How Long Does Exilis Skin Tightening Last – Comprehensive Answer

Exilis skin tightening is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that employs radio frequency to tighten skin, contour the body and remove extra fat that form in different areas. It is not painful, can be done in the doctor’s office and requires no time for recovery.


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Collagen seems to be the main focus of this procedure. Exilis is a handheld device, monopolar in nature, that releases specialized but completely safe electric energy to the body, to heat it. At a temperature of about 43 degrees Celsius, collagen structurally changes.

The effect of this change is that the texture of the skin greatly improves due to the growth of new collagen over the course of weeks or months after treatment. You will also notice tighter skin that is free of lines where there was sagging skin before, as well as a noticeable body contouring.

Continuing with this non-invasive treatment over time may give you more noticeable results than doing it just once or twice. If body contouring is your main aim, for example, not waiting till the results wear off may be best. The new contours may stand a better chance of going from mild to really there with constant touch ups.

Before you commence any treatment, be it cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical one, a medical consultation is required. You will need to be advised on what is involved so you will not go in blindly. Professional medical advice or consultation should never be overlooked; you could learn one or two things there.


How Many of these Treatments Do Doctors Recommend?

This is dependent on what exactly you are aiming for. You could want just skin tightening or you could be looking for fat reduction. You could also be looking for both treatments at the same time.

But generally speaking, they recommend 5 or 6 treatment sessions, and each session has to be done 2 to 4 weeks prior to the next one, or as your body can take.

Your medical professional will advise you on how to space your treatment to suit your needs. However, these sessions, when done properly, take you for a while, keeping your skin looking lush and young.


How Long Does an Exilis Treatment Take?

Typically, a single treatment on a body area lasts about twenty to fifty minutes. Not to worry, you will spend these minutes laying on a comfortable, possibly heated, bed. And the constant running of the device over the treatment area will leave no marks nor will it be irritating.

Depending on the areas you want handled and the particular treatment you are going for, a session could take up to two hours or more.


How Quickly Will You See Results

Collagen does not regrow overnight. If you are going to use Exilis treatment as a means to tighten your skin, you have to bear the time factor in mind.

A process known as neocollagenesis, which simply means the growth of new collagen, takes weeks and even months to happen. Patience is key here if you want to see its full effect.


Who Can Undergo Exilis Treatment and What Body Areas Can It Be Done?

Any adult is a candidate for Exilis. However, if your skin’s elasticity is superb or good, you stand a better chance of having this treatment work faster and better for you.

Additionally, if you are looking for body contouring with this treatment, you may want to know that it takes several treatments to achieve it, and the results may not be so overt. You may go away with only mild contouring.

The areas of the body where this Exilis treatment can be used are broad. Loose skin on the neck, jaw, face, thighs, stomach and knees can be tightened by the treatment. The treatment works on the chest, too but only by men. And if you’re pregnant, it goes without saying that this is not for you.


How Long Does Exilis Skin Tightening Last?

You can look at it in 2 ways. If you want to know how long sessions last, then that has been taken care of. But if you want to know how long the results from a treatment last, then the answer varies.

Depending on your skin texture, elasticity and your general lifestyle, the results last between 6 months and 2 years. Bear in mind that Exilis treatments could totally vary, especially if you use the Exilis elite.

Use the right skincare products to enhance the look of your skin after this treatment. The right serums, lotions and moisturizers will go a long way in helping you maintain the glow of new skin.

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You may need to have touch-ups within this time if you notice the results are wearing off or are not the way they should be. Always remember that everyone is different so may handle this treatment in different ways.


Are There Side Effects?

Usually, fat reduction and using any kind of treatment tend to have some side effects and this is no different, not in the real sense. But the effects are truly rare and, if they do occur, very mild.

You could get a reaction similar to breaking out in hives or you could see a slight redness to your skin. This redness vanishes soon enough, leaving no scars or marks for you to handle. The procedure has approval from the FDA so you have nothing to worry about.


Can It Work with Other Skin Tightening Treatments?

Yes, it can. Whether you decide to combine it with Ultatherapy or Protégé Elite, you are safe. You can also use it after going through liposuction to encourage further tightening of the skin.

But always go for consultation with your doctor or the nearest Exilis treatment specialist around you. This is to make sure your body can handle the combined treatments without reacting negatively. As safe as this may be, it is still important you know what you are getting into medically.


Video: Skin Tightening Treatments Apart from Exilis

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In Conclusion

Exilis skin tightening treatment is one of the best fat reduction and contour giving treatments around, done without surgery. It works well, be it on the body or facial skin. But it requires patience to see results. And after each completed treatment, living healthy and exercising help the results last longer.











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