Makeup Wipes: The Faster Way to Remove Makeup

Makeup is something many people cannot do without because of the enormous benefits it offers. But removing it completely is also an intricate part of the whole process. Hence, the advent of makeup wipes.

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Have you noticed there are still traces of makeup on your face, even after washing with water and soap? Makeup wipes are easy to use and save you the time. You can easily wipe without water or other cleansing products.

They do a thorough job when it comes to removing makeup, even that around the eyes and lips.

What’s more, they are usually mild on the skin, as powerful as they are in removing makeup. After using a wipe, it leaves your skin refreshed.

Read on to learn more about these wipes.


Difference between Makeup Wipes and Your Everyday Face Wipes

Don’t confuse a general face wipe for a makeup wipe. This is because they are not the same thing.

What differentiates them is the cleansing substance used.

Makeup wipes have cleansing substances that can take away makeup effectively without having to scrub. The cleansing substances are more powerful than the ones in normal face wipes.

What this means is that they deep-cleanse your skin to get to all the particles that have settled beneath. Whether or not you decide to scrub after this is up to you.


Benefits of Using Makeup Wipes

Although makeup enhances our beauty, it can turn out to be the opposite if we are not careful. If you have been leaving makeup on your skin overnight, you are doing more harm than good to your skin.

During night time, the skin has the ability to repair itself. If you still have your makeup on, you are clogging the pores, which can lead to breakouts.

That is not all; your skin would become dull and wrinkles would appear faster.

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Makeup Wipes Make Cleansing Easy

They come with a product for cleansing preset on them. Some even have cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing abilities that allow people who normally do not spend much time on skincare to get those basic tasks done.


Makeup Wipes Leave the Skin Properly Clean 

Your skin cannot breathe with all the makeup products applied, including sunscreen. And if that is not bad enough, think of the invisible dirt flying in the air.

Not only do makeup wipes remove makeup effectively, they rid your skin of impurities.


Makeup Wipes Brighten And Smoothen the Skin

Makeup wipes help in removing dead cells and debris that dull the skin. Imagine using a product that removes the dead cells that dulls the skin. You would have a healthy, glowing complexion.


Makeup Wipes Are Suitable for Travelling

When packing for traveling, you have no worries about breakage of your cleansing products. Makeup wipes are travel-friendly.

They usually come in packs, some small enough to fit into a purse. If you don’t actively open the pack, none will fall out. So there is no accident waiting to happen with them.


Makeup Wipes Are Economy-Friendly 

It is common knowledge that one of the causes of acne is dirt. In addition, one of the sources of dirt is poorly-cleaned makeup. With makeup wipes, you save yourself from acne and unnecessary money spending on acne treatment.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Makeup Wipes

It can be tedious choosing the right type of makeup wipes for you. This is because every cosmetic store carries an amazing variety of them.

Truth is, there are certain factors you should take into consideration before you choose makeup wipes. Chief among them is your skin type.


Your Type of Skin

Although most makeup wipes are manufactured to function on all kinds of skin, it is still ideal to check the components used. We all have diverse skin types, which range from sensitive and oily to dry and normal skin.

Your type of skin is a determinant of how a makeup wipe will function without side effects.


Ingredients Used

Makeup wipes could contain chemicals that can cause damage to the skin. You can find these ingredients listed on the label. Please, spend time reading up on the ingredients contained in the wipes.

Some manufacturers even go to the extent of stating that you should be careful because they contain some ingredients that may be unsuitable for your skin type.

Do not choose any that contains carcinogen. Carcinogen may cause cancer. Although carcinogens help to remove bacteria on the skin, they could be dangerous.


Alcohol Content

Many makeup wipes contain alcohol because it is active against bacteria. While this may sound great, it could cause dryness on your skin. But there are wipes that contain no alcohol.

People with sensitive and dry skin may want to consider the alcohol content as an important factor. Buying alcohol-free makeup wipes gives your skin a better chance.


Fragrance Content 

Some makeup wipes have added fragrances in them so should be avoided. The reason is that they can make your skin dry, which would cause damage.


Oil-free Cleanser Formulation

Select makeup wipes that have an oil-free cleanser formulation. This prevents you from getting a greasy look after use.



Imagine everyone using a makeup wipe every day; we would have a lot of waste to deal with. They can cause damage to the planet if not properly disposed of.

When selecting, choose the ones that are environment-friendly.

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Tips to Get the Most from Makeup Wipes

Using makeup wipes can be effective but only if you know how to properly use them.

This buying guide would not be complete without giving you tips on how to do this…


Rub in a Circular Motion

Go in a circular manner when using them. Do not be too economical that you consider using only one wipe. Use more than one as this will properly clean off your makeup.

The trick here is to look at your makeup wipe. Keep on using until you don’t see any stain on it.


Use at Points Close to the Eyes 

Your eyes are sensitive parts of the body so be careful when using makeup wipes around them. Don’t wipe on the eyes; rather, gently press at areas close to the eyes to remove the makeup.


Wash Face After

Try to wash your face after using a makeup wipes; they should not replace washing. They complement each other rather than replacing. This advice is important because some people may be using makeup wipes with added fragrances, unknown to them.

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Use Moisturizers After

Moisturizers help to re-hydrate the skin. As discussed earlier, some wipes can cause dryness to the skin. Remember to use moisturizers that do not contain fragrance and alcohol. If you use moisturizers like that, they may worsen the situation.


Understand your Makeup Products

Using foundations that are cream-based tend to be more difficult to clean than water-based ones. The reason is that the wax or mineral oil in them latch on strongly to the skin and seep deeper.

Dark makeup products such as black eyeliners and mascara are also difficult to remove. If you are using a cream-based foundation, know that after using your makeup wipes, you use water to remove every bit of it.


Use Before and After Sports

When you finish your workout, it is important that you clean off sweat to avoid clogged pores. Remove as much makeup before sport activities. This is to prevent your foundation from blocking your pores from releasing sweats.


Take your Time

When it comes to removing makeup with a makeup wipe, the slower you go the better. Remember the saying “less is more”.


Clean your Hairline

When cleaning your face, do not stop a couple inches short of your hairline. This often leads to accumulation of makeup around the hairline. It could cause clogged pores and breakouts.

The line is “…and when you find it, don’t let go”. Yes, when you find your ideal wipes, do not let go.

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