Makeup: What You Need to Know about Looking Beautiful

It is every woman’s dream to look exceptional, whether they know it or not. You find women everywhere looking for that extra makeup accessory that would be the final touch to a fabulous look. Tastes vary when it comes to these accessories. But there is one thing that cuts across colour, taste and clime and that is makeup.

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For countless generations, makeup has been an integral part of existence. Not just for looking good but for other deeper purposes, like covering up scars.

As things evolved, so did the types of makeup in existence. Today, you do not find what used to be in vogue in, say, 1760.

People have become bolder with the type of makeup they put on. For example, in the past, it took a very bold and adventurous woman to wear red lipstick. Now, you would feel your makeup set is incomplete if there is no red lipstick there. Even if you do not wear it often.

Shopping for Makeup Can Be a Task…

From concealers, lipsticks and foundation to powders, primers and brow pencils, the list of accessories is endless. Due to this, it can be confusing, knowing what to buy.

Besides, having it is one thing but knowing how to use it is another. Many women surf stores and beauty parlours for the best makeup accessories for them. But knowing what to use in order to get the best result? That can be tricky.

Not to worry, though, because you are about to learn more about makeup. This guide will point you in the right direction to what is best for you. The choice would still be up to you but you would be better informed with this guide.

What You Will Find in a Makeup Kit


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A well-made up face is a work of art. It goes to show that the woman appreciates her looks and would give them the best. Besides, every woman is already beautiful.

But makeup brings out the highpoints of her features, accentuating them. And when you know you look splendid, it tends to give you the confidence to face anything. See? Makeup is not superficial.

There are oh, so many makeup accessories you have at your disposal. Even the beginner is not left out. And believe it or not, they all have different categories. Yes, most makeup goes on the face but where does each one go?

You have makeup for the face proper, then for the eyes, lips and even nails! Then, you also have to know how to apply each one appropriately. Here’s a rundown of the very important makeup accessories and what they are for, step by step:


This is the foundation that goes before the foundation. If you have been skipping this step before applying your foundation, then you are wrong.


Primers are meant to smoothen the face and serve as a base for your makeup. It is essential because it smoothens and holds your makeup for a longer time than usual.

As a solid base, to keep makeup from sliding off your face. Besides, it is especially good for oily faces, even though it works for all skin types.

You do not want to reapply your makeup every few hours, do you? Then invest in primer. It can come in gel, cream or powder formula. So whichever suits you best, you’ve got it.

Eye Primer

Just like the face primer, eye primer offers a solid base for eye makeup. It smoothens creases and folds so that your makeup can go on smoothly. And when you are done, it holds everything in place so that nothing runs or slides off.


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Got any blemish on your skin? Do not stress yourself about covering it up. That is what concealers are meant to do.

Initially, this was the exclusive job of foundation. But now, concealer is meant strictly for covering any extra blemish or dark spot that foundation does not get to.

What’s more, it also goes a further step to make you look perky, even when you’re half asleep. On days when you’re operating on four or five hours of sleep, concealer becomes your best friend.

It hides the dark circles under your eyes. Using just foundation may not give you that effect. And concealers are not heavy if you have that fear. You do not have to apply it all over your face. Just touch up the affected areas and you are good to go.

Blemish Balm

This is also called BB if you like. It works just the way a concealer would but it has something extra. It has the ability to heal broken skin.

Some types of BB slow ageing, moisturize and whiten while giving protection from the sun. However, this balm is optional. It is a great accessory in your makeup kit but using it every day is not essential.


Facial complexion can be tricky. You may think you have an even facial colour but see something different when you apply makeup without foundation.

Foundation is meant to give you a smooth and even colour before you apply your makeup. This is so that you come out looking flawless, with the colours all blended in.

Initially, the foundation was popularly in liquid or powder formulas. Nowadays, you can get it in cream or mousse formulas.

Depending on your skin tone, you pick the shade that correctly matches it. It is not one-colour-fits-all. Unlike a concealer, foundation evens out skin tones. But it does not totally cover blemishes on your skin.


This is a constant in almost every woman’s bag. Yup! Even if you do not find a concealer or foundation, you are sure to find face powder. Above all else, it is one of those essentials that are used to touch up makeup. What makeup is complete without it? We will tell you: none.

After applying your foundation, the next thing to go on your face is your powder. Why is this necessary after using foundation? Foundation has the tendency to look shiny, especially the liquid type.

To give your face the opaque or matte look, face powder is necessary. It holds foundation in place, keeping it from caking. Hence, most powders are shine-free. It comes in different forms like loose and pressed powders, setting, finishing and HD powders.

Brow Pencil

This is a pencil that is used to give your brows a definite pattern. While it is not very essential, you’d find that it goes a long way to add to your overall look. If your brows are already defined, it would not be such a task to apply it.


Let your lashes speak for themselves. Mascara is meant to darken, straighten and add volume to your lashes. Depending on what goes for you, there are different colours in addition to the natural hues of brown and black.

There are also waterproof mascaras so you don’t have to go about with a stained face.

In addition to the above, mascaras are now made with different proteins and minerals. These help give you healthy lashes, long, strong and thick.


Rouge or blush is one makeup accessory that many women do not have. Some who do have it underestimate its importance.

As old as time, it is used to give colour to the face and accentuate the cheekbones. When this is done, it tends to make one look younger and more vibrant.

The contrast between the usual skin colour and the rouge is alluring. Apart from adding colour, it gives a narrowing effect to your face, enhancing features. For those with already sharp features, rouge can also serve to soften and give a glow.

Contour Powder or Cream

Ah, the power of contouring! It can change the shape of your face in the blink of an eye.

If you have desired a more defined facial structure, contouring is the way to go.

This look would be better achieved if you use a contour powder/cream that is somewhat darker than your natural complexion. It would give you a better illusion of depth.

Using a contour powder/cream is not usually a necessity, especially if you keep things light. But you would get the best result with it if you use the right concealer or foundation.

Normally, the foundation is best if it is just the same as your skin tone. But if you are going to use a contour powder, you may want to use a foundation that is your colour. This is to bring out the contour, giving the desired illusion of depth that is needed.








If you are very light-skinned, then this is for you. A bronzer gives you the look of someone with a tan without having to go under the sun.

For a quick tanned look to go with your makeup, a bronzer is an essential part of your makeup. But not to worry because it is easy to wash off, unlike a tanning lotion.

For the best effect, apply it to your forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. Those are the areas that get the most glares and that tend to get oily first.

Setting Spray

There is not much to say about this. The name speaks volumes already, right? After you have applied all you need, this keeps everything in its place all day.

It keeps your face glowing and your makeup flawless. With it, there would be no need to constantly whip out your mirror for a ‘makeup check’.


This is one of the most important makeup accessories a lady can have. Let’s say we take a trip into your handbag right now, hmm? Are we going to find a tube of lipstick? Of course, we are! Every woman has their preference but your makeup would not be complete without it.

The thing about lipsticks is that they give a sass and finish that little else can. When you decide to go with minimal makeup but add lipstick, it boosts your look, especially a dark one.

It comes in different textures or finishes like creamy, glossy or matte. It equally comes in an unbelievable array of colours; the most popular would be red, nude and pink.

Apart from lipsticks, there are lip pencils, clear or tinted lip glosses, lip balms, lip plumper and lip stains.

Lip plumper makes your lips look fuller by stimulating with camphor or menthol. It could be clear, tinted or opaque to suit various tastes. Its effect is usually short-lived so you may have to re-apply several times.

A lip balm can be worn alone or used as a base for your lipstick. It serves to keep your lips from drying out, especially if you have naturally dry lips.

Makeup for Different Occasions…

On a completely different note, there is makeup for different occasions. For example, if you are going for a business meeting, you need to look as demure as possible. Loud or extravagant makeup wouldn’t show you in a professional light.

Keep things light and simple, without looking bare. Learn the art of applying makeup that looks like you don’t have makeup on. You know that ‘no makeup’ makeup? Yes, that one.

If you’re headed out for a night in town, you can pull out all the stops. This does not mean you don’t apply caution but you can use louder colours.

You know that red lipstick you have been too nervous to wear? Now is the time to rock it. Red always makes a fashionable statement, especially when it is paired with that little black dress.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Makeup to Get You looking Outstanding

Makeup accessories are some of the easiest items to find. They are readily available, in every shade and type. All you have to do is know what you want or the look you seek.

However, should you just buy something because it is affordable? Or should you get it because it looks amazing on your friend?

There are some factors to keep at the back of your mind when buying makeup. As easy as it looks, it can be really tricky. But when you are armed with the following information, you can hardly go wrong:

Your Skin Tone

Some people have a warm skin tone while some have a cool skin tone. Yet another group is neutral, neither warm nor cool. Before you go for any makeup accessory, be sure to know what your skin tone is.

This would inform the choice of colours you pick. A neutral skin tone goes well with almost any colour. A warm skin tone works best with warm colours. A cool skin tone is best paired with cool colours.

How would you know this? The easiest way is to check the veins in your inner wrist. Everyone has some showing.

If the veins are greenish, then you have a warm skin tone. If they are bluish, you have a cool skin tone. But if they do not have a particular colour, you can be pegged under a neutral skin tone.

People who are naturally dark-complexioned tend to have a warmer skin tone. So the next time you go to buy foundation, powder or lipstick, select based on your skin tone.

Get the Right Color Palette

SHANY Natural Fusion - 88 Color Eye shadow Palette - Nude






It is easy to get carried away when you see an array of colour palettes in a beauty store. We have all been there, one time or another.

You see a palette that has all the shades of blue that you have been looking for and you gasp in excitement. But are all those shades right for you? You may like a particular colour but it may not be the best for you.

What do you do? It is advised that you buy from a store with beauty experts. That is if you are not well-versed in choosing these items.

With their experience, they would choose the right shades for you.

In the end, you would have just one colour palette that would suit all your makeup needs. You would not have to keep buying palettes in search of that elusive colour.

Run a Test

Before you leave the store, it is important you run a test with the makeup kit of your choice. Usually, stores have test kits so after selecting, have them test your choices on you.

This is to be sure you made the right choice and to see how things would turn out.

It is equally important that you buy from stores and companies that have a return policy. Little else frustrates more than being stuck with an item that you cannot use.

Therefore, if a store has a return policy that is effective, you can return an accessory that is not to your taste.

However, you have to help them by keeping the wrappings as intact as possible. More times than not, they refuse to take back products because of damaged wrapping.


There is nothing wrong with not knowing how to use an item. For example, if you cannot mix eye shadow, don’t do it. Just apply one that is perfect for you.

If you have to mix colours, be sure to do it in a way that is flattering for you. This is why having a palette that has lots of right colours is important.

And if you do not know how to use, say, a lip liner, you could learn. Or leave it out entirely. The whole point of having makeup is to have fun and look beautiful. It does not have to be rocket science, to boot.


How horrible is it to own something that does not last for long? You apply makeup and 30 minutes later, you absolutely have to go and touch it up. We know! It makes you feel as if you wasted money.

But it should not feel that way. This is why it is necessary to choose products that have been tested and trusted to last for hours. Even if you have to reapply, it has to be just once.


Every woman would love to have on makeup that doesn’t need touch-up all day long.

You also need to be sure your choices don’t cake easily in their packets. You don’t want a foundation that congeals in its pack after just three months, even if you don’t use it often.

So while you’re looking for those which last on your face, look for those that last in their packs, too.


You can get a makeup package that contains all you need. For some women, it’s easier to just have that than the accessories coming differently.

If you are especially given to easy and fast makeup, then it is best to have everything in one place. Keep this in mind when you are making your choice.

You don’t want to be on the move and suddenly remember you forgot your mascara at home.

Choose Colors that Complement Each Other

Makeup is colour, right? Therefore, you need to choose colours that match each other. Your rouge has to complement your eye shadow.

Your eye shadow and your choice of lipstick must complement each other. You would look fabulous that way, instead of looking like your two-year-old applied your makeup.

5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Shopping for Makeup

Now that you know what to keep in mind while shopping, what is next? Well, you need to get the best shopping experience, don’t you?

But shopping for makeup can be overwhelming, especially when it’s in a big store. Big stores are usually better because they have a wider array of products to choose from.

However, to ensure that you stick to the plan and pick the very best, here are a few tips:

Stay within a Budget

When you are confronted with many beautiful things, you get drawn in. You tend to spend more than when there isn’t much to choose from.

So it is important that you map out a budget, list what you want and stay within the line. Whatever else you do, stay within your budget.

Making a list helps a lot. Besides, you don’t have to buy everything at once. Start with the necessary ones, and then go over to others over time.

Take Your Friend with You

A friend who can rein you in easily and who is very honest. Not only would they keep you in line, but they can also tell you when a colour isn’t good for you.

If you go alone, you wouldn’t get the result you would if you take your friend. That second opinion could be a lifesaver as well as the difference to your pocket.

Salespersons Are not Decoration

They are there to give you advice. Best believe that they have experience and can help you. That is why they are there in the first place.

Therefore, take advantage of their wealth of knowledge to pick items. They really do know this stuff.

Read Labels for the Ingredients

You like that demure yet classy look. You probably prefer the bohemian look. Or you are the one to go for the smoky eyes. These are all great but do you know what you’re putting on your face? Do you have allergies?

If you do, then you have to start reading the labels on these products. And depending on your skin type, you should buy accordingly. Have oily skin, for example? Go for products that keep the oil at bay.

Surf the Internet While There

There is tons of helpful information out there. Don’t just take the salesperson’s or your friend’s word for it. Find out things for yourself if you are not absolutely sure of it.

People have, more likely than not, used the product you’re about to buy. Read what they have to say about it before you buy.

Besides this, there is a chance you could find a store which offers lower prices in reviews. This internet era is a blessing. So put it to the best use every way you can.

When you keep this information in mind, you’re headed in the right direction. Makeup is one of the best things to happen for women so it should be fun and easy. Therefore, let us endeavour to keep it that way, shall we?

Have you bought some makeup accessories recently? What was your experience? Share with us in the comments section below.





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