Cracked Heel Balm: A Subtle Way to Rejuvenate Cracked Heels

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One of the many troubles of dry skin is cracked heels. You can’t just avoid it if you have extremely dry skin. But not to worry because cracked heel balm has come to the rescue.

Cracked heels are common foot problems which generally affect those with dry skin type. Although it mostly affects women, it isn’t a stranger to men. As long as you have dry skin, there’s all tendency of having cracked heels.

Usually formulated with oil-based ingredients, cracked heel balms really enable the effective repair of dry and scaly heels. The oil-based formula enables the active ingredients to seep into cracked heels efficiently to re-hydrate and repair it. Slathering on a cracked heel balm is the fastest way to protect the heels before summer and winter dryness.

Cracked heel balms are more likely to work compared to other treatments for cracked heels. This is because a cracked heel balm is made of ingredients sufficient enough to cater for your rough, dry calluses. It is also thick enough to penetrate all the dry thick layers of skin on your foot.

Cracked heels don’t just appear; there’s always a cause. And most of the time, when it’s not caused by an ailment or foot condition, it’s caused by one’s carelessness.


Conditions that May Lead to Cracked Heels



One of the early symptoms of cracked heels is the formation of calluses around the rim of the heel. Calluses are dry, thickened skin which keeps skin tough and elastic. But when not properly catered for, it ends up causing serious discomfort.

As you walk, the fat pad under the heel expands causing calluses also to expand at the same time. This leads to the cracks and fissures which then appear on the heels. A good cracked heel balm always works in getting rid of all calluses on the heels.

Excessive Standing

You may not have to quit the job which requires standing for long periods, but you can make a smart choice. In other to reduce heel cracks while you stand, rub on your cracked heel balm morning and evening. This way, the pressure placed on your heel pad is lesser, hence, decreasing appearances of cracks and fissures on heels.

Walking Barefoot

Maybe you did it a lot while you were still growing up; however, it’s high time you stopped. Don’t turn a smooth supple heel into one you always have to slather a cracked heel balm on.

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Long Hot Showers

Who knew showers could even pose a problem? Well, unless it’s hot and long, do not worry about it. You can take showers, but ensure the water isn’t too hot as it may be too harsh on your skin.

Harsh Soaps

There are so many soaps which can cause damage to the natural oils present on your skin. Using harsh soaps can strip your skin of natural oils which help keep skin smooth and moisturized.

Ill-fitting and Open Back Shoes

We keep saying it, poor-fitting shoes are no good for your heels. Not only are you damaging your heels, you may be inviting a foot condition. Quit wearing shoes that don’t support your heels or expose the back of your heel pad to avoid cracked heels.


Changes in climate may be the reason for your cracking dry heels. Dryness in the heels would be observed more during cold temperatures or low humidity and the dry, dusty season.

During these seasons, there’s not much moisture for the heel to absorb which results in the dryness that follows. A cracked heel balm helps seal in all the moisture your feet requires. Never hesitate to purchase one for the dusty day!

Moisture Deficit

Lack of moisture in the feet means there won’t be enough water to hydrate it for smoothness and suppleness. If you deprive your feet of the necessary moisture it requires, your feet may dry out even faster. Lock in moisture constantly with a cracked heel balm.

Medical Causes

The cracked heels some experience may be hinged on a medical condition they are probably not aware of. Some of these medical conditions include; Vitamin deficiency, fungal infection, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, obesity, pregnancy, age, juvenile plantar dermatosis and so on.

Symptoms that accompany cracked heels include flaky skin, itching, pain, possibly fever, bleeding, red inflamed skin, ulceration. Severe complications include; a loss of feeling in your heel, cellulitis, an infection, diabetic foot ulcer etc.

Do not treat cracked heels on your own if they’re caused by a medical condition. Severe cases should be evaluated by a podiatrist.


Factors to Consider before Choosing a Cracked heel Balm

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In as much as cracked heel balms are known to do wonders, not every type is for you. Here are some points to consider before buying one.

Oil and Smear

Cracked heel balms consist of oily ingredients which thus make them oily products. While on the heels, your skin would always be oily and smeary. If you’re the type such irritates, you can opt for other cracked heel repair products.


Do not purchase products you’re not sure of the ingredients it contains. You must be picky with the ingredients you slather on your delicate broken skin. More is revealed about this later in this article.


We are glad to announce to you that you can get a good cracked heel balm for less than 10$. You don’t need to break a bank to purchase your heel saviour.

Foot Condition

Some peculiar foot conditions such as diabetes cause dry heels, you must be careful of the products you buy. While some products are well suited for your foot condition, some may be quite harmful to it. Your podiatrist is in the best position to prescribe you a cracked heel balm.

Multipurpose Balm

Some products may be well suited for your heels, legs and hand as well. Some cracked heel balm can even cure your eczema.  Purchase them instead to save up some extra bucks.


Some products may take a sweat to come out of the bottle. They may be full of little lumps which would pose difficulty in coming out of the container.

Also, read reviews for scents of your product. Some products have pleasant fragrances while some give less olfactory pleasance.


Ingredients to Look Out for in Your Cracked heel Balm

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The ingredients listed below are some of the ingredients that must be included in your heel balm for amazing results. If not all, at least some of the following should be present. Here’s the list:


This ingredient aids moisturizing and exfoliating properties of rough, dry skin. Urea is a naturally occurring ingredient which facilitates skin’s absorption and retention. This ingredient also hastens the breakdown of dry scaly skin.
Since Urea is depleted once in contact with ground, mechanical abrasion or water, there’s a consistent need to restore the moisture. Therefore, a cracked heel balm must contain Urea.


This ingredient helps restore and maintain moisture balance of the skin. This then boosts the prevention of drying and chapping of the heels. Lanolin also ensures for durable, lasting hydration capable of reducing skin roughness.


Forms occlusive barrier layer on the skin surface. While doing this, it also reduces water loss by evaporation from the skin. It’s all in a bid to protect skin from environmental harshness.

Glycolic acid

This acid assists greatly in the removal of dry, rough, scaly skin from the heel. It also helps peel off dead skin

Aloe Vera

This ingredient is a natural healing agent which is highly beneficial to cracked heels. It helps improve the moisturizing properties of your cracked heel balm. The natural components it contains help to reduce pain, redness and inflammation imposed by cracked heel.

Shea butter

This ingredient is one of the best natural moisturizers known to man. It helps improve the moisturizing properties of your product.


This is another ingredient which helps moisturize and condition the skin on the heel. Your heel will always be fluffy with this ingredient present in your product.

Vitamin E

This ingredient greatly helps improve the antioxidant properties of the product you purchase. It lessens the tendency of irritation and inflammation.


The skin revitalizes once this ingredient is present in your product. It also boosts anti-aging properties of your cracked heel balm.


This ingredient works to provide a barrier for moisture loss. It helps lock in moisture into your feet.

Other ingredients may include Coconut, Soybean, Avocado, Sunflower, and Olive oil. They work to quench dry skin, seal in moisture and soothe cracked rough hard heels to restore healthy skin instantly.


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Getting the Best from Your Cracked Heel Balm

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Soak and Exfoliate

The skin around the heel is usually dryer and thicker than the rest of the body which ultimately leads to cracking. This happens when much pressure is placed on it.

Soak feet in warm water reaching up to the heels for about 20mins. After then, use a foot scrub or pumice stone to slough off dead skin from the heels. Apply your heel balm afterwards and you may wear socks to lock in moisture properly.


When experiencing heel cracks, ensure you moisturize your heels two to three times daily. Some heel balms may sting or itch depending on the product and how much you slather on. Severe cases may require a cracked heel prescription balm or steroid cream to reduce inflammation and relieve itching.

You must also wear shoes that protect your heels to prevent further cases of cracks there. The product should hydrate deep into the skin. Use preferably at night time. Some products come with a rub-on dispenser to keep your hands off the balm (no one likes the smear!).

Use Honey

Honey on its own works as a natural remedy for cracked heels. When applied on affected heels, it can heal and cleanse wounds while moisturizing the skin.

However, it’s still not a substitute for a cracked heel balm. You can use honey as a foot scrub or apply it as a foot mask overnight.

Superglue/ Liquid Bandage

Superglue isn’t liquid bandage which allows you go about your day without worrying about further cracks on your heels. Superglue does seal cracked heels; however, sealing isn’t the same as healing. You must be careful because some products with toxic coating may be forced into skin surface wound as it heals.

Coconut Oil

Natural essential oils such as coconut oil are often recommended for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. It helps retain skin moisture and consists of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to heal cracked heels. Using after a foot soak is a good option before slathering on your cracked heel balm.

Ways You Can Prevent Cracked heels

i. As much as possible, avoid flip flops, sandals, shoes with tall skinny heels, open-back shoes, and so on. They increase the risk of feet drying out and don’t provide enough heels support which causes feet to expand sideways.

ii. Avoid scrubbing your feet when they are dry. This increases the risk of damaged skin.

iii. Try not to stand in one position or sit with the two legs crossed for a long time.

iv. Inspect your dry feet daily especially if you have a foot condition such as diabetes.

v. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

vi. It is important to see a doctor if you’ve potentially serious complications. Even if your feet show improvements after initial treatment, it may take several days or weeks for the cracks to heal. While treating your heels, wear shoes that fit properly and practice proper foot care to help prevent new heel cracks.

vii. Use a foot scrub to remove ingrained dirt and dead skin. Not only your face needs exfoliation; your heel needs a nice, gentle one too.

viii. Use pumice scarcely or only a few times a week. After using the pumice stone, inspect feet for cracks or fissures then apply your cracked heel balm.

xi. Your normal foot lotion won’t work on your cracked heels. Get a cracked heel balm instead. This is because it is really thick, unlike body creams that won’t stay in the cracks. Rub once your feet are dry.

x. Use orthotics (custom shoe inserts) to cushion your heel and even out weight distribution.

xi. Wear only good quality clinically-tested padded heel socks.

This buying guide would doubtlessly guide you to choosing the most suitable cracked heel balm for your heels if you follow all instructions. What more could you ask for?