Perfume Tester: Save Some Extra Bucks When Shopping

You might be having some misconceptions about perfume tester, probably because of what you have heard or read. Perfume testers are exactly the original perfume, only without the fancy retail packaging. They may come without or with a cap and in a variety of tester packaging as produced by their manufacturer.


Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette Spray (Tester) 4.2 oz for Women - 100% Authentic


Some come in a brown/white box because it is generally the cheapest package to use. Ideally, perfume testers are not meant to be sold. Perfume companies use testers for the purpose of demonstrating their products. Therefore, the quality of the perfume is the same as the retail product.

Here is why. Perfume testers are one of the strategies perfume companies use to influence customers’ buying decision. What this means is that they make the same quality as the retail product to woo you over to them. Do not be afraid when you see one, they are not inferior to the retail product.

The best part is that all perfume testers are brand new and unused. Isn’t that great? You are actually buying the same quality as the retail product at a lower price. The only thing you wouldn’t be getting is the packaging box.

You do not even actually need the packaging box because in most cases they end in the trash bin. If you use a perfume tester, you are contributing to reducing waste generation in the environment thereby protecting the planet.

Ways Perfume Testers are Packaged

Perfume Testers can come in several different ways:
a. Boxed with a cap
b. Boxed without a cap
c. Unboxed with a cap
d. Unboxed without a cap

No matter which version of packaging they are sold in, they come in the same content as the original. If the packaging of the perfume does not matter to you, then purchasing one can be cost effective.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dot Drama for Women Eau De Parfum Spray Collector Edition, 2.7 Oz (Tester/Plain Box)




Factors to Consider When Buying a Perfume Tester

It can be exhausting to choose a perfume tester that meets your style and standard. That is not all, it is even complicated to know how to differentiate between an original and counterfeit one. It takes an informed consumer to select the ideal perfume tester, the reason this perfume buying guide was written.
Check out the listed factors below, it would help you make informed choice when buying a perfume tester.


If there is one factor you should consider before buying a perfume tester, it is the brand. There are varieties of perfume testers available on the market claiming to be the ideal one for you. Most counterfeit purchases can be avoided by buying from a reputable brand.


Make up your mind on the amount you are willing to spend on one. How much is too much for you? Do you know that price is a good indication of authenticity when it comes to perfume testers?

The major factors that determine price are the ingredients used and quality of the ingredients. Other factors that may affect the price of a perfume tester include brand name and others.
Take note: original perfume tester provide better value in the long run than the counterfeit ones.

Do you want to keep spending your money on numerous cheap perfume tester over and over again that are ineffective?
Anyway, do not be carried away by price. The fact that it is expensive does not mean that it is great neither low priced bad either. Do your research and make decisions in line with your budget.

Baiser Vole by Cartier for Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Oz (Tester/Plain Box)





What is the perfume tester made of? You need to be careful when selecting products that would have contact with your skin. Some perfume testers are made from synthetic ingredients while some from natural ingredients. It is up to you to decide which ingredients you prefer.

Authentic perfume tester put in a lot of work on researching on good ingredients that creates the different notes. Cheap perfume testers tend to be completely synthetic and lack the complexity of layered perfumes created with natural ingredients.

Warning: counterfeit perfume tester often cause allergic reactions or leave unwanted rashes on the skin. Do you want those to happen to you?

Long-lasting Smell

Would you want that when you use a perfume tester, the scents immediately disappears? You should be mindful of the longevity when considering buying a perfume tester. A counterfeit perfume tester will smell similar to the original one but the authentic one always last longer.

Opened bottles of authentic perfume tester can retain their scents from 6 to 18 months. Cheap opened bottles of perfume tester will lose their scents in a matter of weeks or a couple months.


Fantasy By Britney Spears 3.3 oz Eau De Parfum Spray (Tester) for Women





Perfume testers usually come with single or different types of notes. It is your choice to decide on the type of perfume tester you want. Conduct a research on the perfume tester you think is ideal for you before you buy it.

Find out whether it has a single note or multiple notes. Single note perfume testers contain only the top notes, so a lack of middle and base notes doesnt always mean counterfeit. Take note: to verify the authenticity of a single note perfume tester, pay attention to whether the scent smells strange.


Where exactly would you be wearing your perfume tester to? For work or business meetings, pick a perfume tester that stands out but not so overpowering.

During casual weekend, select fresh aquatic perfume tester that has outdoor vigor scents. When going for a romantic date it would be good to wear warm sensual and highly seductive perfume tester.

Alcohol Content

Some perfume tester contains alcohol because alcohol is active against bacteria. While this my sounds great, alcohol would cause dryness on your skin. There are perfume tester that are free from alcohol, choose such products.
Buying alcohol-free perfume tester would give your skin a soother feeling.


Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Women's 3.4-ounce Eau de Parfum Spray (Tester)




Fragrance Content

Perfume testers are usually worn to smell good, isn’t it? While this is true, certain fragrance content are not good for the skin even though they make you feel good.

Some perfume tester has fragrances in them, avoid them just as you would avoid poison. The reason is that perfume testers with fragrances can make your skin dry, which would damage your skin.

When buying perfume tester, choose those that do not contain much fragrance. This would prevent your skin from irritation and getting dry.

Expiry Date

It is always advisable to check the expiry date of any product and that includes a perfume tester. You should not use a perfume tester that is expired. Here is why: a perfume tester that is expired has become ineffective, as the efficiency of the ingredients have worn off.

When a product is expired, the molecules in the ingredients used have been broken and this could damage your skin. In addition to that, your perfume tester can start harboring bacteria which would damage to your skin.

Prada Candy for Women Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.7 Ounce (TESTER)




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Tips to Get the Best Out of Shopping for Perfume Testers

You should be careful when you are out shopping for perfume testers. You do not want to end up buying a fake product that would be ineffective and dangerous to your health. This perfume tester buying guide has the information that would help you select the right perfume tester just for you.

Check for the Country of Origin

Carefully scan through your perfume tester container to see if the country of origin is stated. Many counterfeit perfume testers do not state the country of origin on the product. You still need to be cautious; some fake perfume testers put the country of origin on the product.

Do not worry; there are still other ways to check if a perfume tester is original or fake. Continue reading to find out how.

RED by Giorgio Beverly Hills Eau De Toilette Spray (Tester) 3 oz for Women - 100% Authentic




Check for Spellings on the Perfume Tester Container

Always carefully inspect the perfume tester container before you purchase it. The brand name printed on an original perfume tester is normally embossed and cant be erased easily. If you inspect a fake perfume tester thoroughly, you would find a lot of imperfections.

Check to see if the name of the perfume tester is properly spelt. Any misspelling on the perfume tester container shows it is not real. That is not all; check the manufacturers website to see if the information published there matches with what is written.

Take note: The smallest mismatch on a perfume tester container is a sign of counterfeit.

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby by Gwen Stefani Eau De Toilette Spray (Tester) 3.4 oz -100% Authentic




Color of the Perfume

Do you know that recognized brands do not use lots of dye in their perfume? It is important to note that the color of perfume testers from renowned brands is usually pale. If you see a perfume tester with heavy coloring, it is a sign of counterfeit.

Take note: The color of an original perfume tester must be consistent.

Lulu Guinness Women's 3.4-ounce Eau de Parfum Spray (Tester)




Bottle Cap

The cap of an original perfume tester should be perfectly symmetrical (unless otherwise designed in the original creation). The cap of an original perfume tester stays in place if you flip the container upside down. Most of fake perfume tester caps do not fit well onto the container.
How can you find out? You will notice this by trying to open and close the perfume tester cap.

Serial number

The serial number of the perfume tester should be indicated on the bottom of the bottle and not glued on.

High Quality Container

A perfume tester that is authentic is made of high quality bottle with fine and smooth surface. The bottle of a counterfeit perfume tester is usually contoured and rough.

SUNG BY ALFRED SUNG ~ 3.3 / 3.4 oz EDT SPRAY TST TESTER Perfume for Women




Shake the Container

Before buying a perfume tester, shake the container. Why does this matter? This can help you determine if the perfume tester is original or counterfeit. Observe what you see when you shake the container.

If it is an original perfume tester, bubbles will appear and they would should disappear in a span of approximately 10-15 seconds. For fake perfume testers, the bubbles will immediately disappear after you shake it.

Buy from Departmental Stores

It is preferable to buy perfume testers from department stores. Here is why: you have the advantage of being able to closely examine the container and talk to the retail staff. That is not all: if per chance you buy a fake perfume tester from them, they usually have return policy.

Try out a Sample

Consider trying out a sample before purchasing a perfume tester.
Original perfume testers will have 3 layers:

Top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The first spray will have a different scent from the middle notes and finally the base notes. Warning: fake perfume testers may smell familiar but they have a flat, one-dimensional scent missing out on the layer of notes.

That is not all; original perfume testers can last at least 2-3 hours or more when you wear it. The same cannot be said of counterfeit perfume testers, they will only last less than 1 hour.


Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana Eau De Parfum Spray (Tester) 2.5 oz Women




Return Policy

Check that the outlet you choose to buy your perfume tester from has return policy. Always consider buying a perfume tester from sellers who have return policy. If it is possible, get the vendors contact information in case it turns out to be unsatisfactory.

Read Reviews 

When buying a perfume tester from online stores, ensure you read consumers review before purchase. This can help you decide if it would be a best fit for you. That is not all, check that the seller is PayPal verified as this means they had to disclose their contact information.

Gucci Bamboo by Gucci Eau De Parfum Spray (Tester) 2.5 oz




Take Someone Along with you

You need the opinion of others when choosing a perfume tester. One reason you wear is a perfume tester is to make a statement. The opinion of someone else can give you feedback on how a perfume tester reflects on your personality.

How to Get the Most from Using a Perfume Tester

  1. Avoid being in a haste using a perfume tester. Allow for enough time for the perfume tester to get in contact with the skin.
  2.  Store your perfume tester in a cool and dry location. This means you should avoid leaving them in the bathroom.
  3.  Always put the cover back after using a perfume tester instead of leaving it open.