries to get rid of the toxins, it may push them out through your pores. This may lead to acne, though alcohol use is not directly related to a breakout. Typically, skin breakout after detox will clear within a few weeks. As you gradually get used to not drinking, and your body readjusts, your skin becomes healthier, making it less susceptible to a breakout.

Dry Skin After Alcohol – Remedy

Keep your skin as hydrated as possible if you notice dryness after alcohol. Alcohol promotes the shedding of water from the body, leaving the skin dry and dehydrated. So, it is crucial to drink fluids and moisturize while alcohol-detoxing.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in water, such as watermelon and garden eggs. Use a moisture-rich lotion or cream after every bath, and ensure you take a cool bath only. Hot baths will further dry out the skin and prolong the healing process.

Itchy Skin After Drinking Alcohol

You may have an allergic reaction to alcohol if you itch after drinking it. It is rare, but some people react to alcohol adversely, causing itching on the upper lip and other body parts. Your best bet is avoiding alcohol and seeking medical help to relieve the itching.

Other symptoms of alcohol intolerance or an allergic reaction to alcohol are flushed skin, hives, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, among other problems. See a doctor immediately if you notice severe symptoms such as swelling, difficulty breathing, or lightheadedness.


While alcohol can dry the skin and encourage health decline, quitting puts you on the right track. Skin after alcohol does not have to look or feel terrible. And detoxing speeds up the healing process. Within a few weeks, you will notice better-looking skin. Moreover, you will feel healthier and better.

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