Foot Moisturizer: Never Leave Your Foot Scaly Again         

Have you noticed what most people look at once they first meet you? Sometimes, it’s not the well-shaved beards or the mastermind face beat, it’s the feet. You know why? It’s because 80% of people actually pay little or no attention to their feet.

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Purchasing a foot moisturizer may sound funny to some. Unless you’re one of the many whose feet experience extreme dryness constantly, we bet it won’t be funny to you. This dryness of the feet may occur as a result genetic makeup, climate changes or simply carelessness.

In winter, foot skin feels most deprived of moisture while in summer they get too much exposure to these elements. Hence, the need for a foot moisturizer cannot simply be overemphasized.

This buying guide is aimed at guiding you to not just buying a foot moisturizer, but buying a good one. Don’t ruin the chances of a future business partner with your scaly foot!

Meanwhile, there are reasons why your feet are always dry. It may not be your fault your feet are always cracked and sadly, it may.

Without you first knowing this, going ahead to purchase a foot moisturizer may not yield any results. More is explained on this later in the article. But before then, here are some reasons your feet are always cracked…

Cracked Heels Occur for the Following Reasons

  • Putting on Tight Shoes

Shoes that don’t fit properly can make your feet dry. If your foot is unable to breathe, it ultimately sweats. You know where all that water is coming from? No other place but your feet water reserves.

  • Foot Conditions

Having a foot condition will ultimately lead to a constantly dry foot. If you’ve diabetes, it’s important you take care of our foot properly before it leads to infections.

If you’ve any foot condition, make sure your foot is properly checked periodically. Make sure any cracks in your heels are properly tendered to by a podiatrist and it’s cleared quickly. Eczema and Psoriasis are some other foot conditions that require maximum care and attention.

  • Shoes with Open Backs

You would definitely experience cracks in your heel if you’ve a super dry skin. However, this would only be speeded up if you stand for a long or wears sandals with open backs.

Some shoes with open backs do your feet more harm than good. While it’s trendy and really classy, it makes the pad of your heels spread wider than usual. In the process, the skin on the foot bulges out the sides ultimately leading to cracks and fissures.

Skin present on heel is too dry to support all the intense pressure placed on it. Skin produces natural oils to keep skin hydrated but these oils don’t reach the bottom of the feet. These hence makes the feet possess fewer oil glands which in turn leave skin dry most of the time.

To prevent occurrences as such, purchase Foot moisturizers to help lock in moisture constantly into the feet.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Foot Moisturizer

  • Types Available

There are various kinds of foot moisturizers available to you. Your choice varies with your preferences. We dwell more on this later in the article.

  • Season

A Foot moisturizer is not a body lotion. If it’s not very dry (winter) or very dusty (summer) , it’s not necessary to buy and keep. Unless you’ve constantly dry feet, a Foot moisturizer may not be a top priority.

  • Cash

Most foot moisturizing products are affordable. However, the prices vary with their kinds. Nevertheless, they are not products you need to break a bank for. You can get a good product with lesser than $10.

  • Multipurpose Use

Look out for products mild enough to be applied on legs as well as other areas of your body. Some products may be too heavy for use on the body, do not use unless manufacturer says so.


Forms of Foot Moisturizers

There are various kinds of foot moisturizers on sale. Your choice would vary, depending on your preferences as well as your pocket. Here are some of the forms in which you may find them:


1. The Cream

Foot moisturizing creams are of the various forms your foot moisturizer may be presented. These creams deliver anti-fungal properties and prevent your foot from ever been dry again. A lot of reviewers give excellent remarks after purchasing a foot moisturizing cream.

Apply your foot moisturizing cream to cracked heels after shower or bath. This is when the moment the feet best absorb minerals and nutrients.

If you suffer pain in your feet, before purchasing your Foot moisturizer, look for ingredients that relieve pain. Some of such ingredients are; Tea tree oil, Menthol, Arnica montanna as well as any essential oil.

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Properties to look out for…

All foot moisturizing creams must be hypoallergenic and give soothing relief upon application. Look out for products which give feet heavy and rich nutrients. Cream should removes calluses, soften it and heal cracked feet in few days or weeks depending on the formula.

Your foot moisturizing cream must prevent water loss; improving softness and new cell growth of skin on heels. If you’ve foot problems; diabetic neuropathy or very hard cracked heels, see a dermatologist for a more appropriate prescription.

The more expensive foot moisturizing creams are, the more likely they are to contain more hypoallergenic ingredients and essential oils. Such products work better to soothe pain, prevent infection and relieve inflammation. Foot moisturizing creams containing urea may be used on the body as well.

Some may find some products a little too sticky so may have to be washed out after usage. Some products may take longer than others to get activated; however, it still works just as effective.

2. Mask your Foot!

A foot moisturizing mask is another effective way of completely sloughing calluses off your feet. These masks are extremely lightweight you may even forget you were wearing anything at all. For those who detest the sweats and stress a foot moisturizing cream brings, this is for you.

Foot moisturizing masks peels away the top dead skin layer of foot using natural ingredients and non-harsh chemicals. Some products are a non-peel treatment formulated for immediate hydration within about 10-15 minutes.

Ingredients that may be present in the foot moisturizing masks include; Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, chamoline etc. After peeling foot masks off, you can be sure of smoother and softer feet.

However, most foot moisturizing mask products can only be used once. You can apply a moisturizing lotion to your feet if possible until peeling process is complete. Soak feet daily in hot water and rub gently to gear the peeling process.


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3. Put a Sock on it!

These foot moisturizing socks are special gel socks also called booties which give feet a spa-like treatment. It is grease-free but also heals dry feet, cracked heels, calluses, cuticles and rough skin. The socks are lined with moisturizing gel layers which also peel away calluses and dead skin cells effectively.

You could smear your feet in lotion, wrap in cellophane or, you could just get a foot moisturizing socks instead. Some socks are meant to be worn over heavily lotioned feet while some come with lotion in-built. Your choice hence depends on your budget, needs and how much time you have to spare.

Some socks are heavy while some come light weighted. Slowly, the moisturizing gel lining of the socks seeps into the skin and deposits useful feet nutrients into it. The gel lining doesn’t last for too long, hence, wears away after repeated use.

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Ingredients Your Foot Moisturizer Must Possess

No Foot moisturizer would contain all of the following ingredients. However, if it contains some of these, be sure you have one of the best products. They include:

Peppermint oil

It delivers a cooling effect to the feet. It also smoothens and softens skin on the feet.

Salicyclic acid, Organic Avocado oil and Lactic acid

These ingredients all act as exfoliating agents.


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Jojoba oil and Olive oil

They are skin-softening essential oils.


This locks in moisture into the skin on the feet.


If present in your product, it ensures that your foot moisturizer penetrates deeply into your skin.

Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

They intensely hydrate as well as soothe every skin irritation.

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Manuka honey, Organic Aloe Vera, Coconut oil

These ingredients help in fighting inflammation and pain. Also yields moisturizing effects.


It is a natural skin antibacterial healer.


It offers steady relaxation for the foot while nourishing it.

Tea tree oil

This oil helps combat odor and fungus in foot.


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Cocoa butter

This butter acts as a softening, hydrating agent for dry feet.

Lavender oil and Cucumber extracts

Lavender and cucumber deliver anti-inflammatory properties.


It breaks down existing hard skin on the foot. It is also part of skin natural moisturizers.

Glycolic acid

This acid breaks down dead cells on the skin so it can be removed easily.

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Ingredients to Avoid When Choosing a Foot Moisturizer

Sulfate –If you have dry skin, never pick a product containing sulfates. It ultimately dries out your already dry skin.
Parabens –Avoid products that contain parabens, no matter your skin type.

Your ideal foot moisturizer must be free of petroleum, Eucalyptus, alcohol, and sodium.

How to Care for your Feet

Cracks in the feet may increase as one ages since cells now reproduce slower than usual.  Since aging cannot be prevented, there are some steps to take in caring for your feet effectively while it ages. Here are some of them;

  • Wash your feet frequently using soap and warm water. Soak and scrub and soften toenails.
  • Dry your feet completely after washing to prevent athlete’s foot especially areas in between foot. Such areas are more prone to fungal infections.
  • Moisturize often using the foot moisturizer of your choice.
  • Don’t go barefoot.
  • Trim toenails and tend to in-grown nails properly.
  • Examine your feet periodically. If you’ve numbness from diabetes or nerve damage in the feet, examine feet every day or see a podiatrist frequently.
  • Wear only flat shoes that cover your feet or well-fitting shoes to avoid having blisters.
  • For dry cuticles, apply cuticle oil every two weeks, at least. You can also get your feet soaked in warm water in order to loosen the cuticles from your nails.
  • Hydrate skin constantly. Always drink enough water.


What to Expect from Your Foot Moisturizer

  • Soaks into Skin Instantaneously

A good Foot moisturizer must sink into the skin immediately and provide lasting suppleness. Your product must return plump to skin in a short time while completely locking in moisture.


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  • Repair Damaged and Dry Skin

Your Foot moisturizer must soften hard skin and prevent other itchy skin problems e.g cracked heels. It must offer quick relief from bacterial infections as well as aches and pain and other discomforts caused by dry skin.

  • Stimulate Natural Healing Process


A product must appeal to the natural healing process of the skin while hydrating and regulating the pH balance of foot skin.

  • Exfoliates Deep Below Skin

Your Foot moisturizer must slough all dry skin completely from your skin. It must do this with ease while nourishing your cracked feet.

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  • Little Goes a Long Way

You don’t have to empty the bottle your foot moisturizing cream on your feet on the first day of application. A small portion of the product must be able to effect the changes you desire (foot moisturizing cream).


8 Smart Tips to Consider While Using a Foot Moisturizer

  1. Slough away every form of crust or dry present on foot appropriately before applying Foot moisturizer.
  2. Best used at night. This way, you can be sure of a more efficient result since you won’t be stressing the foot.
  3. Do not use soaps. It’s important you keep your cracked heels dry and clean. But if you use harsh soap, your feet would keep drying out. Instead of that, use a gentle cleanser that would soothe the feet.
  4. Drink a lot of water. This would take every form of dryness away from any part of your body, not just the feet. Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping your feet soft and smooth.
  5. Foot moisturizers are of varying sizes. Some come in potable forms like cups while some in tubes of 100ml while others may be three times that amount. Choose as you wish.
  6. Do not walk around for a while after you use it. Let the nutrients seep in.
  7. For diabetic patients, your foot moisturizers must contain Tea tree oil, Ginger, Shea butter, Vitamin A, E, and F, etc. If you have Athlete’s foot and you purchase a moisturizing foot cream, do not rub it in between your toes.
  8. Call your doctor if you notice changes in skin color, skin temperature, swelling in foot or ankle, pain in your legs, unusual or persistent foot odor after using a foot moisturizing product. This may be due to an unknown allergy.


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Did you have any idea there had to be so much to consider before purchasing a foot moisturizer? This guide not only narrows your search, it as well guides you on how to get the best from your products. What more could you ask for?