Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Which Is Better for You?

Isn’t it amazing how much progress has been made when it comes to makeup? From the days of using lead paint on the face to these days of concealers, the progress has been astounding. And speaking of concealers, let us look at Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Interestingly, even though they are concealers, they don’t give you any artificial look. These two shades are so tailored to the natural skin tone that you look like you are wearing nothing. They still allow all your naturalness to peep through, giving you a glowing and clear face.

They do not hide your freckles, if you have them. But they diminish the worn out and tired look that comes with dark under-eye circles. And if they can successfully do that, what more are we asking for, right?

Therefore, let us take a journey down this lane, to find out the highs and lows of these two concealers. What makes them unique, one from the other? And what similarities do they have? Can one replace the other? Can they be used together? By the end, you will know which is better suited for you and your needs.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Comparison Overview


If there is one makeup product that almost every woman applies unfailingly, it is a concealer. It makes you look sharp and alive, even if you have just gotten out of bed. It adds color to otherwise sappy skin, which is something other beauty products may not do so well.

To start with, the Fit Me! concealer line has different shades of concealers. Sand is a lighter shade than Medium. Each one suits different skin tones. But this also means the choices on this line is limited.

As great as these options are, there are some people who will not find what they need. There are very many different skin tones. And these eight shades just do not cover them.


Main Difference…


The major difference between Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium is the shade. So that makes it much simpler for you to make a choice.

They suit all skin types, even the sensitive one. Once you know your skin tone, you will be better equipped to make a choice.

For the concealer, Sand, the undertone is yellowish. It is most suitable for people with very fair skin because the undertone blends well for that skin color.

The concealer, Medium has a peach-like undertone. It works best for those with darker skin tones, as it may be too heavy for very light skin.

However, the Medium concealer can be used by anyone. If you have extremely dark circles under your eyes, the Sand concealer may be too light to cover them adequately.





In cases like this, you can apply just a little amount to your under-eye areas if your skin is very light. Blend it in with your powder to keep it from being too dark for you.

Other than the shades and undertones, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium are practically the same.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Price/Value Ratio


If there is one thing that Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium have going for them, it is their prices. They are both drugstore products so they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Compared to their value, their prices sit at the right place. They cost very little, pocket change, but they feel rich and light on the skin. They both offer just about medium coverage for everyone, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Apart from their medium coverage, they have some other benefits accruing to them.

But if you are not satisfied with the results you get as a first time user, you would not lose much. It would be only a few dollars thrown away. It would be completely different if you pay so much and leave dissatisfied.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Comparison Table



Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

TextureSmooth and satinyVery Smooth
PigmentationLightly PigmentedHeavily Pigmented
DurationNot SpecifiedNot Specified




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Who Is Each Best for and in What Situation?


Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

Those with fair skin may consider going for this option. Now, if you have pale skin, this will be too dark for you. But fair skin accepts this shade of concealer very well.


This is because fair skin tends to have more of yellow undertone than pink, a lot of the time. This does not mean that concealers with pink undertones won’t go but it is just to play it safe.


More so, this shade is light enough to be used as a highlighter, if you so wish. Not only is it light, it is also liquid enough for that purpose. So you could get two important purposes taken care of by one makeup product.

A shade darker than the Sand 20, the Medium 25 shade of this line of concealers suits darker skins. If the sun has kissed your skin a lot, this would be perfect for you.


But this shade has been known to offer better coverage for dark circles than the Sand shade. Even though it is dark, a little dollop can do the job if it is blended in with your powder. Its shade makes it perfect for that job.


What’s more, it can equally be used as a highlighter. This is due to its liquid formula and light texture.  However, this feature is more suitable with the Sand 20. If you are a shade darker than the Medium, it could double as a highlighter for you.





Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Common Features


Here are some features that make Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium perfect dupes for each other.




Yes, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium are said to have medium coverage and that is true. But it is also true that their covering capacity can be built up.

You can build up the coverage by laying on one layer after another, without overdoing it. Of course this depends on the extent of the blemish and on you, the wearer. But know you can get medium to full coverage with either of these concealers.


Little Becomes a Lot


A little dollop on the tip of the applicator makes all the difference. See, even though they both offer medium coverage, just a little amount does that.

Once you know either shade is the right one for you, look no further. They will cover up dark circles and any other blemish adequately enough with just a tiny drop.




The reason a little of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium can go a long way is because of the pigmentation. This is especially true for the Medium 25. When we say a little, we mean a little. Applying too much as once may end up making your face a mess.


No Wax or Oil


The absence of any wax and oil in both concealers makes it suitable for any skin type. There is no chance of irritation or breakout due to allergic reactions.

Furthermore, your pores will not be clogged due to oil. At the same time, they do not dry out the skin for as long as you wear either of them.


Perfectly-shaped Applicator


The applicator that comes with these concealers is shaped like a doe’s foot. It is soft and malleable, making it easy to blend the product into lines and smoothen it.

What’s more, it can be washed and cleaned from time to time without destroying it. It is perfect accompaniment for the concealers.


Work as Highlighters as Well


Make these concealers work for you because they can. Beyond concealing, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium can double as highlighters if you know what to do.

Usually, concealers work best when your skin tone is just the perfect match. But if you mix two shades close in color, you will get an amazing blend. If your skin tone is a shade darker than either of these two, you can use it as a highlighter. That is an upside to using an adequately liquid one.


Creamy Formula


They do not dry out your skin and do not cake as the day wears on. They are creamy, without being oily. This makes them easy to wear and blend as they will smear easily into the right places.




For those who have used them, they wear for a long time. Their creaminess could be a factor in this but some users have reportedly worn it for as long as 10 hours. This is not to say it works the same way for everyone.




There is no strong smell or fragrance from them to put you off. Any scent is slight and wears off easily. After all, we don’t buy them for their scents, right?

Therefore, there is no chance of allergies associated with it. Rest assured you will not be assaulted by unwanted fragrances.




With all they offer as benefits, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium are both drugstore products. This means they are very affordable. Just about anyone can afford them because they fit right in with any budget.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – The Uniqueness of Each Product


To differentiate one product from the other, we will talk a look at what makes each one unique.


Concealer, Sand


Maybelline concealer Sand 20 is great as a highlighter as well as a concealer. Its liquid consistency adds to its light color and lightweight to make it a great sub for your highlighter.





Additionally, the Sand has a yellow undertone and suits people with really fair skin.


Concealer, Medium


This Medium 25 shade concealer works best for not very fair skin. It comes with peach-like undertone and has been known to be used by those with reddish undertone, even though their skin is pale.

And even though it is best for darker skin, those with light skin can use it. They can use just a bit of it to cover extremely dark circles because it works better at covering.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Unique Pros


Unique Pros of Concealer, Sand


Other than the fact that it works well as a concealer, is buildable and can double as a highlighter, there is not much going on for it to set it apart. The point of this section is to give you good sides of this concealer that makes it unique.

It can work as a highlighter and it can take you for several hours as a concealer. Again, it blends easily into the right skin tone. Additionally, it does not give you an artificial look but allows all your naturalness show while covering blemishes.


Unique Pros of Concealer, Medium


What makes this different from the Sand concealer is that it can be used by people with lighter skin. If you have really dark circles or blemishes that your Sand concealer doesn’t cover adequately, you can go with this.

It is just one shade darker and can be blended well with your everyday powder or foundation. Besides, it sits pretty well under any kind of makeup.

Above all else, its pigmentation is high. This means just a little amount will go a long way for you. Not only will one package last, it saves you some money.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Unique Cons


Cons Unique to Concealer, Sand


This option of a concealer may be too light and may wear off easily. It is restrictive in the choices of people who can use it.


Cons Unique to Concealer, Medium


If only there were other options under this shade. You know, slightly varying and not necessarily veering towards other shades.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Pros Common to Both



Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

No Wax or OilIt is free from artificial oils and wax. It does not clog your pores, meaning it is non-comedogenic. And it does not give any irritation, be it to the eyes or the skin around there.Likewise, this shade is non-comedogenic and ophthalmologist-tested.
No CakingEven though it is buildable, this concealer does not cake. Of course, you have to watch the amount you apply.The same applies to this option.
Easy to ApplyThe applicator is easy to use and applies the product easily. Besides, if you choose to, you can just dab it on the skin and blend with your clean fingers.Similarly, the Medium concealer works that way.
Fragrance You are not assaulted by any strong or offensive smell form this product. In fact, it is almost odorless.Same is applicable to this product.
Affordable Best of all, with all it has to offer, it is pocket-friendly. Just a dip into your pocket and you leave with one. What’s more, it is available everywhere you go.Likewise, the Medium is very affordable and accessible.
Very LightweightThe liquid formula of this concealer makes it very light on the face. This also means that you can easily wear it under your makeup without feeling some type of way.The Medium concealer is also lightweight.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – Cons Common to Both



Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

No VarietyThis shade is restrictive, so to speak. That is, if your skin tone does not match the Sand 20, then it is unto to Medium, 25. Nothing between.The same is applicable to the Medium 25. If it is not the 25, it is on to Caramel.



Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – What People Feel about Them



Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

For the users who have the right skin tone, the Sand is just the perfect concealer. It blends superbly with their skin, without leaving traces.


Not only that, it does not give the face a pasty look but leaves it as natural as possible.


For users who do not wear much makeup, it’s a great choice. You remain natural yet your dark circles and blemishes are moderately covered.


Buildable Coverage


And users who want more-than-average coverage found that the concealer is buildable. They could actually get some semblance of full coverage from it as they applied some layers.


Additionally, the concealer doubled as a highlighter, as several users reported. It is light and liquid enough to do this, especially for people with really pale skin.


But many felt that it could be better. If there could be variations between the Sand and the next shade, it would give better choices.


However, the general feeling is good. It is recommended.

For the Medium shade of the Maybelline Fit Me! concealer line, the reception is generally better. Users found that as a concealer, it offered more than medium coverage, even with just one layer.


This is because of the pigment level of the concealer. The darker a concealer is, the better the coverage it offers.


Great Shade


Besides, it sits at a comfortable shade that is not dark but is not too light, either. This was found to be a plus for it as far as users were concerned.


Those with paler skin could use it for better coverage. Those with darker skin could use it to highlight their faces.


What’s more, it could be mixed with either the Sand or the Fair shades. Mixing with other shades will give a shade that will look much better than what is available.


From the reviews, it is clear that it does not last all day. This is a heads-up for any potential user. But this does not mean it does not live up to its name. This is just a normal occurrence with makeup when it is worn for a long time.




maybelline fit me concealer sand vs mediummaybelline fit me
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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Sand vs Medium – What We Think


Concealer, Sand

Concealer, Medium

We think it is a suitable concealer. It offers the right amount of coverage for people with the right skin tone.


Then the fact that it can double as a concealer, which isn’t part of the brand’s initial purpose for it, is a plus.


It is great that most skin tones can find what they need with this line of concealers.


Apart from these, it is appreciable that it does not cake, even after long-wearing. And it doesn’t make the face oily after some time. Plus, it is so light, it practically invisible under makeup.


What We Don’t Like


But we do not like that it does not have varieties. It does not offer choices to users who need them for different seasons.


Would we recommend it to anyone, even with this con? Yes, we would. It is a cheap product for all the benefits it offers.


Get the Concealer, Sand now!

For a concealer to do all this does, you would think it would cost much more. As a drugstore product, it is super effective.


People with different undertones can use it, from yellow to reddish. That is versatility, if we do say so. Additionally, it offers more than average coverage and is buildable.


No Adverse Reactions


Furthermore, it is pleasing to know that any skin type can use it without any adverse reaction. Even those with sensitive skin use it. And it does not affect the eyes, as it is ophthalmologist-tested.


It offers a longer-lasting coverage than the Sand because of its higher pigmentation, even though it doesn’t last all day.


But just like the Sand shade, we would have liked it even more if it had varieties to choose from. This would open up a better market for users, as there are so many different skin tones. And what is on offer just does not cut it for everyone.


Is this a good buy, though? By all means, yes. The benefits, at its ridiculously low price, far outweighs what it does not offer.


Get the Concealer, Medium now!



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