Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams — Detailed Comparison

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.


On our comparison desk is Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams.

Both products are amazing eye creams. To help you understand why this article is important, we’ll take a brief look at eye creams.


What Is an Eye Cream?

Like other creams for specific parts of the body, an eye cream is made specifically for the skin under the eyes.  

Is it necessary? The skin under the eye is known to be fragile, as a result, is more prone to dryness. It also indicates aging quicker than other skin parts.  

As aging progresses, the skin’s ability to produce collagen drops. Collagen keeps the skin firm and elastic.

This drop can lead to the rapid development of wrinkles and lines.  Quick movements of the eyes and sun damage can contribute, too. Also, excessive collection of fluid in the under-eye skin can cause puffiness and dark circles.

Dermatologists say that eye creams contain active ingredients that specifically tackle these problems.

The active ingredients do that by providing deep moisturizing effects and increasing blood flow. 

Asides the moisturizing ability, some eye creams contain skin firming agents that boost collagen production. Consequently, drastically reduces the sagging of under-eye skin or bags under the eyes. They also lighten the skin thereby removing dark circles.

You may wonder if you can use your eye cream as a facial moisturizer. Yes, you can. Eye creams may contain the same basic ingredients as facial moisturizers.  

However, because the skin below the eyes is more delicate, some constituents may be milder in eye creams. This is to reduce irritation.  

Therefore, for the other parts of the face, you may want to use a more potent cream. To learn more about the importance of moisturizing the skin, click here.


Comparison Overview — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams

Their major difference lies in their texture. All About Eyes Rich is thicker and creamier so a little goes a long way. But, All About Eyes Regular is lighter in consistency, as a result, may require more to be effective.

Both have an almost immediate effect on the skin. However, the Rich favors very dry skin better than the Regular.

We’ll look further on the basic features and functions of each product.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.


Price/Value Ratio — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams

While these products cannot be called cheap, they cannot be called expensive either. This is because they offer the same results that pricier products promise.  

As for their value, they could be termed commensurate with their prices, considering that a little amount is enough. So, the products last for a while.


Comparison Table — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams


All About Eyes Rich

All About Eyes Regular

Texture Thick Lightweight
Moisturizing Ability More moisturizing ability Little moisturizing ability
Suitable Skin Type All skin types All skin types
Formula Cream formula Gel-cream formula


Video: Is Clinique All About Eyes Rich Real?

Usually, a product hits the market and make people rave. However, users get disappointed overtime after following the rave.

Find out if this product really gives value as said.



Who Can Use Which? — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams

All About Eyes Rich

All About Eyes Rich Regular

This product provides greater moisturizing effect than the Regular. Therefore, very dry skin would find this more suitable.

It removes flakiness and fine lines which characterize extremely dry skin.


This product can be recommended for all skin types. However, because of its light gel-cream property, the moisturizing effect is less intense than that of the Rich. Nevertheless, normal and oily skin may find this a much better option.
If you prefer a creamier eye cream, then this would serve you. Its cream texture does not reduce its absorption rate. Also, it ensures that the product doesn’t run into your eyes during sleep. The gel-cream consistency makes for rapid absorption. Also, it serves well under makeup. Its texture also prevents running into the eyes. So if you would rather your eye cream is very light, this is for you.
Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.


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Common Features — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams


Antioxidants with Anti-Aging Effects

Antioxidants are effective in combating aging. They prevent skin damage from free radicals that cause aging. Some of them include:


Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate

​This stimulates the natural production of collagen. That makes for firm skin with reduced fine lines or wrinkles.


Green Tea Leaf Extract

It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient, therefore, it prevents skin damage and reduces irritation.


Vitamin E

It also aids in hydrating the skin, thereby keeping it fresh.


Oil Content

These products also contain cholesterol which acts as a skin barrier that locks in moisture.  


Caffeine Content

Caffeine is not only ideal for consumption; it’s also an active ingredient in eye creams.

Caffeine stimulates blood flow and also widens blood vessels. Consequently, the collection of fluids in the skin under the eyes is reduced. Simply put, it tightens up the skin and reduces puffiness.

Of course, the lesser the fluid retention, the lesser the eye bags.


Silicone Content

Both products contain silicone. Silicone fills out the fine lines thereby making it less visible to the physical eyes.  

Also, its molecular structure ensures it has enough holes.

These holes make it capable of keeping in water, as a result, the skin gets hydrated.


Skin Bias

Both products are certified good for all skin types. But people with extremely dry skin may find Clinique All About Eyes Rich better for them.

This is due to its powerful moisturizing ability, enhanced by the presence of shea butter, a powerful skin moisturizer.


Allergy and Ophthalmologist-tested

They have undergone rigorous tests that prove them safe for use. So people with sensitive skin can rest assured that this product is not likely to cause irritations.  

Moreover, these products boast of the absence of certain chemicals like parabens, alcohols, and phthalates.



Fragrance on its own is not bad. However, some skin types may react to the presence of fragrance. The reaction is attributed to the explosive mechanism by which they transfer scents to the skin.

Because of this likely drawback, both products were produced totally free of fragrances. 


Powerful Hydration

The under-eye skin is prone to dryness. But, one sure way of maintaining its youthful glow is by providing moisture.  

These creams employ ingredients like Whey protein and Shea butter to lock in moisture. That way, the skin stays longer without developing fine lines or wrinkles.


Fast Absorption Rate

Both Clinique All About Eyes Rich and Regular get absorbed really fast. Once applied, both quickly dissolve, giving the skin a velvety feel.

This makes them able to hold makeup in place.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.




Unique Features — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams

Clinique All About Eyes Rich has a creamy texture, thicker than the Regular. But this texture ensures that the cream won’t run into your eyes especially at night.  

On the other hand, the Regular has a gel-cream texture. Therefore, it is lighter but not enough to run into the eyes.

Also, The Rich contains Shea butter which is considered one of the most effective moisturizers. Its presence, therefore, makes All About Eyes Rich a great moisturizer.  

On the contrary, the Regular cream doesn’t contain shea butter. However, the presence of whey protein makes it a powerful moisturizer though not as great as the Rich.


Unique Pros — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams


Pros Unique to All About Eyes Rich

i. It has a deep moisturizing ability that works on even extremely dry skins.

ii. Also, due to its thick creamy texture, a small amount goes a long way.


Pro Unique All About Eyes Regular

i. This product has a cream-gel texture that makes it easy to apply.


Video: Can Clinique All About Eyes Cream Give Similar Result Like Its Counterpart?

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Unique Cons​ ​— Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams


Con Unique to All About Eyes Rich

i. Its thick and creamy consistency may not be so effective against puffiness.


Con Unique to All About Eyes Regular

i. The light cream-gel texture reduces its hydrating potency on extremely dry skin.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.




Common Pros — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular Creams


All About Eyes Rich

All About Eyes Regular

Effectiveness It brings an immediate reduction of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. This also applies to this product.
Absorption Rate It dissolves quickly into the skin, making it suitable under eye makeup. It equally gets absorbed quickly.
Ophthalmologist and Allergy Tested This product had been certified safe for the eye area by experts. Likewise, this product had been equally certified.
Fragrance-free The absence of fragrance drastically reduces the possibility of irritation. The same applies to this product.
Excellent Hydration And it excellently moisturizes the skin. This product does the same but with less result.
Skin Bias Plus, it is suitable for all types of skin. Though made for all skin types, it may not be ideal for very dry skin.
Anti-aging Effect Moreover, the anti-oxidants in this product effectively fights off free radicals that can speed up aging. This product has this ability too.
Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.




Common Cons — Clinique All About Eyes Rich vs Regular

All About Eyes Rich

All About Eyes Regular

Temporary Effects Most of the cosmetic effects of this product — reduction of fine lines and puffiness — are considered temporal. This product gives the same results too.
Presence of Silicone Prolonged use of silicone can clog pores and cause breakouts. The case is not different with this product.
Packaging Most anti-oxidants tend to lose their potency when exposed to air. A container with a dispensing pump, instead of the plastic jar, may reduce the risk of exposing the cream. This product is also contained in a jar instead of a container with a dispensing pump.


Users’ Feeling about Both Products

All About Eyes Rich

All About Eyes Regular

With the exception of few, most users agree that it reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Its effectiveness against puffiness, fine lines and dark circles was appreciated by many.
They also appreciate its moisturizing effect that leaves smooth and supple skin. Users agreed to its moisturizing effect but most did not think it is ideal for very dry skin.
The customers love the youthful glow that is brought about by the antioxidants. Also, most customers appreciated that it holds eye makeup in place due to its lightweight and quick absorption.
They also agree that this product absorbs quickly. However, although many were glad that it didn’t irritate their skin, a good number complained of irritations.
Most users also agree that it doesn’t cause irritation. But few complain of irritations like redness of the eye, itching and pain.  


Our Take On Both Products

We believe that both Clinique All About Eyes Rich and Regular are quality eye creams. Both tackle the problems associated with the under-eye akin effectively.

However, the choice of which to use depends heavily on their difference — their texture.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, 0.5 Ounce  Clinique All About Eyes by Clinique for Women - 1 oz Eye Cream.