Sunscreen Lotion: Your Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

You wouldn’t know how important a sunscreen lotion is if you are unaware of the fact that ultraviolet rays from the sun cause skin cancer. They can cause the skin to sag, dark, tan and develop wrinkles. Nothing can be done to interrupt the course of nature. However, a lot could be done to reduce its effects on humans.

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It is no longer news that we are experiencing global warming. Everybody knows that. The Ozone layer shielding us from direct sunlight is depleting on a daily basis. Thus, the world is becoming increasingly hot. And this is because of different human and industrial activities which have released toxic compounds into the atmosphere.

Mind you, the human skin is a very sensitive and delicate organ. Just as it is sensitive to touch, it is also sensitive to pain and harsh weather conditions. These can bring about undue change.
In this guide, we will unveil the factors to consider in selecting a sunscreen lotion. We will also show you how to apply the lotion in order to get the result you desire.

What Are UV Rays?

You have probably exposed yourself to direct sunlight at least once. It is practically an almost unavoidable thing. The sun is the major source of energy and light for our planet Earth. It also supplies Vitamin-D to human. Indeed, it has so much to offer to humans, animals, plants and the whole earth.

But, it also releases ultraviolet ( UV) rays which are harmful to humans. Have you seen people whose faces are tanned, darker than their bodies? It is one of the effects of the rays directly hitting the skin without any protection. In fact, that is the minutest effect of UV rays on humans.

As stated earlier, these (UV) rays also cause cancer such as Melanoma. Yet, so many people absorb them into their bodies on a daily basis. That’s not all…

The UV rays absorbed affect the melanin. Melanin is a sensitive component of the skin and hair that causes the skin to change color when exposed to excessive sunlight. This important pigment determines our skin color as humans. It also functions as a shield for the body cells.

The skin color changes as a result of sunburn or tanning because the human body produces more melanin and inflames the affected area in a bid to protect it against UV exposure
Because of the health risks associated with the rays, it is advisable to get as much protection as you can. Health is wealth. Even if you have to work under direct sunlight, you can still be protected. The question is…

How to Effectively Do It

You can keep yourself out of harm’s way by donning a baseball cap, a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses. You can also limit your exposure to sun during the hottest time of the day. You can use cleansers, moisturizers and toners. All these may not be as easy to do as they seem. That is, you may not be able to wear a hat or a baseball cap all the time. And you can’t always stay indoors. Again, you cannot wear long-sleeved clothes all the time especially during summer. So how else can you protect yourself?

You Can Use Sunscreen

What is sunscreen? Sunscreen is a gel, lotion, spray or any other topical product which effectively reflects or absorbs a lot of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and helps protect humans against sunburn. In this guide, we are focused on the lotion type of sunscreen.

It can come in different sizes, shapes, forms and designs. Some have fragrance while others do not. They could be in a jar, tube or have a completely different packaging.
Sunscreen protects the body by preventing ultraviolet radiations from reaching the skin.

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Why Should You Use A Sunscreen?

1. It Lowers The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of today. And one of the easiest ways to get it is from direct hits of sun rays. The radiation that the UV rays emits kills off healthy skin cells, leaving a person vulnerable.

But with a good sunscreen lotion, a good layer of protection is put up. Summer is a good time to buy one and use daily. In fact, it is the time that sunscreen lotions are bought the most. However, other seasons of the year do not negate its importance.

2. It Protects from Other Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation

The harmfulness of ultraviolet rays cannot be overemphasized. You should do anything to reduce their chances of affecting your skin. They are not friendly at all. Neither do they have any positive effect on you.

Skin cancer is not the only result of UV radiation. Shriveled skin, black and brown spots and wrinkling are some of the other effects that can come from it. It is important to use sunscreen lotion to avoid them. Its effective application can shield you from these harmful rays. It blocks them from entering your skin and reduces skin disorders.

3. It Maintains your Youthful Look

Nobody wants to look older than they really are. Everybody wants to look younger by the day. You want people to ask if you are twenty when you are twenty five. That is incredible! And it is achievable as well.

But, you need to know that this will not happen when you expose your skin to sun. The sun is the number one reason for aging. You know that after exposing yourself to it, you look stressed, tired and your face begins to develop wrinkles. Why not use the sunscreen and avoid this unnecessary aging. You can be youthful and full of life. Prevention is a sign of wisdom.

4. The Ozone Layer Is Depleting

This wonderful layer is our ‘bodyguard’. It acts as a protective shield between the sun and us. It stops the sun from reaching us directly. But humans are not loyal. We have betrayed our friend and protector, so to speak.

Human activities have led to the depletion of this carpet-like structure. When you burn anything, for example, the chemicals released contribute in depleting it.
The flame released from the exhaust pipe of your car and the ones emitted from the factory also degrade it.

And that is why you need a sunscreen. You need to find an alternative way of protecting yourself.

5. It Protects You from Sunburn

Being sunburned is not a pleasant feeling. You don’t want to experience it. You don’t want your skin to swell, itch, and turn red. Those who had it can explain how painful and horrible it is.

Sunburn does not only make the skin grow weak over time. It also exposes it to dangerous skin conditions that could be harmful to your overall health. It can be unpleasant.

So you would do well to try to avoid it. All you need do is apply your sunscreen everyday and you are protected from sunburn and everything associated with it. Wouldn’t you rather get one today?

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6. It Keeps Your Skin Fresh

Applying sunscreen help maintain your sensitive skin components. Your skin is composed of fragile protein components like collagen, melanin and keratin. These components can be degraded easily by intense sunlight. So they need to be protected.

Sunscreen also prevents facial black spots and skin discoloration. That means it keeps your skin tone even. And you will look happier, healthier, better and younger. Isn’t that cool?

7. Anybody Can Use It

The use of sunscreen is not restricted to fair-skinned people only, even though they experience sunburn faster than dark-skinned people. If you are dark-skinned, you need it too. You need protection.

Sunscreens are made to be compatible with different skin tones. That means you don’t have to worry about compatibility or effectiveness because of your skin type or color.

8. It Is Easy to Use

You do not have to ruin your fashion sense because you are trying to protect yourself. There is no point sacrificing one for the other. This means that you can have both – look good and stay protected. So you literally have nothing to lose by adopting it. Rather, you have everything to gain.

Moreover, the different forms of sunscreen have made it easier and much more convenient. It has given you choices.

The lotion is light and airy. It does not feel heavy on the skin and allows for other skincare products to penetrate. Its water-base means that it both protects and moisturizes you at the same time.

9. It Is Affordable

A sunscreen lotion is as affordable as any other cosmetic product. You do not have to break the bank in order to afford it.

Just walk into a store and you will see them with different price tags. More interesting is the fact that you may decide to make it at home. There are videos and articles on the internet that will teach you how to make one.

10. You Are a Teacher

Children learn more from observation than they do from listening. They are excellent imitators. So while you are using a sunscreen lotion, your child would learn the importance of using one.
The thing is that children are not exempt from using it. There are sunscreen lotions that made especially for them. Therefore, start to teach them to use it on time. Let them take it from there.


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How Often Should You Use a Sunscreen Lotion

That’s a great question. Use it every day for maximum protection. The advantage can only be known in the long run. Try it out and you will thank us later.

A lot of body lotions have some SPF added to it. and that is a good thing. But that is not enough protection, especially during hot months. You need extra fortification to get you through without harm.

So, even after applying your body lotion, you can still sunscreen lotion. The best part is that it is lotion so it does not unduly interfere with your everyday lotion.

Use it on cloudy days too. Don’t be deceived: the cloud does not prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching us.

In addition, you can use a sunscreen lotion while pregnant. It does not affect you adversely.

How to Apply Sunscreen Lotion

It is advisable that you apply your sunscreen lotion fifteen minutes before going out. Reapply it after two hours for maximum protection. This practice keeps your skin tone intact.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sunscreen Lotion

It would not be wise to just walk into a store and pick a bottle of sunscreen. Just as you carefully select your body cream, you should also carefully select your sunscreen lotion.

• Skin Type

The most important factor to consider when buying a sunscreen is your skin type. You know yourself much more than anybody does. You know what works for you and what does not. This is exactly what you need to make your choice.

Dry skin would require a lot of bolstering to keep it functional. The water-base would do wonders for dry skin but the almost non-existent oil would be needed. You can support it with your body cream.

Oily skin does not need as much work in this area as dry skin. Considering that your skin is already oily, you would not need much in the oil department. A sunscreen lotion would perform just as well on its own.

If you have sensitive skin, you would have to focus more on the ingredients of the sunscreen lotion.

Keep the alcohol and fragrance as low as possible.

• Price

Price is another factor to keep in mind. Go for a sunscreen lotion you can afford regularly. The consistency of use should do the trick of keeping you within budget.



• Availability

Some brands are more accessible and available than others. Be sure to pick a product that would always be within reach for you. It is a known fact that some products become scarce, for whatever reason. But there is no point in choosing one that would require work before you can replace it.

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What Ingredients Should A Sunscreen Contain?

Different sunscreen ingredients have different effectiveness against UVA and UVB. After knowing what suits your skin, you also need to know what to expect in a sunscreen lotion.

When you pick a bottle of sunscreen, check for the following ingredients:
Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide.

Your sunscreen should contain 6 percent of each of those compounds. They are highly effective in shielding your skin from UV damage. Mind you, your body may find it difficult to absorb vitamin D if these compounds are present in high quantity in your sunscreen.

A good sunscreen should also contain Vitamin E, Green Tea, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera

Go for a sunscreen that contains at least an SPF of 15.

What Is SPF?

It is Sun Protection Factor. It shows the fraction of sunburn-producing ultraviolet rays that reach your skin.

It is our utmost desire that you have a wonderfully healthy skin and overall health. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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